⚔ [21 Nov 2021] - 135th Raid Tournament - 3* Bloody Battle, No Red/ Fire

The middle 3 work too well together… I usually finish A grade. Carver is the new addition

Not sure if this is too slow. Im hoping Dolgoon and kvasir could buy the slayers some time until they speed up.

Or maybe this…

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I rush level Valen costume and change to this


Day 1

O : 4-1

Go with Kvasir, Pixie, C Brienne, Mnesseus, CB Berden in all attack. Lose against this team in 4th attack

The board is bad. I can kill only Carver and Maeve.

The board of the other attack are average too pretty good. Just have a bad board against wrong opponent :joy:

D : 1-0


5 wins to start. Went with a 3-1-1 attack, always with 3 Slayers. Noril - Maeve - Kvasir - Noril - Whacker when there is no need for dispel. And Tyrum - Maeve - Kvasir - Maeve - Noril vs Shrubbear and Gunnar tanks.

Defense is 1-1 so far. Could go either way from here

Good luck everyone!


Day 1: 4-1. Last attack was full of blues and yellows; and wouldn’t really turn. Whacker whacked me two times before burying his hammer, and still barely any tiles. I died before enemy gunnar even fired…

Defense lost one.



Day 2

O : 5-0 (9-1)

Go with Kvasir, Pixie, C Brienne, Mnesseus, CB Berden in all attack since I face either blue or green tank. The board is average to pretty good today. Don’t face any double slayer team so no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 1-1

I think I still have to “auto-fill team power”. I don’t like having only 1-3 attack in day 1 because it can cause @Slobix effect :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Could you post your troop of your defense team ? I want to know to estimate your “auto-fill team power”. Slayer have higher “team power” than S1 costume and S3. So, you will have higher “auto-fill team power” than me if you have troop about my level. Since your defense still get only 2 attack in day 1, so if I want to make my defense get more attack, I have to have higher “auto-fill team power” than you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This was my defence team

Here’s my main

There were more attacks before the end of day 1 though so it was 5-1

My alt is similar

But was not as lucky with a 1-3 record

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Thank you. Since Slayer are one of the the highest “team power” among 3* for now. So, I think your “auto-fill team power” is about 3300-3330. I think that is about mine since my troop is stronger. I think about 3350-3360 “auto-fill team power” will be good point for defense :slightly_smiling_face:

Going to be a tough tournament. Will be happy with finishing without a rebuy.

Lost the 3rd match today against this team

Went 3 dark most of the day. Maeve x2 with Tyrum switching costumes depending on whether I need the dispel or the cleanse when facing opposing Kvasirs, Maeves and cIsshtak. Just managed to kill the tank in this match.

The last match was against a kinda mirror image of my defense. But I got lots of Dark tiles this time so managed to survive and win

Defense was 5-1 on Day 1, and 5 more wins today so up to 10-1. I want to say Slayers are not too slow for this format, but my alt has a similar D but was 1-3 after Day 1. He’s currently 6-4 though so borderline A. So who knows, I think it’s just dumb luck :man_shrugging:

Good luck everyone. Hope you are hanging tough

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Sound like you face your own defense twice :rofl:


Yeah but with stronger troops. Not fun. Same thing happened in the last tournament too… I guess great minds think alike or something like that :smiley:

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Well, second day had easy enemies, or better boards. 5-0. Defense is improving after 0-1 (E) yesterday, today is 1-1 for 1-2(D) total.


Day 3

O : 5-0 (14-1)

Go with same tactic but change a bit to Kvasir - C Tyrum - CB Balthazar - C Brienne - CB Berden against C Isshtak or C Brienne tank. The board is good today, so 5 win without losing any heroes :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 7-3

Defense seem to work well. C Brienne - Kvasir - C Oberon are pretty good synergy. C Brienne and Kvasir are deadly combe as we know but can be counter by stack purple. The you will have problem against C Oberon who is purple. In bloody battle, if C Oberon fire, you will inevitably die within 3 turn unless you are slayer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Anyway, C Oberon is still slow even with +9% mana from costume and 20th node, so you get still win with good enough board :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know why but this always happen to my 3* tournament. Get only 2-3 attack in day 1-2 and the get 7-9 more attack in day 3. It is weird.

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Had my last match today.
Mostly used Balthazar (with costume) - Poppy - Isshtak (with costume) - Bane (with costume) - Prisca (with costume)
Changed Prisca sometimes when opponent had less yellow to Gunnar (with costume).
Did 14 attacks in total.

My defense team only got attacked two times this far. One win, one defeat.
Defense is: Mnesseus - Poppy - Ischtak (with costume) - Bane (with costume) - Balthazar - with costume)
No limit breaks on all of them.

I do like the 3* tournaments.


Day 3 Blues… Lost the first and last matches of the day. Both were probably winnable but some careless play was punished, first by Chick Jr, and last by Poppy firing 4 times.

At least defense is still staying strong at 16-3

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 5-0 5-1 (A) 2795 900 3695
2 9-1 14-3 (A) 6022 900 6922
3 12-3 16-3 8887 8887

Good luck everyone!


4-1 for 13-2 total. Defense is finally on the rise after 2 times E… currently at B.


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