⚔ [21 May 2023] - 213rd Raid Tournament - 3* Bloody Battle, No Nature/ Green

O - 17-4 (5-0, 3-2, 4-1, 5-0, 0-1)
D - 2-2 (C,E,B,A) currently B. So 1 attack every day except 1st day, it seems like.

Bah what a poopy start of the raiding day… going 0-1 in tourney and then on 50% win-rate in regular raids… just splendid.

And what do I loose against? against freakin’ Morris tank… and 3 purple heroes in def total too… Yellow tiles non existent even after Morris dug into his stupid hole, I couldn’t ghost anything I had… Just a great day.


Day 5:

O: 2-2 (16-8) :roll_eyes:
D: 4-14 (E/C/D/E/E)

Just a few points more. As I have bad yellows, lost to the purple tanks (but killed both, so not zero):

Screenshot_20230526-124704 (1)

Screenshot_20230526-124718 (1)

Screenshot_20230526-124642 (1)

Waiting for loot, I need aethers, so I hope that there will be even small one :slight_smile:


Day 5

O : 2-2 (20-4)

Go with same tactic. Get average board in 1st attack and then get all bad board after that. I get like total 8 diamond of red/green/blue in 3 last attacks :joy:.

Lose in 2nd attack against this team

The start board is bad. Get 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue diamond. Each diamond triger Dawn tank so, Dawn tank fire 3 times :joy:. Then I manage to charge Kvasir. As I bring x2 Kvasir, so one of them manage to fire and stop Dawn tank. Then I kill Dawn tank but when enemy Treevil fire and kill my C Tyrum. It is hard to stay alive after that. Manage to kill enemy Poppy before enemy Treevil fire again and lose.

3rd attack is also bad borad as well. 1 green and 1 blue diamond. But the enemy team doesn’t have Treevil. Manage to win with losing 3 heroes.

4th attack against this team

The start board give me 6 purple tile and 6 yellow tile and then give me 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue diamond. The board never give any more purple tile and yellow tile after that until all enemy fire and :joy:.


I think the Treevil have the big effect if the attacker get bad board because the Treevil cause big problem when he fire. When I get the bad board, I think I will have higher chance to win against non-Treevil team.

D : 71.4% (30+)

Defense get many more win go up to A+ grade for now :slightly_smiling_face:.


2 more losses on the last day but luckily the 2nd loss was in the last match so managed to use all my 25 flags and finish 17-8.

Today’s opponents were a bit easier in the 3400-3500 range. Could have switched back to 3-1-1, but just wanted to finish this quickly and continued using 4-1 Yellow or Purple. Losses were against a Balthazar and Poppy tank.

Defense hasn’t been attacked in almost a day and remains at 9-4 (A). With the points from defense, will hit the 15k mark which will be enough for top 5%.

Good luck with the loot tomorrow! :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:


Well I bought back in yesterday and then today I went 3-2

O: 18-7
D: A, A, A, A, A
(My defense is attacked more than 30 times, so I am unsure exactly, but right now it’s 67.7%)
Score: 15,539 (1% but I feel I will slip to 5% - I am 2408 right now but I saw yesterday when I was 5500 I had dropped to 5%)


I used this team throughout the entire tournament, just switching between the Kvasir costume version according to the enemy I was facing.


I wondered for a while if I chose the right one (for the first time in a long time I changed my standard defense to a bloody battle), but the statistics completely dispelled my doubts:

Results: 20-1 (95,2% :exclamation:) :muscle:
Good loot everyone!


Following up after the full week. All three defences got hit a reasonable number of times and all ended up with an A. The only issue was the slow start. The account that had no attacks on day 1 only had one attack on day 2 which was a loss, so a lot of potential points wasted.

To sum it up, unlike the 4* weekly tournament where fielding a double limit broken defence team resulted in zero attacks all week, in the 3* tournament it just resulted in fewer attacks (than before Alpha Aethers) and a slow start.


Top 1% boundary should be in the 7-8k rank range with 700-800k participants


I may have seen it wrong, but right now with a few hours to spare I am 2,992 so hopefully I can stay top 1%.


So managed to stay at top10% and Im even happier with the loot this week then when I ended top1 previous weeks :joy: but yeah next weeks tournament, not exactly high hopes on that :see_no_evil:



Top 1% for me (2788)


That’s even better, congrats :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Here they are :smiley: even more than expected :slight_smile: :+1:

Screenshot_20230527-103540 (1)

Final results:
O: 16-8
D: 4-20 (E/C/D/E/E)

Screenshot_20230527-105729 (1)
Screenshot_20230527-105647 (1)

Screenshot_20230527-104259 (1)


I stayed in top 5% at the end.

Points/rank :

Rank : 34.9k

Defense : Poppy, Aqeela, CB Gunnar, Joukahainen, Poppy

Defense Results : 2-2 (C,E,B,A,B) replace C with K and you got Kebab :smiley:

Offense Results : 17-4 (5-0, 3-2, 4-1, 5-0, 0-1)

Loot : Not the worst top 5% loot I ever had.


Final results
Attack: 17-8 (45323)
Defense: 11-4 (ABAAA)
Score: 15,533
Ranking: 8,407 (Top 5%)

Tough, tough tournament with my 2 level 60s (Shrubbear and Zarel) disallowed. Played riskily with a 4-1 stack in the last 3 days with mixed results. Not sure if it would have been better with safer team selection.

Defense did the heavy pulling this time, ending all As but for a small blip on Day 2. 4th straight tournament ending with A defense. Wasn’t expected considering the amount of time I spend on setting them up. That hasn’t happened since last June. It almost pulled me into top 1%, letting me jump over 1000 spots after the tournament ended.

Loot wasn’t too shabby. Only one aether, but an EHT.

See you all next. Back to a 5* tournament (gulp)


Loot is below average top 1% but not the worst :joy:.

I am the person who end with highest rank here. One of only few top 1% here. Why do I get the worst loot here :joy: ?

@leejow - top 10%
@Longbowlord - top 5%
@notyou87 - top 1% - rank 2788
@Ei-Dunn - top 10% - rank 59826
@Roland56 - top 5% - rank 34.9k
@Liam_K - top 5% - rank 8407

My loot is probably comparable to @Liam_K but that is top 5% loot and I still think 1 epic hero token is better and rarer than 1 epic troop token + 2 small aether.

Just ignore this

I think what you see should be 59xx or 65xx. The top 1% cut off is about 59xx (or less) for now :open_mouth:.


No it’s not. I was in top 1% at 7500+ yesterday.
If you look at Roland’s ranking, there are at least 34.9K * 20 = 690.8K participants


Yeah that´s my whole point, I seem to get on average better loot when I end lower then I do at top1%. So not much incentive then imo :joy:

Man, that is awful loot bro!!

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