⚔ [21 Feb, 2021] - 96th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, All Elements

Another lame “who got Alfrike wins” event, seriously more and more stupid.

I’m fighting too, all the times. :slight_smile:

Players should not underestimate 4* heros, especially if they are highly emblemed.

This was “Alfrike” team today:

Today 4 of 5 times figting Alfrike team 10+, kinda failing to find any drop of fairness there.

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Day 3: All good here! 5-0 today and 13-2 overall. Defence is holding well too, 3-1 (A, A).

I took few screenshots today…

  1. The easiest battle, against the highest TP team this week. All-ninja defence is just not working here imo.

Not a single moment of uncertainty.

  1. The same tactic against Alfrike worked again, maybe it’s not a coincidence. :slight_smile:

  1. Malosi and Zocc for the win, most exciting battle anyway. :slight_smile:

Happy gaming! :slight_smile:


I’ve hit 3 Alfrikes already as well. doomed.

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In the first 15 battles I met 7 Alfrikes, lost two matches against her.
Yes she is hard, if you don’t have the right heroes nearly unbeatable, but there are some things you can do.
Mana control works great against her, taunt is effective, bring monks and clerics and cleaners (Vivica and rigard both without costume are great for that) with you and hope the right heroes get spared or resist. You just have to play 6 stones beside her.
Or stack yellow and hope for some stones.

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I love the way you tell your battles against stronger teams, as if it were so simply. :grin:

I see Zocc in all your attack teams. Is he really helpful (apart from Malosi and Proteus)? I’ve got him in almost 3.70 but I couldn’t focus on him as I was ascending MN.

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I like Zocc very much - in rush attack he’s irreplaceable if you ask me. :joy:
But even for regular raids and wars, I find his mana control super useful. I have very poor offencive choices in green, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I max another sometimes in the future. In this tourney I put him ahead of Hansel because he’s a bit sturdier…

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I’m done, goodbye Alfrike’s tournament.
Def 2-4
Atack 8-4
First flag today Alfrike tank accompanied just by bunch of healers. It was annoying, but not hard as the defense was lacking firepower. Second flag of course Alfrike tank with Killhare/ Finley wings and mr. Finley of course bypassed 3 out of 4 alive heroes with blue reflect from Mitsuko with his Ranger class.
Looking forward for the trinkets I get for reward

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I mean, congrats on a good tourney, but even the boards you took screen shots of are majestic. You have Proteus maxed with greens at 80% and still an entire board of almost nothing but purple and green tiles. Not a moment of uncertainty indeed.

It was not the beginning of the fight - Alberich already brought back c.Kadilen once, Krampus fired but was blocked etc. But if you want to believe that I’m unbelievably lucky with the boards and that’s the reason why I find 4*s usable, well, believe it. :slight_smile:

Another 3-2 day. Actually had nice boards in the 2 losses, but cascades kept occurring. Not enough to kill them from tile damage and in Rush Attack that just meant everyone charged up at the same time and it wasn’t pretty :yum:
Used my Green mono team of cCaedmon - Almur - Brynhild - Bertila - cMelendor for the first time against some blue tanks

Bought back in because defense is currently A (3-2), and many won’t bother continuing

Have fun everyone!


I’m glad to see that I made the same calculation, I actually am having fun with this one and I just got some awful boards to knock out early.

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12:3 for me, but two of those losses i wounded enemy for about 2-3 heroes, so its a bit better. Im sweating bullets this tournament, fighting basically 500 + tp teams and getting 644 score points for win. Mother North is saving me soo hard, but one match she had like 8 chances to get my team back but she usually only revived 1 or 0 so i lost in the end :slight_smile:

Defense is 4:1 :slight_smile:


Are you my lost twin brother? :joy:


Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 1-1

Day 2
O: 4-1
D: 4-1 (5-2 overall)

Day 3
O: 5-0
D: 3-0 (8:2 overall)

Alfrike, more Alfrike, and yet more Alfrike still. :face_vomiting: Four Alfrike tanks, three wins and one loss (care to guess which?).

Still trying to fine tune my strategy but so far she’s proven to be her own best counter. Garnet is another staple since she blocks mindless attack even if she slows down during rush. If the team is buff heavy (like the ones with BK and Krampus flanks), I have no choice but to bring a dispeller (Panther) since taunt is deadly at vf speed. If the rest of the team is very aggressive Gullinbursti tags along since you can never overheal too much. Tried using Malosi and Mist as a second yellow and I actually like Mist better since the -64% mana slow is a lifesaver during rush. (and at +18 she basically has the same stats as Malosi+0).

But yeah, when facing an Alfrike tank do NOT stack too heavily otherwise you’re basically just gambling aka #NoSkillJustLuck aka why I lost that one match. Afterwards I did 3-1-1 and 2-2-1 and it worked out even when Alfrike fired on me because Garnet was there to save me.

Ninjas actually slow down during rush: 6.5 tiles = 100%, 13 tiles = 200%, 19.5 tiles = 300% charge, and since their 1st charge is pretty tame in terms of damage/effect, you’re just giving your tourney score a defense down. Yes the dodge/counterattack can be annoying af but they’re not the huge threats they usually are otherwise. Garnet is the only ninja I’d use on offense due to the ailment block, but otherwise Cobalt and Onyx are sitting this one out.


I did terrible on day 3. 2-2 and was knocked out. No gems to buy in again and i don’t wan tto anyway.
My last game i played where i died, was frustrating.
For starters no tiles needed but on top of that I killed Alfrike tank 4 times total. Alby kept reviving her, every time Alby went of, he revived Alfrike. She managed to fire at me twice. I killed Alfrike + 1 flank, then alby just kept reviving Alfrike. :sob:


Yup, that’s what I was trying to say before. My counters are really not widely recognised as premium heros, but they are available in 3 colours. So as long as the board is not heavily skewed toward remaining 2 colours, there’s a solid chance to shut her down. Wish I had a hero who blocks ailments, like Garnet or Grazul. Would probably go rainbow if I had a red counter, or 2-1-1-1 because I don’t have Miki or other blue counter (if there’s any).

That’s why I lost the other match. :wink: It was a Kunchen+19 tank but none of the remaining heroes had any emblems although they were all slow or very slow. TP was only 4300 something but I lost with a big fat 0 because the opening board gave me the 3 colors I didn’t have lol.

Alfrike is just one problem though, if the rest of the team is very aggressive, there’s a definite danger you won’t be able to output enough damage even if you could stop Alfrike. Thankfully the Alfrike teams I’ve faced all went for the attrition game with MoNo/Alby and BK/Krampus as support instead of packing in some nasty damage dealers. So I brought along two overhealers and my own Alfrike and just cut them down one by one.

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You’re right, people tend to be too passive by putting all specialists in one team.

Btw, it happened - my strategy failed me once today! Lost to this team:

But got my chance for a revenge against almost identical, a bit weaker, team and won:

So, my team against Alfrike tanks is at 4-1.

Overall today 3-2, 16-4 throughout the week. I lost to Telluria today, I thought it will be an easy match. But I made so many mistakes and I just couldn’t break through. :man_shrugging:t2:
Defence is 4-2, still an A. Bought a ticket for the last day because it’s fun and I believe that with 2-3 wins I can secure top 1%. Good luck, people! :slight_smile:


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