2024 Sneak Peek? When?

I assume early next week means Monday, since we only have 3 days 15 hours of the Birthday portal left

I wonder if we’ll get a separate Dominion of Dragons sneak peek, or if that’ll be a part of this

If they didnt say what the sneak peak will be a peak of, assume its a peak at some new devilry they plan to release like the Master Blems…

Yet another vague statement. After all this time, so many false starts and disappointments, so many expectations created and then destroyed they still can’t ( Or is it won’t ? ) commit to any firm date !!

I will believe it’s here when I finally see it, but I won’t believe they will achieve what they state they will deliver and I now have zero confidence in any of their timescales.
I believe it is a phenomenon called Negative Reinforcement, what a sad state of affairs they have created :sob:


According to the Google Play Store, the game was released on March 1st 2017 yet there was no recognition of that on the actual “Birthday”. Goes to show how little the new owners care about the game and the community, at least beyond caring about how much money they can make and how quickly. (Short term gain but long term loss, aka killing the goose that laid the golden egg.)

One can but wonder why this full Sneak Peek is taking so long to prepare. It’s not like we suddenly sprung this demand upon them, they had plenty of time to prepare (like 12 months). Maybe they didn’t bother because they thought they had already killed the interest in the game? Maybe they don’t plan on being around for another year? Maybe everything has to go through a legal department before release (and we all know how long things drag out when lawyers get involved).

Maybe we will get something “early next week”, just maybe - but I cannot help but think it will be the last one we will see.

OK, so we’ve reached “next week” and it’s now lunchtime in Helsinki.

Maybe they can get around to releasing the full 2024 Sneak Peek this afternoon.

Give them a chance to finish their Leipäjuusto and coffee

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I suggest SG shall extend 7th birthday celebration for another week in lieu of showing us they are working as promised and planned.

Well, it is 8 hours since they posted about the change to the start time for the next Paths of Adventure.

Unless they have a lot of leipäjuusto to get through. :rofl: (Maybe they’ve eaten too much and are sleeping it off :zzz: :rofl:)

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Hey there are still the better part of nine months left in 2024 …

Doesn’t a day last six months north of the Arctic Circle? That would make a week hella long!


That is brilliant logic :vulcan_salute: (except that Helsinki isn’t actually that far North)

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They have clearly given themselves a bad case of the cheese-sweats and need 1.5 litres of water, some mild cardio and a short nap to help it pass.

Finally something has appeared.

Why did this mockery take so long ? Was it worth the wait ?

My longer thoughts are here, on the release discussion thread.

Congratulations to the majority who got both answers on my recent poll correct.

The “so called” 2024 Sneak Peek was indeed both Late & not worth the wait.


Sneak peak is out and here the link