2024 Sneak Peek? When?

Happy New Year! When can we expect the 2024 Sneak Peek roadmap for 2024? (Sneak Peek 2024)

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Best guess is somewhere around 2½ to 3½ weeks (ish) time.
(Always assuming we get one this year.)


During the last 2-3 years it is arrived between January 21 and 27.
So couple more weeks to go.


Thank you very much, we’ll be waiting :slight_smile:


I am far from awaiting this sneak peek. Almost none of the stuff that was announced is not in the live game. At least the big ones.

We should have Monster Island, and it’s missing like a mythic Atlantis. Even fancy vines from Hunter cards rotted and disappeared. We should have huge Dragons revolution. All we got are Goblins and owls. New buildings ought to be here but the architect seemed to quit his job.

All new what we got is LB2 and 5* troops that creates more and more imbalance.

And huge pile of heroes. No new challenges, just a challenge to pull what you want/need/whatever.


I updated the title to show this is a question: I clicked on this thread expecting updates on the sneak peek :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot help but admire your optimism :wink:


Sneak Peeks are added to the News & Updates and not the General Discussion category.

But thx for updating the title.


Perhaps hoping for a sneak peek at the 2024 Sneak Peek ?



:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Thank you :slight_smile: :handshake: :+1:

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Who cares about Sneak Peek when they will not even follow what they promise?

Where are those so called “Dragons”?

Where is the Monster Island?

Where are those Raid Leagues?

Where are those New Items?

Apart of those, some extra they should care: Where are Improvements (new heroes and better odds) for Training Camps 20? Better odds for Hero Academy?

Nothing to buy from there, that is why they don´t release those… they don´t care about players at all.


Exactly. I’m not excited about the sneak peek, as the only things from the last two years they’ve delivered on are events with new heroes.

Look at these from the previous 2 sneak peeks

Ran two times as global beta (Nov 2022 and Apr 2023), and haven’t heard a word since.

2 years and nothing

Also 2 years and nothing

Yet the last we heard was in August, that petri said it would come back before the end of the year (PFF shared this in the MI global beta master topic), and nothing since then

As stated above, nothing still.

I’m sure they’ll share about stuff we already know from beta and Black Friday summon - S5 costumes, Astral Elves event. They’ll say something about hero league and Dominion of Dragons. Maybe something about the next set of untold takes or a season 6. But whatever is in there, we should understand that they only deliver when it comes to new heroes and portals for $$$$


Haha this is exactly what I was going to write “what’s the point since they don’t deliver what they give us peaks of”.
I would say maybe 2024 will be different, or maybe they will give us the same sneak peaks from the last years and finally deliver on them


indeed, I realized that too late. in my defense, I was having a very strong beer :slight_smile:


well now, I say to everyone on this thread:

some of us thrive on disappointment! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: yes! bring me that Sneak Peek 2024, so my year will get off to a rotten start! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


What about costume for legendary troops? :rofl: they will for sure get LB and LB2 and since 50 new troops are not enough, they can give us costumes also.

Looking forward for the official sneak peek soon.

Happy gaming


maybe the costumes will also let them change class… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


And maybe special skill too :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the sneak peek ? Any news on this or timeline?

We have just this “Pre-Sneak Peek”

I do not know when we will get more details.