2024 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Wow im glad im not the only one thinking how terrible this sneak peek is. Haha wow is all i can say


It would suck a bunch of all this work leads to nothing else. Imagine only sneak peeking two things and of the two, one could literally be a different game.

It’d excite me more if I had read one of the sneak peek details was a bunch of missing QoL updates that should have happened in 2021. Adding more heroes to Hero Academy, reducing food costs there. I haven’t seen Festival II, Mighty Pets, or Gargoyles in a while. If no Festival III, then these heroes could be thrown in now. Seasonal Heroes too.


The negativity of this forum combined with an insane sense of entitlement is uncompared really.



Zynga didn’t have much to say so they stayed with obvious topics. Stuff that players already know.

They kept mum on more contentious topics: Master Emblems and possibly LB3.

The current Spin Team is better, so far.

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Personally I don’t think there is any sense of entitlement from us wanting or hoping for a PROPER Sneak peek for the whole YEAR.
It helps us all look forward to what is to come throughout the year and keeps the players engaged and excited.

The thing that is disappointing the most for me is the fact there is nothing new in this so-called 2024 Sneak Peek. We already know how Monster Island plays, it only has a few little changes, nothing drastic that alter the entire thing. And we already know pretty much the same info we just saw for Dominion of Dragons in this new preview.

It just seems like a rushed video. Honestly, I would prefer a written formatted post with “2024 sneak peek” instead of a video if it would take less time for them but give us more details about future things.


People here are heavily invested.

They spend all the required time in game and still find time to come here and be part of the community.

Id say if these people feel negative about changes being made, they have every right to make it known.

I didnt see anything in the T&Cs suggesting we all have to stay chirpy, praise SG and sing kumbaya in order to be here.

Those who like the look of this stuff are free to state that (and frequently do).


After reviewing the sneak peek, I found it satisfactory. The concept of dragon assistance is intriguing and appealing to me. I am looking forward to seeing the final product. The section demonstrating dragon summoning and the transition to Monster Island initially seemed perplexing, but upon reflection, it appears to be a seamless introduction to summoning a dragon and clearing clouds, which is satisfying.

It would make more sense if a dragon was offered free as a key to gain entry to Monster Island, similar to how Bane was provided at the beginning of the game. However, the dragon wouldn’t function as a hero but rather as a key to access the island, akin to Bane being a key to success in the game’s initial stages.

I hope that dragons will primarily serve as assist characters in battles, especially in map stages where dealing significant damage is crucial, as demonstrated in the video.

Rather than the typical 36 stages per season, I believe it would be more engaging if the game offered hundreds or even thousands of stages over time. This approach would help maintain our interest in the concept of dragons without directly incorporating them into gameplay.

Overall, I enjoyed the sneak peek, and I am hopeful that my enthusiasm will continue with future reveals that expand on the aspects I found appealing in this preview.


Seeing this part alone made me think “Damn, I’d watch E&P animation focusing on Richard, Vivica and Elena”


Riiiiight… seemless.

The reason MI was missing for so long was because it was cloudy and our entrepid heroes didnt dare enter the water without being able to see their destination before leaving.

Then, some dragons appeared. Rather than feel frightened by these enormous beasts (must be enormous if their wings flapping cleared up a dense cloud structure that has been hanging around for a year), they feel happy at the sight and suddenly want to visit MI again.

So in E&P world clouds = scary but dragons = lets go travelling.



I will play Monster Island with my alliance. If we and I enjoy it we and I will play it next time around too.

I will play a bit of Dominion of Dragons when it arrives. If I like it I will continue to play it. If I’d don’t like it, I won’t play it.


“Nothing at all”. I was told to say that when I had nothing good to say.


If and only IF this new base lets us combine all resources from both bases, im all for it.

Of course thats wishful thinking when it comes to $G, more then likely we get the shaft

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I really enjoyed this 2024 sneak summary of last year
I’m expecting for next year a 2025 sneak brief list of what we’ve introduced in the game year by year.


When that 3D-ish animated ad with Richard, Elena, and the pet dragon came out a couple of years ago, i thought maybe they were thinking about it. That’s a lot of work and assets to go into a 30 second ad.

That was around the time Riot released Arcane on Netflix to rave reviews so it seemed animated adaptations of video games could capture people’s attention, but nothing more ever came of our 3D Richard and Elena except some short segments in a couple of their faker ads that show Elena running around a dungeon with a dragon.

despite the fakeness of that part of those ads, i will give them credit that these newer ones (in the last year or so) with the 3D-dungeon running do actually show the regular gameplay later on in the ad. so that’s good i guess.

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Sadly I think we’ve seen our last Sneak Peak as we knew them - gone the same way as the AMAs. :coffin:


Is this dragon thing not another game?

We don’t know exactly… but it appears that it will have an impact on the game we play. You can use dragons in E&P kind of like battle items. Hope that means they’re optional and only use in PvE.


However, we can infer from the sneak peek,… That there will be New stronghold, new base too with new types of resources , new summons ( this time dragons)…mats, new maps etc,…etc alliance, war and possibly titan or titandragons!..all possibly starting to build up again…from a few free summons and…match3…diffrence here are dragons instead of mixture of hero characters!

Off topic @Mikal , if I recall correctly, you pointed V25 10H as one good source of backpack in a thread somewhere. I found that to be helpful, do you have similarly for strong rope and sharpening stone at S5?

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We knew all of this before this 2024 sneak peak, though. We have known all of this for a while, especially since they first released the mini sneak peeks on social media