2024 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Really ? How on Earth ( or any other planet or realm ) can they call that the 2024 Sneak Peek ?

Dominion of Dragons first teased over two years ago. Coming soon. (yeah, right ! Where have we heard that before ?!)

Monster Island also teased at the same time and has had just a couple of forays into global beta in all that time. Now we get another beta ? Will it then disappear below the waves for months on end again?

As for the text, pretty much a look back at the past year (and a bit).

Also Redeem Codes - you tell us you are introducing them, but we already know that because we’ve already seen the page you link to. you then completely fail to give any information about them even through we’ve specifically asked. Talk about treating customers like idiots with such disdain and contempt.

Be careful folks, if you try to pat yourselves on the back that much you risk dislocating your shoulders.

Disappointed, but not surprised.