2023 Sneak Peek - Discussion

I like the idea of the mini seasons instead of a new one.

Checked out the Museum in beta. Nice little feature with free gems for maxed heroes.

But nobody wants new aethers… Seriously!


Everyone knows this year will bring us mainly new heroes and new unwanted costumes. I hoped not to see that even new unwanted aethers are coming, but here we are.
I have the feeling they went quit lightly on this sneak peek after last year, when they announced pompously a lot of features that have not seen the light yet (or are still being beta-ed).

I’ll keep hoping they rethink the troop levelling process one day. As it is now, it’s way too much costly and outdated for the amount of new troops released. And maybe update and renew (update, not ruin making them unplayable) some of the quests.


I also like the idea of extending the seasons but I also think that no doing it on S1 is also a miss opportunity, had stages with the costumes as bosses can be quite challenging and fun.

The new aeters no so much, what will this mean breaking heroes to level 90, 80 and 60?

I really like Monster Island, I hope they bring it back soon

I also think that they need to rework old farming quests


Is there any idea of ​​Small Giant rewarding resources on a weekly or monthly basis (or both) for PvP fights or PvP leaderboards?

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Is there also an intention to improve Season 1 in any way?

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I promise to be the last question: what do you think about the exchange of 5* heroes between members of the same alliance with the use of gems between exchanges? This would benefit both SG and the players…


Hm new aethers sounds like more pay to win content. If heroes getting stronger, it means battles will be won with 1 special. Deffo worried about this.

Revisiting past seasons… sounds ok. They will probably put more OP heroes inside old portals and spread like 5 coins per month. Yes, I’m not expecting much.

Museum… tested in beta. Nothing really to say because… it doesn’t do much.

New PvP mode? … hm… ah… not really excited about pVp modes. Heroes are so unbalanced… some heroes are underpowered other overpowered… PvP mode is broken even before releasing. Raids are tiring, tournaments are 100% pay to win, wars are kinda cool but war of chinese is unbearable.

I’m always worried about new content because we have like 70 unfinished features currently. The power balance is wrecked… some legendaries have 900TP others 1000TP.

I’m playing less and less and like this I’ll probably stop playing soon. Sadly, it is aging very badly and those updates doesn’t sounds like any fix.

Will wait… but… for 3 years only got happy with soul exchange, fated summon and both still have huge flaws. Monthly balance updates were nice but after the second one… only bullcrap about buffing upcoming event heroes.

biggest problem is… features in live game are always kinda different from announcements. You always announce things like they are super new and cool but it ends like it’s more of the same + some new money grab.

also, after s5 absotely finished destroying game balance I’m actually thankful no more seasons are coming for now.


I don’t see any improvement. Only new events with new heros, which leads to more unbalanced gameplay.
New Aethers are totally unnecessary, only create more gap between casual players an big spenders.
And @Petri , I am still think it is impolite to start a discussion and then not taking part in


Sound like alright guy, we are happy to sell you lot’s of new rubbish and we really don’t care anything just your money.


I certainly appreciate some of this, but, please.

No more Aethers. Just…

Please… :pleading_face:


My guess is every month will have either a seasonal, challenge, or challenge festival event.

Revisiting prior seasons most likely means to justify still having season portals, still pumping heroes into these portals, still keeping them (the non-vanillas) from attaining the vanillas status, still keeping them out of TCs. But can they not keep putting vanillas heroes as fillers? They have enough heroes each season to be used as fillers. I mean, they already know we don’t much care for them when the Portal Banners are advertised as “No Classic Heroes!”


Should just be able to use the same aethers to second limit break, also if they add new aethers they need to make them earnable more readily or craftable as it stands i get 99.9% of my aethers from the quests.

New seasonal heros look horrible.

Revisit s2 sound fun.

Museum is a neat bonus. Think the gem value is reasonable as rewards previously finished heros aswell. Which we all would have done anyway.

I think its time to add s1 costume 1 to every portal beyond elemental summon.


Hopefully PVP raid ladder will be made with rewards for top scores (recurring weekly challenges, milestones for consecutive wins) on top of what you planned :slight_smile:

I really hope PvP is… um… PvP. Having both players interacting would be really ground-breaking here.

New Aether?? Must be a joke.
What about new 5-star mats for limit-breaking ascension? Funnier if it’s planned for 2024.

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Keeping it at 5 seasons makes sense, so that way they don’t need to keep adding more season events to the rotation forever. SG also probably realized that adding a tiny amount of heroes and costumes to old portals wasn’t making them desirable enough, so they go all in on a part 2.

Nobody wants more aethers but everyone knew they were coming. Even before SGaccidentaly leaked them to players, people saw that limit breaking changed 1 out of 3-4 bands and theorized that we would get to colour them all eventually.

I don’t mind more seasons, each one means 1 EHT, 1 ETT and a bunch of emblems. All for the cheap cost of world energy, which is the one resource that long time F2P players have abundantly. The only annoying part is that we get more calendar popups, but we already get spammed to death all the time anyway.

Now, what would actually make me excited? An announcement about mplementing QoL stuff, including:

  • Being able to choose a “recipe” once for Alchemy Lab and then crafting multiple instead of doing it one by one.
    *Similarly, being able to use multiple resource crates.
  • Being able to lock training camps so that they prompt a confirmation before collecting (so that you don’t collect by misclick, especially from TC20 if you prepare for soul exchange).
  • Being able to turn off animations, or at least tone them down. Many of them get in the way of the board.
  • Speed up gameplay. If they want to keep their 5 seconds animation for titans due to balancing, that’s fine. But I’ve had opponets (in PvP) taking more than 30 seconds to do their turn. Faster autoplay for PvM wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m sure people already brought it up here. The Sneak Peek needs more “we’re adding more heroes to HA5/8/10 with costume chances” as well as more “we reviewed the training camps and decided to add new possible trainings in TC13/20!” Would even love to hear that the crates they’ve now mostly added and shown off in offers be something we can actually craft ourselves so we don’t have to worry about constantly hitting the food and iron caps but being unable to “park” them elsewhere. I really hate having to craft arrows and harpoons I’m never going to use.

(While we’re at it, let me convert my harpoons into other Hunter’s Lodge items. None of them are craftabel since titan parts aren’t easy to farm!)


Hi you state you wont use harpoons then later mention titan parts.
Yes it is difficult to get a particular titan part but you should use harpoons to help get them.

My alliance only goes up to the first tier because second and third tiers just dilute the loot and the chances of getting ascension mats. Sometimes, I can dump them into titans, but the guildmates almost always reach the needed first tier requirement of 14 to 16 harpoons.

Even after doing all of that, harpoons are also the only thing that helps knock down on food AND iron when I’m close to cap and don’t require titan parts. (It’s why I’m now tired of the “FREE” Sunday offers in Seasonal Events always being harpoons instead of something of value.)

Excluding harpoons, I also used hurricanes, caltrops, and even the alteration scrolls if they’re available or I’m able to craft. But they all require titan parts that I will only ever get every 3 to 9 weeks if I’m lucky and then only able to craft 1 after getting 3 of that part.