2023 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Wonderful plans for the year!! Very interesting ideas, I want to see and try everything as soon as possible! Good luck to realise all your plans!! We look forward to it!!!

Quite obvious which one would be the most used :rofl:


Hope they come up with hard mode for Season 1


No coins from S1. What reward would you expect from completing S1 mini-series? EHT ?

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I want to get another set of 4* AMs


Maybe that fancy token that guarantees S1 5* hero they sells during Soul Exchange?


Am I the only one not completely excited about this stuff?
The only things really I am feeling good about is the Untold Tales and to see what the new PvP stuff is


Give us new stage with very hard mode for every season. And maybe more way to get 5*, like collecting shard of legendary hero non clasic or shard of costume. Beside tourney n challenge, Make new event that using our 3star 4star, maybe twice every week.


And more ways to get titan parts and other stuff.

Please please please give us higher level titans :pray:


No season 6, no fun… :sob:
the fun part is going crazy collecting avatars :smiley:
(for what? I don’t know!..) :rofl:


I expect new avatars with the mini-series. It’s like having new provinces for S2.


Pray you are right
:pray: :beers:

Sneak Peek 2023 in one line : more heroes.


Why are we still not getting 15* and higher titans? Been asked for for years now. Why does this keep being avoided?


I’m happy they’re expanding the old seasons instead of adding a new one and looking into upgrading PVP battles. Hoping they’ll look into 15* titans and a few quality of life features. Most importantly really look at that events and heroes they will be launching from here on out there’s been way too many mistakes and nerfs on SGs part these days.


I’d definitely pick arrows. Greatly amplifies the effects of a bad board, and even on a good board you still need to be careful.

Field aid is annoying yes but not lethal if the starting board is bad.

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Is this the best you can do?

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Can you also increase the S2 portal odds? If you keep adding new hero’s in S2 with existing odds chance of pulling anything there is impossible for any average player. 75% of player base will not be able to do 100+ pulls every portal if odds are that low.

Thanks for new QOL improvement. Can you also confirm when can we expect new FS list?


So, assuming that the revisited worlds give you the currency of that world and not some new currency, this is a great improvement, and it addresses the complaints of those of us who have finished those worlds about not having a chance to get the costumes for those heroes without buying currency. Also gives us another shot at those rare fives that we wish we’d gotten. Assuming this is how it works, big ups to the devs for this, and it also makes those weekly gifts of currency in the Zynga store more valuable. Please do something cool for the S1 revisitation, like a coin that works in any portal or something.

Like basically everyone else, I’ll say the worst addition is new aethers. Is there anything more mind-numbingly boring than leveling the same heroes over and over again? It also limits how much of your roster is playable, since you’re almost sure to be facing the other team’s best-of-the-best heroes on defense every time. This is a lazy way to give players another chore to do.

Comparing the 2022 Sneak Peek and AMA to this, I think we get a peek behind the curtain after the Take Two acquisition. Everything in the AMA was, “Can’t work on that right now; we’re focused on dragons.” But dragons was the one thing that not only didn’t make it into the game in 2022, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming anytime early in 2023. Why? Because the new owners of SGG demanded more golden eggs from their goose, hence we got absolute tons of new heroes and costumes, tomes for sale, ways to buy more rewards from seasonal events, enough offers to actually obscure key parts of the base, etc. All this came at the expense of something the devs and players alike appeared to be really excited about. If this doesn’t change, this goose might start laying regular eggs (which still cost a fortune, at this point), or TT/Zynga/SGG might make the same mistake that was made in Aesop’s fable, and kill the goose altogether.