2023 Sneak Peek - Discussion

It will may reset in April but we will see.

Staff as just said that in the Sneak Peak it was introduced in 2022 October.


No naming about fated summon untill the spring?

It will reset in 180 days says who? I have never read anything from the devs in this forum that said that. And as of the sneak peak, there’s no mention of it until October 2023.

So …

Museum looks interesting. I am curious about these QOL improvements everyone has been asking for.

More seasons – meh. Game is already oversaturated from my perspective.

Season IV costumes to go with my nonexistent Season IV heroes!

More Aethers – see “More seasons” above.

All in all, it came across as “more ways to make money”.

Not particularly excited.


please read this thread

Staff have not said in Sneak Peek that it will ever refresh:
They just said it is added to the game in October and that’s all.

Just this page tells it will reset:

Some people received answers from support about it will reset twice a year (so about 180 days apart), which is match with our Oracle’s latest prediction.


I was particularly disappointed that there was no reworking/upgrading of the rotating quests (recruits/gems/experience/etc.) mentioned. This is a solid idea that has come up periodically by different people many times. Many people have suggested upgraded-rare versions which would require very little effort by the devs to implement. I personally would like to see a 3rd standard-rotational quest regularly available on the map as well. Nobody must do these quests, but I think it would be nice to have more options on days that players find themselves with extra time and flags. On days that the POV daily involves a quest (i.e. complete 3 levels of a quest or earn items by doing a quest) fewer players would feel these flags were wasted if they had improved choices.


Really disappointing sneak peak…
Dominium of dragons was firstly announced a year ago. Still under construction. Probably will not generate much income, so there are more urgent task, like new heroes, new portals and new quests filled with new heroes.
Museum? Quite useless in beta
Other new building? Nope, not a priority, as not generating income.
New events with lowered chance for a seasonal hero? Just a money grab, as more pulls are needed while chasing a hero. I am not going to do any pulls in Lunar New Year or in Season of Love…
Expending old seasons instead of making a brand new one? Just another way to make people buy more pulls. In new seasons almost all heroes are worth pulling (not you Exeera) and have new passive, hight strength etc, whereas in old portals there are still old, weak heroes (say hi Mok-Arr), that might be pulled instead of new shiny ones, which also will be added to lure people.

Any positives? Can’t really see one


Museum I like… Even if it didn’t give gems, It would be nice to be able to go back and read old plot dialog. The gems and anything else are a bonus…especially if the whole thing is free, not even any build cost. I just hope that’s not the only “birthday gift”

Season of Love… ehhh it will be better than the Lunar new year event since it has rare and epic heroes… at the very least its a free quest that gives some nice rewards… just seems we’re gonna get one every month or so… until “people’ aren’t pulling the ‘classic’ portals so we’re going to lump it all in one classic seasonal portal” - SG.

Gods of masquerade… expected.

Untold Tales… being able to go back and earn summon tokens for old season will be nice… it will (continue) to be annoying putting new heroes in old portals that you are likely to get an old outdated hero (unless maybe they have a costume) but at least now we will have a way to earn some pulls for free… maybe I’ll get 3 or 4 free Atlantis pulls a month/during the revisit now, instead of 1 if I am lucky and use a ton of flasks (without buying the lure).

new PvP… depends on what this is… new raid format… not too interested… new something else could be cool. Hopefully it at least is something that we can get some easy rewards for.

new Aethers… no… if they are just adding new limit break levels… that is horrible and no one wants that. Now if they want to make these new ones similar to trainer heroes/tomes of accession/emblems so maybe a “gamma aether” is worth 2 instead of 1… okay… I’ll have a very slight chance to get a 2 for 1 reward… Or if they want to do something different I might be interested… We did see that they have different names like “omega” or “gamma” for the same element. Mabye “omega” lets you change your emblem class or “gamma” lets non-s1 hereos unlock superior talents. That would be very hard to keep balanced but would be an interesting addition that is not just straight up more levels.

Monster Island - glad to hear they are trying to improve it more… my alliance liked it…

Dragons… I do hope it is worth the wait.

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Museum :+1: :+1:
I’m not mad about the museum to be honest! I mean, it’s something for nothing, and I actually would like to go back and read some dialog. Not to mention, I myself have become an accidental hero collector, and whilst I know that there are an abundance of (currently only 3*) heroes I probably will never use, I have kept them, and levelled them to 3^50 (8/8) anyway… So maybe this will allow me to free up some precious roster space!!

Sure the rewards could be more generous, I definitely agree with that, but for the time being it’s only in beta so lets wait and see…

Season of Love :neutral_face:
Yes, yes, I fully agree that we don’t need any more families of heroes… BUT let’s not forget that seasonal events = easy free materials, and most of the time at least 1 4* AM! You know what… that’s fine with me… though, I hope that they’ll start giving out D Blades/Tomes…
PS - not convinced by the art style :frowning:

Gods of Masquerade :man_shrugging:
Another challenge event - which, again, it’s free stuff! More emblems and such. Though, I won’t lie, I am scared to see what the “empowered” versions of Fortuna and Jove will look like, let alone their companions… We already have 3/5 in the waiting for the “Challenge Festival 3” family - GoM / Pets / Gargoyles

Untold Tales :+1:
I’m perfectly happy with this, and perfectly fine with them adding and rejuvinating old portals - yes, it’s a shame that we still end up with a chance at “old heroes”, but, I would rather just one or two here and there, then whole new families (yes, looking at you Season of Love…)

New PvP Mode :thinking:
I’m curious, I’m excited, let’s wait and see

New Aethers :-1:?
Unless they’re the equivalent of “Master trainers / Trainer troops” then i’m not interested.

If this is the plan to unlock the level 60/80/90 level caps, then i’m not happy about it. It’s already way too hard to gather enough aethers for a fully fleshed out +5 team, let alone trying to THEN gather EVEN MORE for a +10 team… And who knows what kind of power levels they’ll be at?!

Monster Island :+1:?
You know what, I am happy with the concept, and I am looking forward to seeing it in hopefully fixed up format and ready to go… and preferably not like Wo3K which had it’s beta and then went live with well… what felt like 0 changes…

Refreshed Tower of Magic :+1: :+1:
If it’s anything like the new Ninja Tower? 50 floors… bring it on! Very much looking forward to it’s return (and not just because I want to stock up on magic troops), but I am also interested to see what new heroes it will bring!

Season 4 Costumes :-1: :-1:
We’ve BARELY finished Season 3 costumes… and please… FIX THE COSTUME BONUSES TO BE THE SAME ALL ROUND. Make season 2 & HotM 5/5/10/5… and make season 3 consistent across Rare, Epic, and LEgendary and 3/3/6/1 until it gets as dated as CF1 and S2 are… :rage:

Dominion of Dragons :thinking:
Still curious… Remaining curious :slight_smile:


Yes! They are presumably going to release the rest of the secondary costumes, and who knows, maybe superior talent for older HOTM! Also more costumes released in ToL, and maybe you can now LB older heroes to 90! Lots of love to come.

It’s great news😉 so I’m waiting for these changes.

Where are 15 & 16* titans? This was stated last year. There are alliances falling apart because 14*s are just too weak and people need to hold back in order for everyone to hit.

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If they’re falling apart because of an urge to spew through flasks to kill it within 10 minutes and can’t leave it as is after their 3 hits for everyone to get hits in then those alliances aren’t worth it.

Improvements to the game across the board are more valuable to more than 15 or 16* titans to a few.


Nothing about titan parts has any impact on your chances of getting ascension mats. You have the same number of ascension mats pulls if you throw zero harpoons or 500.


Yes please! I’ve been playing since 2017; it took years before I got 1x4⭐︎ troop of each color (not necessarily mana troops either, that took way longer) and as of right now, my best mana troops are only at level 14 (only one of each color, so not ideal for color-stacking). I have one cyclops troop, every other troop I have is “vanilla”. I’ve been waiting for Tower of Magic to come back to pull and have a few ETT accumulated, but even then, if I’m lucky I’ll get 1 magic troop and it’ll be of the same color as my cyclops troop. I’ll retire before it even hits level 10.

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What about old buildings, I am looking forward for an update to Hero Academy.
All levels seem no much use to me except for HA10. But it takes too much time and the rate to retrain a special hero is too low.


I am running the 2star and 3star troop levels constantly, don´t feel like wasting the resources on a gamble with horrible odds for now. I guess once my troops are where I want them to be (sometime in the next 20 or so years I guess) I will look at it differently and start using HA 10 for the heck of it :smiley:


I also use HA6 as a bank for recruits and iron but the problem I keep having is I run out of boots. They drop infrequently and it’s my limiting resource at the moment.


Quite frankly, all I see is their guile to take more money out of the players! new heroes & new aethers, blah blah , give us all your money :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That said, I would like to see 3 trainings in HA as is the case with AL +++ more availability of 4 :star2: ascension mats.

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