2023 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Hi all,

We have just published the sneak for this year. Check it out now here:

This topic is to discuss the 2023 sneak peek of the upcoming Empires & Puzzles events & features!


Nice! But where is Soul Exchange? :))


Glad to see they’re not doing an Act VI, but expanding the old acts. Lateral growth has it’s advantages too.


I like it all so far except for the saturation of new seasonal events


all and all, good topic

my main concerns are the new Aethers and no mention on updating existing things like training camps, hero academy, balance… etc

power creep is a serious issue more and more and if Aethers are going to add another levelling layer it will be a mess


That’s an existing feature. I hope it will be in today’s calendar announcement, but we will see…



No mention about base upgrades, except for the Museum, is that all we’ll be getting in that matter?


Definitely not looking forward to new aethers.


Also not very much looking forward to new aethers. Levelling takes me so much time now, that it’s been a while since I limit broke a new hero. and now we extend the bar again?

also: more new events and more new heroes. At least Season 6 will be quiet for a bit, but we do get mini-seasons… I bet, those will come with new heroes (like, the preview already shows two of em lol). mostly 5* :wink: of course. As an FTP who does not summon “that” much, and considering the low odds to get a 5*, I find it difficult to get excited about new 5* heroes.

Season IV will already have costumes? whoop de doo, are we gonna see Season V costumes in a year then???

at ;least I can look forward to a lot of gems (for my current roster) once Hero Museum appears. so there’s that.


Extending old seasons is a clever way to keep their portals fresh. New heroes would be expected. Players can earn coins by clearing each Mini Series.

Starting with Atlantis, which started with 4 days and currently truncated to just 2 days. Players rely on Atlantis to farm for CM.

Will Zynga relook the 28 day schedule to extend Atlantis to at least 3 days ?

Or does Zynga expect players to choose between farming for CM at discounted WE and working on the mini series at full WE ?

Or better yet: accept Zynga’s solution : buy the US$9.99 loot tix / WE offer? And get to farm CM in a jiffy, and then work on the mini series ?


Thank you for sharing :candle: Whoever writes these official threads are skilled in their area. :100:

I couldn´t help but wonder…

Are there any plans to show more love to older heroes? :hearts: :bow_and_arrow:

I really enjoyed the 2-monthly rounds of buffs to older heroes, how few as they might have been so far.:pray:

They just seem to spread joy all over the place, when they happen, so…Yeah. :crossed_fingers:


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Where is the Soul Exchange and the Fated Summon for those of us who are not blessed with new heroes and have to resort to these means in order to have those legendary ones that are denied to us?


Dónde está Soul Exchange y la invocación predestinada para quienes no somos bendecidos con los héroes nuevos y tenemos que recurrir a estos medios para poder tener aquellos legendarios que nos son negados?

Next time please use english outside of #foreign-languages


No season six is a surprise. Revisiting old seasons means more coins to me. Let’s see if that is what happens.

I appreciate that they took their wins and called out their QOL updates.

Nothing I read is particularly exciting or disheartening. But I’ve been playing for almost four years so I think I’ll play one more at least.


@Badhem my answer is just few posts above.

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It’s very normal for Dev to cap map play once a game is mature. No S6 is no surprise for me too.

Let’s hope the intended mini series will yield coins as the other regular provinces did, I.E. 80 coins per new province in the mini series.


I insist that this is a very nice addition, although the gem mount feels low. Incredibly, this looks like the best announcement from this sneak peek.

Nothing to say. More of the same.

It’s always good to revisit old places and find them something new. This also will give a boost to old seasons portals. Hopefully this is not just new stages and new heroes and that’s it.

Also, some revisiting on season 1 would be awesome.

New PvP could be the most interesting announcement, but it’s so vague that I’ll better keep my expectations low. New aethers may be the worst one, especially considering the current ones are very scarce. Hopefully you can give them a boost before introducing the new ones.

Monster Island: as I said on the event thread, this has a lot of potential. I look forward to what you do from all our feedback.
Season IV costumes: OK. It was obvious, not excited by this.
Dominion of Dragons: Looking forward to this. Seems to be something new and fresh.


My guess is that Zynga will allow player to add a “raid rule” option to their raid defence, to spice up PvP

1st Level up = formation
2nd Level up = raid rule?

Perhaps Raid rules from these options :

  1. Attack Boost
  2. Arrows
  3. Field Aid

This will allow players to “practise” war attacks too. :joy::rofl:


New PVP…
my feelings say. maybe there will be an amulet-like item that can be attached/equip to our hero. Lol

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