2022 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I’m excited to let you all know that we’ve just shared our first 2022 Sneak Peek! Check it out here:

This topic is to discuss and share your thoughts on our 2022 Sneak Peek. We look forward to hearing from you!


What can I say - I just love it! I’m excited about all new quest and features! Can’t wait to participate in Monster Island! And I’m very curious about Dominion of Dragons! :+1:


Love the Egypt theme for season 5.

Like that there will be some kind of new alliance component (but low expectations after the alliance quest).

Soul exchange & War of 3 Kingdoms had been in beta so no big surprises here.

Will be interesting to see what is done to the base and what the new features will bring besides new summoning portals.


Six years? Are you sure?


“Many players have told us that the interactive multiplayer experience in Alliance Wars is the most exciting content that Empires & Puzzles has to offer.”

But please make the rewards worth the players’ effort… if you take a look at the Clash of Knights thread, you will see much more hate than excitement…


Dominion of dragon is something like we can use dragons with our offense team and also can level up dragon? I have seen in other games. Thanks for the Sneak Peak. I’m very excited to try out the new features. Hope soul exchange will get some changes before entering to live game😊


I’m excited but the problem is all that means more power creep and its old already. At this point, just whatever. New Season is always exciting but I’m already expecting heroes with LB S1/S2 stats even without emblems. Plus the same dozens of repeated stages to play again over and over.

(!) Funny part is they’ve sad “Thanks to our beta testers, the Soul Exchange is already nearing the end of its development and is set to see daylight this February.” after ignoring EVERY suggestions we’ve all made :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Looking forward the base improvements and dragon something.

I was also going to say that.

Hope there are something good coming but I don’t blame myself for being more scared than happy with updates considering the last ones :laughing::sweat_smile:


“Heroes from Season III and Springvale will finally start receiving Costumes this year — can you guess which ones?”


My guess is Frigg and Killhare first
Ooh, better get Alfrike next
After that who cares.

Have fun chasing


Alfrike costume now even more fun in rush!


It’s funny how they listed 2021 improvements, and the “new ninja tower” falls in the category :roll_eyes:

I guess a few ideas are quite good, I fear how these will be implemented.




Let’s see how it turns out!


Summary: I was going to keep playing regardless of this news. I think there is more new content than I was expecting as well as many things I was expecting. Appreciate the update SG!

Season 5. Not much info other than Egypt. I was expecting something sometime soon, so I’ll just wait for beta details.

Soul Exchange in February is sooner than I expected. Don’t think I have the 20 heroes, so I hope it’s the same set of heroes as in beta so i can skip it this time around.

Monster Island with alliance? Is this a new Clash of Knights?

Stronghold update and new building. This will be as good as the new building.

Season 3 costumes seem so soon, but it is expected.

Elemental Quest seems like it could be interesting.

Dragons? What could this be?


A sort of Game of Thrones :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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S3 costumes…I can guess Frigg and Odin since those two are the most used ones, followed by Heimdall and I believe Skadi.

Please, give Gullinbursti a costume


All good and bad things about the game aside, it’s always nice to see a Sneak Peek and imagine what the year is going to look like for the still favourite mobile pass-timer.

War of the Three Kingdoms

Having seen in beta, my expectations here are low. Happy to be disappointed but general idea is set for failure (‘bunch of strangers bundled in randomly are now expected to selflessly cooperate for the good of their warband’). As of now, it looks like the rewards will be more or less a lotery roll about which warband gets less a-holes. And of course, most importantly, more heroes to pull in yet another portal, in case you felt there aren’t enough of those.

Season V

I love the theme and I hope it won’t disappoint in terms of gameplay like the S4 did. Not much more to say; another dozen of legendary heroes to chase.

Soul Exchange

This is probably the best news since hero academy was announced; but since HA failed to deliver, I am cautious. I like how they mentioned feedback from beta testers, yet we haven’t seen any changes in beta to this feature yet. Would be terrible for PR if after stating that, the final version was with the feedback completely ignored. Will see in less than a month it seems.

“Monster Island” (working title)

One thousand years ago I suggested this: Alliance PVM challenge Not sure if this was any direct inspiration to this new feature, but it seems that this monster island will be precisely that. Can’t wait! Too bad, my alliance was so greatly battered after the two iterations of ‘alliance quest’ that I am more afraid if I’ll get to play this with them.

Base update

I only hope here for reasonable building times and resource costs. Last update had building/research time of 14 days and it was already insane. Really hoping not to see 60 days building time here this time. And can only speculate what the new building is going to do - having played few competitors games I’d love if E&P copied some of their ideas for a change.

More Costumes: Heroes from Season III and Springvale will finally start receiving Costumes this year — can you guess which ones?

Of course I can, the most OP and wanted ones! Alfrike, Frigg, Killhare am I on the right path? Nobody is waiting for the costumes as the way to obtain them is basically a “pay another thousand of whatever your currency is”. If you want to make me happy then rework the costume system for them to be available for those who already own the hero. Else, please get lost with these costumes.

New events

Yay :roll_eyes:

Another exciting event planned for 2022 is the “Elemental Quest” (working title), which will introduce a unique set of rules and challenge players to use their rosters in fresh new ways!

I surely hope so! Wondering what’s left there to explore though. Hoping you guys get creative.

"Dominion of Dragons’’ (working title)

My gosh, sounds scary. Looking at what dragons do in competitors games, I don’t think this would enrich E&P anyhow. So I really hope you’ll get creative here and set some new trends.

Overall, looks like a lot! And one can only be excited for the experience. The only thing that leaves me worried is - how much of these new features will be enjoyable without a necessity to whale out. Sadly, the trend set last year showed that you either pay A FREAKING LOT or else you are disconnected from new content, new heroes etc. I hope you guys will find proper balance there.


New things are always welcome but it heavily push older things out of being viable to use.

Please balance the existing things too:
1- weak older heroes
2- weak older family bonuses
3- give season 1 heroes a family bonus
4- and older HoTMs before onatel passives
5- hero academy improvement (1 more queue and better level 10 chances or time reduction).
6- training camps improvement (more heroes added and useless levels reworked)

Important quality changes:
1- Show the number of flags used by a player against the titan in the titan score results. (tracking manually is time consuming for 30 players)

2- Show the number of battle victories in a war for each player in the war score results. (some players get low scores but all 6 hits are victories because they were clean ups).
(tracking manually is VERY time consuming for 30 players)

3- Mythical titan individual scores like alliance quest be available to see what each member resulted total and number of hits used.

there are more but those 3 are the easiest ones and very important to have


I think it was smart of them, not to lower the costs in Beta - otherwise the feedback would spool up about a further reduction. Now, if in the final product, it’s anything reduced from the 10/15/20 - they’ve shown responsiveness to feedback, and improved things. A pro-move, IF/ASSUMING they do reduce costs.


Looks fantastic, can’t wait for them all, especially S5.

Thanks SG team for all your hard work and patience, you’re doing great :+1:


Sounds all good can’t wait to test it out. Nice job SG.

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