2021 - What we really wanted

What we really wanted for 2021 was to make sure we would continue playing a healthy and long-lasting fun game, but unfortunately that is not the prediction for this year.

Instead we will be facing with the greatest powercreep the game has faced, with the addition of new costumed heroes for the greatest heroes of the game. Really? Are we being forced to summon our best heroes again?

SG has found a way to make the game revelant for them, and that is to make your roster worse day by day, mistrust, lack of communication, and truthfulness. (why would they say they “agree” it was a bad idea rolling costumes for Gravemaker and company, yet they will implement the idea despite our efforts to make weaker hereos better)

I have seen many many recomendations and suggestions, but WE ARE NOT HEARD. Even beta testers are not heard.

Let us remind them what we really wanted for 2021.


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