2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

We can pull all our feeders out of TC’s with one button press now… Maybe this year their single QoL release will be to add that to Hero Academy too where I still have to manually click for each one :joy:


Please do something for duplicates!! HA10 is NOT the solution. Allow trades within alliances, or increase the chances for non S1 heroes in HA10 or reduce the bake time! Please throw us a bone here!!


It’s psychological, it sounds friendly but soon you’ll notice the pressure to compete with your alliance friends and this will result in two things.

  1. Messy fights in your alliance by built up pressure to better perform.

  2. The money trap, because you want to get better then the rest so you invest more to get that small advantage with your new acquired hero, if you get it.

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Absolutely. There are so many QoL improvements they can make; yet SG is focusing on the least of players’ concerns. This is just… too ridiculous.


If these costumes have to be implemented this is the way to go. Someone who pulled such Hero once, should not have to summon it another time. As Bunny :rabbit: wrote, just create some kind of mechanic to grind the costume. Maybe new shards etc.


I don’t really get why anyone is excited by friendly fights… who cares. Let me watch real fights as they happen… that may be interesting


The sneak peak topic already proves that 2021 will be a tumultuous year at best.
Therefore, let’s start a positive topic about what you want for big changes in 2021.

I can’t make a poll or summarise your wishes, thus if someone else can do this, please do so. Thx in advance.

I would like:

  • S2 heroes in TC20 after finishing S3
  • S4 (theme seems great) but only starting in Q4
  • costume chamber: agree with new heroes at a lower chance maybe. Best would be HOTM in order of appearance. Maybe combined with S2 heroes
  • not too many new events etc. Best would be to upgrade existing events if new heroes should be introduced. This way they are still exclusive and a way for SG to make money (fair enough!) without a calender that’s too full to enjoy your game.
  • battles against alliance members: this is on the menu :+1:

get ready to be merged lol
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All I ask for is a Boss Wolf “balancing”…

  • Recycle duples for other heroes
  • Recycle duples for materials/resources
  • Recycle duples for coins
  • Recycle duples for emblems
  • Recycle duples for something good lord

A lot of new things but the lesson I’ve learned hard way is: whatever is going on in the game, go slow, in your own pace. :joy:
So, let’s see what will happen. My first thought was, man, I should eat some of the 5* heros I have. They will never be maxed. Neither they will be spent in HA10 any time soon.


A lot of us paying customers have a big problem with resources. It cost so much for and iron for building, creating items, and builds heroes. Either we should recieve more food and iron from farms and mines or the cost of food and iron should be lowered to create items and build heroes when using talents and training. It’s ridiculous and not fair.

All games go to point, where player base starts go down. It won’t be end of it, but it becomes more unpopular and less profit to them.

There already big players quitting and big allies coming down. I don’t see new ones replacing those anytime soon, if ever.


Here’s a thought- fix existing bugs first? Who cares about new stuff when present doesn’t work. Mythic titans just added with people scoring zeros because of your stupid bugs, but no compensation or support for that and then you announce the new stuff like nothing happened.
Are you trying to ■■■■ people off so they quit?
I mean this whole thread is full of negative feedback. Will you finally listen?


All-New Hero Upgrades ? What Is it like ? New emblem ?

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It is ■■■■■■■■! No more donation.

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SG: The player community is more important than ever!

What about nerfs?
What about odds for summoning?

Nobody will be able to analyze all heroes to have a good counter team against a strong team, so I guess nerfs will continue in 2021.

Anyway, I hope SG just releases heroes which do not need a nerf, but with the amount of heroes which will be available in 2021 I can’t believe they did their homework.

Any whiff or inkling that there may be money involved and SG JUMPS AT THE OPPORTUNITY. So many things could be done for FREE, yet they insist on these money grabs. For all of you that are disappointed, are you just going to spend anyway? If so, why complain? Many of these changes are simply unwanted by the masses, and that sentiment has been expressed to SG, so why spend on ANYTHING? The size of the offer shouldn’t matter. If they are asking you to spend for anything, resist until we see genuinely FREE change.


Sorry, cant ask the mod privately. Delete this message after response.
Cant there be a separate topic of wishes? This topic will be contaminated with negative response. Instead of criticising, I’ll try and to bring other suggestions to SG thus they might integrate the wishes of players and thus get more appreciation.
It should be complementary: review announced decisions and suggesting other options can result in a good new year planning and a happy fan base.

Just my thoughts though


Hey SG you dig your grave. Please stop.


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