2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

What happened with the Springvale event hero costumes that was promised on the sneak peak?

@RD1 Due to the feedback, it was taken back and they said that Springvale was not getting costumes this year. Summer Heroes and Specific Atlantis heroes are planned to get costumes later this year.

Are you accepting new BETA testers? If so, I am interested in providing feedback on our current and future game play. Thank you for a response in advance.

They were withdrawn after hate rained down upon them.

Ouch! Hate is not a word of interest or acceptance from a game of diversion from real life. Thanks for the reality check!



You have to check under News and Updates for when they open for applications. Then it’s a short survey/questionnaire that you submit…

Don’t know if they’re taking applications now.

No SG does not accept Beta applications now.


You can apply once it will be open here:


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