2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Any Dupe fix will likely benefit whales more than p2p, c2p, or f2p. It is just the nature of dupes.

Well yeah, but if they for example allow to change legendary 5 dupe into 100 emblems, good riddance, whale gets 500 emblems for their 5 Frigg duplicates while you get 100 for your second Marjana. But they still can take their Frigg to +20 and that’s it.

Unlike in this idea, where they can boost their Frigg to +20 +200 attack/200 defense/400 HP because of using the dupes of her, and best your Marjana could do is cry sadly while you reroll.

I don’t think the additional leveling of max heros will have anything to do with the duplicate heros situation, many people have conflated the two things for some reason.

My guess is they will introduce a troop like system of “weapons” you can equip to your team like in many other of the clone games. The weapons could be leveled up (possibly with your dupe heros but who knows) and my hope is that the added power is an item like that and not locked to a hero the way costumes are. SG realizes that forcing players to invest in specific heros stagnates the game, that’s why they changed emblems by rewarding resets with returned food and iron and doubled the emblem amounts, to keep people from sticking with the few heros they’d maxed up. A weapon/item system that can move from hero to hero like troops assists this paradigm and items could buff certain aspects of a hero depending on the match. It would add a wonderful level of strategy.

I agree the dupe solution should be moved earlier in the game. They could always just redo the base to add something the way they did the goblin balloon. My hope is that there’s some sort of dupes for emblems solution.

For an Advanced TC? I’d thought of a level for training with a chance of S2 or S3 heros like TC20 has a chance of 5* as someone mentioned. I really don’t know what they’d do with it, but when there would need to be some reason for SH26 it’s as good a thing to add as anything else. Clearly there would be a 4th AIS to allow for the astronomical iron costs of whatever this will be.

For me it makes sense because instead to fix broke hero’s or weak heroes they release new heroes like you mentioned just because for guys like you who become very frustrated you will pump money to get those hero as well to be top player and for them is nothing just BUSINESS so cool down and be happy with the heroes what you get till now and don’t push yourself to raid with those guys who are very top player and have all those heroes to afraid of like Drake and e cetera or play hard push money and maybe you become lucky enough to get those heroes and be top notch
I wish you good luck

I am gobsmacked that after hearing almost EVERY last person say no to the costumes for already powerful hero’s, they are going ahead. Way to say, “we really don’t care about anything but your money.” Time to find a new hobby for me.


You mean this idea? :slight_smile:

Sure, fine.

I don’t know what it will be, all speculation until it hits beta and we can hear a bit about what’s happening.

what about advanced tc, where u can train s2 héro with s1 hero ?

I like all of this but…

When it comes to mixing content:

  • Costumes :point_right: gems
  • S2 :point_right: gems
  • S3 :point_right: gems
  • Event heroes :point_right: gems
  • S4 :point_right: gems

I have a hard time envisioning they will allow premium content to be available in a training camp.

The mixture of content goes one direction:
Mix TC heroes into the premium portals.
Not the other way around.

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