2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

QoL means things like the claim all button or the online status indicators. It’s things to do with how you spend your time in the game.

An example of a QoL improvement would be if they let you repeat a formula in the Alchemy lab like “redo last recipe” or something like that so that if you are trying to make backpacks, you don’t have to manually pick the ingredients EVERY time.

As to making you wait to use a hero, I believe you’re able to use hero the moment you get them. Nobody says you must have a hero max with 20 emblems before they’re worth using lol


Probably worry over copywrite laws?

no is there a census somewhere? i bet it is a lot

Для СНГ цены в этой игре космические. Без доната нет шансов пробиться наверх

For the CIS the prices in this game are cosmic. Without donation, there is no chance to get to the top

Based on League of Villains, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them rework all the old Challenge events and drop them to ten levels per difficulty (rare, epic & legendary). This would be one QOL change.

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I am not expecting this, as those are “dead” events. Who wants the heroes from those events, and willing to pay are already acquired them. So I wouldn’t invest any money in touching those event.
Maybe only this event hero bonus will be added into them and that’s all.

Sorry that you missed the point of my post which is how they can start to address Quality of Life updates. My comments have nothing to do with heroes or paying for them. Easy change, so yes… stop the burnout

The weapons in Puzzle Combat are a modified version of our troops here in E&P. The leveling process is certainly quite different though!

If E&P received some type of weapon add-on, it would have to be through an additional tab and game mechanic I suppose.

I’d be interested in seeing what form it would take!

I’ve only been playing for a couple of years so I’m not at the point where I’m bored or frustrated with what we have available to us but I’m glad that more things are being made available for those who want more.

Not puzzle combat! There is another clone game with weapons that add along with troops…

Puzzle combat is a clone but it’s made by the same company as E&P so things tried there are likely to show up here.


I have not seen your posts for ages. Are you still with Lumber Jacks?

That’s very true.

In fact, i would like some people playing both games lists some different features puzzle combat have but E&P have not.

Just for reference, as i have zero intention to join that game too.

No more Base Upgrade ? maybe we could have at least more upgrade for advanced mine and farm … it’s boring builders are useless

I would imagine that there is more coming this year than has been announced in the sneak peek. We had 2 new stronghold levels last year I wouldn’t be surprised if we get at least one this year. I’d love a second advanced house - and what about an advanced TC?

We still don’t know the mechanic for boosting already max heros, that could possibly be linked to a SH26


Now I really would vote for an advanced TC


We have an advance TC, it’s called Hero Academy

No, that’s a separate advanced building. I mean an advanced TC that would be built from a TC20 like the other advanced farms, mines, houses etc work.

We were also theorizing about what could come from SH26 or 27, which would be some sort of new advanced building or additional advanced storage or production, like third advanced mine etc.

@Shunt is yours a vision of a building that would expand the hero training capacity available in the Stronghold… maybe allowing troops to be trained, trainer heroes or an expanded array of 5* heroes to be made available?

I would love to see TC21 with Atlantis heroes only, rare, epic and legendary… Cost of training could be higher than TC20 of course.


One detail to ruin this dream is, SG when acknowledging the duplicate issue not being addressed by Hero Academy, stated it’s because they do not want solution to such important problem being locked in the most advanced building in the game, but rather make it more available to all the players. And frankly, I couldn’t agree more with such reasoning.

TC21 being available at SH 26 etc would be something exactly opposing to this idea.

Not like they don’t have right to change their minds of course.

I am quite torn about the idea for buffing stats of maxed heroes using their duplicates. At first, finally some solution to duplicates issue that isn’t a total waste - and finally let’s be done with it and free some roster space.

But then, the end game whales would be unstoppable - I saw pictures of rosters with 8 Drake Fongs, multiple Cobalts etc. stacking them up would create such imbalance and uncontrollable chaos we’d be wiped out. On the other hand, if same rules applied to epics and rares, you could easily boost guys like Boril or Grimm to be on par with ‘unboosted’ Aegirs or Athenas.

There would need to be so many considerations and limitations there to prevent blowing the whole thing up that I am pretty sure what we would be left with would be as underwhelming as what HA10 turned out to be.

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