2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

It’s great the feedback from the majority of players that costumes for already OP heros were not needed, was taken into consideration :sweat:. NOT!

The one thing that caught my interest…

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry :thinking:. Let’s wait and see.


Please tell me one of the QoL improvements is allowing the screen to rotate 180° on iOS.

It’s very uncomfortable to play with the charging cable inserted and I’m sure I’ve busted at least one cable that way.

As to the rest, I’m all for new events, but not if they come with new must-have heroes that will just end up being a repeat of the Telly/Vela debacle (you’re already on that road with the Frigg/Odin rebalancing).

As an infamous former U.S. president once said, “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”


Meh! Changes lack imagination and are transparent money grabs. Especially the new costumes…

Struggling to get excited about most of the proposed changes…


Whatever that mean, I’m sure it’s likely to cost :confused:


I said I was going to stay out of the forum and probably leave the game in the second half of 2021.
But this…

  • More Quality of Life changes to make playing even more enjoyable

Has got my interest.

I sincerely hope that SG and Developers have read, understood and take action on all the player feedback over the last two years about what they want and what would be true quality of life changes for them …

Please, please, please don’t make it another cash grab. Give something very useful back to your loyal player base

Edit … I have no idea why a piece of cake has appeared next to my name lol


at the rate they’re adding new heroes it’s getting frustrating…for the average player it’s extremely difficult to obtain ascension materials unless u spend ALOT…I do spend some $ on the game and it still takes me at least 6-7months to get the materials needed to lv up a single 5*…I’ve already got about 8 or 9 5*'s I’d love to use but can’t and heeeere comes a whole lot more…plz…if u want people to summon at least make it a bit easier to lv the heroes we invest to obtain


Please listen to the community and stop going after non-s1 costumes.
It’s not what the game needs at all and it’s clear the player base does NOT want them


I wouldn’t get my hopes up lol


How about a 2xp weekend?


You guys are ruining this great game. You rush too much with everything, you release new OP heroes, endless circus of bad decisions. As a result, you lost huge amount of people past month (more to come) for this exact reason. But you don’t want to learn. You want to squeeze final strokes of player’s wallets before this great game hits its end.


It’s a sad state of affairs when a post like this is immediately flooded with pessimism. This type of post should be generating excitement and anticipation. Are you listening SG?? You’re going in the wrong direction here.


So I like the idea of new events and season 4 always enjoy new content to play and figure out.

Not sure about the new costumes, but I’ll reserve judgement till they come out.

I do love the inter alliance raiding. Its something that’s been requested for so long that good to see it here finally.

Most intriguing though is the bit about increasing heroes past max. Really interested to see how that works and if it will allow to stretch the power creep gap.


@JGE - It’s your 2nd yr Forumversary… :cake::cake: Congrats? :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

Ok, intermission over. Back to normal viewing.


Wow, I don’t care what haters say. I love this game. Sure there are a few flaws that I complain about on occasion but, overall even after two years, I rate this game legendary! OMG!!! Friendly matches? My alliance members can get experience fighting each other between wars and stuff. I always said the game needed that.


Hero exchange, allow a player to make an exchange every 6 months within your alliance.
Hero full 1000 gems, hero reset to 200 gems, same value as hero retraining.


I’m curious about the QoL improvements that were mentioned but that’s about it. New season & new challenge seems to always = new way to try and get in my cash.


I don’t know why I just realised this but it all makes sense to me now.

Costume = Cost u & me

My advice to all FTP is to bail now unless you like grinding for no apparent reason on an unlevel playing field. You will be happier elsewhere.

Appreciate I won’t see eye to eye with everyone on this but it’s really the only conclusion with these non-classic costumes.



Me? I am more excited about a lot of players leaving the game.

Keep it up.



I totally agree. However, there is no point in this discussion as they will ignore our opinion.


What it Q2? When will season 4 begin?
I wish there were less costumes, they are a load… They are ok for the first season heroes that needed an upgrade to keep being useful, but not all the other heroes need to get a costume… especially if they keep nerfing good heroes.


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