2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

Wish I could love this more than once. Some excellent QoL suggestions here.

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I like this game and how it starts , new season yess that exciting , but S04 heroes might make S01 & S02 + costumes low power … Its very sad to start losing friends bcuz of those unbalanced event seasonal costumes … have a look again to community demands , PLZ don’t release costumes for OP heroes like ( drake - Lady lake - Finely … and others )


Hmmm i was excited, until I finished reading. Now I’m actually concerned.

They didn’t mention not even ONE QoL improvement. I believe there’s none at this point. At least nothing we need.

All I see is more places to get money on & more power creep coming. Events, events, events, new heroes, new heroes, stronger heroes, new overpowered specials, high stats, low odds… more of the same. We said NO COSTUMES and now there’s even more of them.

Don’t count on me. You may change the title to 2021 future places to spend on.

We don’t trust neither wait for good things to come from you anymore and releasing more heroes doesn’t help.


I wish they would give us more ways to get more ascension mats. Another option for duplicate 5* heroes would be awesome. I wouldn’t mind trading my duplicate 5* heroes for 4* ascension mats.

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Thanks for this. I hope the game fails miserably.

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costumes for cards other than S1 are the worst idea and only show Greed. explain that for S1 costumes we waited 2-3 years to bridge the power gap between new and old cards. Now you want to give even more power with such a strong card, because of greed your head has completely turned.


If this means that we will be able to level our current heroes beyond 4-80 then I’m officially done with this game. It’s hard enough to get a hero to 4-80 if we have to take them to 5-90 or something then it’s simply not worth it to me to even try to stay competitive.


All this useless events for what? All you do its adding more ways for people to put money in the game…if im playing on season 2 the energy for 1 year i dont make 100 coins to pull once…whats the point for all this events if there is no reward in there.
Is nothing there to play for…maps events wars titans tournaments all this playing few months and you still can’t make enough materials to ascend 1 hero…it take years. This game is alive just because a group if big spenders feed it.
I had enough with it.
Hope you normal players will realise is nothing left in this game…no joy…if you log in just because of your ally friends or just because you need to use some flags somewere( war or titans) just too look you are online time to time is not worth it…better use your time doin’t something you like this game ia dead already for a while.

Please re work the alchemy lab autofill button. Maybe im too lazy but its so exhausting when you cant simply use the autofill because you want an specific item. You should find a way to memorize and replicate the last input you have used.

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Slow down already. Some of us would love the opportunity to aspire to higher competition but your continual upgrades make this forever out of reach. Plus it is just too much. It is a,ready a circus doesn’t need a special event for that.


My thoughts…

Costumes: I don’t have an inherent objection to expanding costumes beyond S1. But those Costumes should be roughly released effectively in the order the OG hero was released and should include the 3* and 4* as well. Costumes are a fine way to jazz up a stale hero. Killhare/Finley/LotL… not stale and not needing a bump

New Events: I’m assuming the object is to have the CE be once yearly correct? I’m fine with that. Circus event looks interesting love the art for the winged ringmaster.

Season 4: That was quick. Seems like a bit of an unrealistic release goal.

Based on what the BetaBeat posts show I would strongly urge you to either tone the stats down on the Villains and S4 or announce that you’ll be doing a mass patch on everything else. Power creep is inevitable but this looks more like a power sprint and it will diminish the play experience for many.


More Quality of Life changes to make not playing even more enjoyable!

I feel a bit discouraged about those changes and costumes … I mean I’ve been playing for 4 months, paid sometimes alot of money and honestly I feel pretty great having some decent heroes, finally hit the 4k club and pretty happy about it.

I feel like I have to start at the bottom of the ladder all over again, invest again alot of money of my hard work into it again… I feel sad about it… I hope they will listen to us, because we won’t stay forever at this rate… :frowning:


I’m sorry to say that I can’t see anything on the horizon that seems appealing to me. Another ton of ways the willing can do their gamble, and new temptations to make it hard for them to resist. The hero’s you paid a ton on the slot machine to get isn’t the best anymore - you should really try to get the new #1. While I up another S1 dupe just to kill time.

Nothing here indicates innovative moves or serious development. Where is the live pvp or the possibility for friendly battles, alliance challenges or completely new takes on events? I can’t believe so many actually put anything into the “quality of life” tease. It means nothing, but here we are, hoping for something again. Like i was hoping that hero academy would be something else than what it became.

(I completed the tutorial in July 2017)


This is bovine excrement

Sorry, that is all i can say to express my disappointment.


So are the 5* exclusive heroes being the only ones getting costumes? Ones they don’t need? Will the League of Villains, Season 4 Heroes, and Starfall Circus come, base and costume, as well?

What the hell is Starfall Circus and what warrants its addition outside more monetization/microtransactions and probably abilities that make S1 heroes, with both base and costume bonus, obsolete?

Something in relation to the Stronghold stuff will have to update according to catch up. Add heroes to Training Camps, from TC10 and up (at least the Atlantis heroes because I’m already expecting y’all to do something to Atlantis Rise/Atlantis Summons when S4 finally opens up; some of us are already predicting it). It would be the GREATEST thing y’all would have done since S1 heroes are going to crowd every single summons in this game.

Instead of adding more rarer, rotating quests and events, literally just updated the common/uncommon ones with better rewards. Improve the player leveling rewards since all these new heroes means some of us are in need of space that shouldn’t be worth 100/150/200 gems if y’all would have given us 20 or so more spaces after so many Levels (can’t remember when the game stopped giving +5 spaces). This game really doesn’t show much incentive to keep playing if the only goal is adding new, unnecessary things but no real way of engage with it.

Legit, with how fast y’all are moving to suddenly come up with all of this stuff, I seriously think y’all should slow thing and actually LISTEN to us before you end up releasing something unknowingly that breaks this game for the players, and I don’t mean in a “bug” break.


Yay… Another way to get season 1 heroes. I can’t wait to get Dawa. The best hero in the game (Not). I won’t even hold my breath that the new portals will hold no season 1 heroes. All the events its just a way to get C2P to spend more money by offering the cheap event offers that they/I spend money on. The 200 gems for .99 cents offer. I am also at a breaking point. I’m not going to keep buying these offers for a chance at heroes I’m statistically unlikely to get.


What we’re failing to see is that SG have hedged there bets more so on the new player base that fresh custom that’s just begun with S3 being their initial staple .

Now the majority of those guys will take on average at least 3 years to get to level 30 troops with a roster to match and becoming formidable players, hence why your not seeing an instant replacement for whales and whole Alliances just yet.

I believe their analytical team have done the math and have seen the drop off point of most people playing the game hence the shake up that we’re seeing now .

Although we enjoy the game and have played for 3 years or so, could you see yourself playing and being competitive for another 3 years knowing how much you’ve spent to acquire your roster and keeping up with the latest new and shiny?

It’s certainly not impossible I personally know people who have played games for 8 years , but the vast majority will not stay for this length of time if indeed the game survives that long, because life happens, priorites change ,boredom sets in and the overall addiction wains.


I thought this was the whole point of this game (for FTP, like me).


How about not putting out anymore new heros, the game has way to many as it is.


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