2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

I know what you mean, @Blink0805 . I gotten only one 5☆ from the 2nd tavern…and that’s Aegir. Nothing since though. Discouraging, yes. But I keep on trying. :joy:

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@amrath its like an addiction, you know you probably wont get anything worth it, but you still try and try :rofl:


While I’d love my GM or my Finley stronger (who wouldn’t??), creating Costumes for them is the WORST POSSIBLE IDEA!! It makes everything SG just did to bring S1 Heroes back to usability POINTLESS!! Once all the Top Tier Heroes get costumes the S1 Heroes are gonna be obsolete again, even with their new, shiny costumes… Then it will prove once & for all that all SG cares about is getting people to spend money on those Summonings, not about improving the game as a whole!!


I agree. And they’ve had costumes for Vanda, Francine, Victor, and even Frank for Halloween event in beta.

Even worse, Vanda, Francine, and Frank were only released last year.

I know everyone who summoned any of these heroes is in the same boat as me. As I’ve written elsewhere, I’m not comfortable with this “double selling” of the same hero. I feel this is a blow for the f2p/vc2p like me. I managed to summon Vanda with an EHT last year.

I’m a long term player, and this has been both the best and worst year of playing for me. :rofl: And last year was pretty bad with the whole Tell-Vela mess, Morlovia-gate, etc. :unamused:


LOL I wrote this all like… nine months ago, but whatevs, it’s in my drafts, and this thread is resurrected, so yolo let’s goooo (tbh, it’s all probably still true and relevant anyway :kissing_heart:):

K, I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve got a lot to say so let’s get to it all:

Here’s an idea

…Or at least, where you should be focusing your attention [this year] before you totally drive everyone mad and away… :

Quests/Updated Loot

Umm, where has this been? All quests are so outdated… Even PoV could use an update; the f2p side totally blows (and who gives af about harvesters - so here’s an idea, fix those). Maybe be more generous with food and iron bundles, flasks, and loot tickets as resources, and any variant of summoning, too (including Atlantis, Ninja Tower, ToL and costume pulls). Also, gems?! You want f2p to feel they can keep up, you’ve gotta throw em a bone (or, like, a whole pack of em). You can’t keep ignoring them… Cuz if they leave, then we all do.

Pity Timer

Pretty self-explanatory [here] - but if you’re going to continue locking 5* behind astronomically low odds - at least have mercy on those who’s luck is total :poop: 99.99% of the time. You could do it specific to every portal (where every portal has their own specific counter for you), every bracket within a portal (aka the counter applies to each one - building your odds up for featured and non-featured separately) or any 5* at all (including S1 and HOTM). & It resets said counter upon a successful pull.


Something like where the odds increase - by anywhere from 0.01% to 1% per pull [without the given 5*] - til a successful pull has been reached (and the counter automatically resets). That means, using the lowest option, it’d take 100 pulls to move a 5* from 1% odds to 2% odds - so in the end it’s still stingy (just the way SG likes it) - but at least it’s better than nothing…

Loyalty program

Why is it that player retention doesn’t seem to matter at all here? Every so often, a gift to say “we care; thank you for continuing to support us by playing E&P [for years…]” - with even something as small as gold tokens - could do wonders for improving morale. & At the moment, it’s truly at it’s lowest - so you could really use a win [in that department]. But honestly, it’s the players who really need more reasons to keep on playing this damn game… cuz the positives are becoming more and more out of focus.


I mean, you guys continue to screw us everywhere else, and we know (and have mostly, begrudgingly accepted that), but it’d be nice to have incentive for logging in every single consecutive day for let’s say a week (or a month), in order to get something special. That, or even giving out a marvelous gift for each individual’s specific E&P birthdays; now that would show some appreciation, and it’d be wonderful to witness [from you].

What's in it for you

In turn, it would make it that much more difficult for all of us to not be active daily [due to FOMO]. It would also make the decision to put the game down [entirely] a tish harder, too (which, turns out, are more good things for you). God, even an ETT would suffice, or maybe some more roster space; just something that isn’t all about $$ would be a start.

Disconnections (aka lost flags)

Put some safety measures in for disrupted play - such as replacing the flags used for when something goes awry. It’s incredibly annoying losing a war flag, a titan flag, or 20 WE flags when there’s an accident on either end of the spectrum. Would also save you a few bug reports on occasion, so silver lining [there].

Goblin Balloon

Just, wtf?! :roll_eyes:

Fix AL19 and 20

(We need more free ways to obtain mats)

Do so by removing the gem fee, and increasing resource price (if you must), instead. We worked really hard to get to SH23, and give enough back to you [as it is], that we shouldn’t be forced to pay you in order to use it to obtain more [much needed] mats for our heroes. If you want, you could offer a gem fee after the transmutation has been completed - in order to re-transmute it immediately (if it happens to be of no use) for something else - leaving a purchase option open but not mandatory.

Give us options, please. We really need more realistic ways to obtain mats without pulling out our wallets - and this could be one if you’d just allow it to be. But before you do, making someone pay two 4* mats for one random one is not the answer [to that]; RNG is relentless, and unforgiving enough, as it is.

Adjust HA10

Increase odds, or decrease time, for HA10. You guys are adding so many new heroes that f2p should be allowed a chance at more than two [of the non-S1 5*] a year - in order to keep with the pace. At this rate, I’d say one every two months would work… (especially considering those 5* are mostly outdated, and probably won’t get costumes, or balance changes, anyway…). But even doubling it to about 4 a year would be something

Heroes in HA

Add seasonal 5* (at least the old ones) and the new event 5* into HA10. Any hero that’s a year (or older) should head straight thattaway. Again, at the rate that new 5* are flying out, and the ever-growing power-creep we’ve all gotta learn to combat, that shouldn’t be unreasonable…

Also, idk why event and S2 3* and 4* aren’t trainable, either. It makes no freaking sense why they were never added in, leading to more questions regarding the significance of HA [in the first place]. At the very least, doing so would spruce up the place more, adding use to the levels previously found to be obsolete. I mean, really, what do we need two options (including TCs) for training the same ole 3* and 4* S1 heroes?! Change it up, or get [it] off the pot (I mean Academy… :sweat_smile:)


Add more on the alliance aspect, as this is the true draw to E&P. Something like allowing us to gift things to our alliance members more frequently. Even if it’s just items like backpacks, I think it could add more depth to that whole area [of the game]. The friendly matches, and mythic titans, I spose are a start - but do try to dig deeper. (Gifting heroes… If only :heart_eyes:)


Give us ways to transmute our 5* dupes into something useful; something more than a 1:1 transfer. We desperately need a way to get rid of all of our excess dupes in a more lucrative manner [than feeding em away]. Like… maybe even into non-S1 heroes (given there’s so many nowadays, and it seems they’ll never stop coming at this rate…) - or at least a better shot at em [in HA10]. Would be nice to see that with 4* too, but I’m not gonna hold my breath on that.

Roster Space!!

If you aren’t going to hand us a way to make use of our dupes, well then, how about gifting some more roster space instead?! With all of these new events and seasons coming, more 3* and 4* will be released [with em] too, and I don’t see how we can continue making space for everything [that we obtain] with the little that you’ve provided us with [freely]. Given the increasing amount of events that have been set into motion - with varying rules across the board - we’re [essentially] forced to hold onto more heroes now than ever before [in order to excel]. So being conscience [of that fact], and doing something about it, would be a huge step.

4* Materials

Give us more opportunities to acquire 4* mats!!! Seriously, you can’t keep releasing new 5*, after 5*, and expect us to chase em when we can’t even level the last 20… And you can’t keep raising the cap on the max level before solving this desperate, pressing issue. Why would we want to level our heroes further than +20, when we can’t even finish leveling most to 80?! This doesn’t make things better (imo); emblems themselves came with their own down-sides, and most of that has yet to be addressed/solved…

…But yeah, sure, why don’t we just crank up the heat even more? & Throw costumes in while we’re at it? All while ignoring real balance to heroes that we deem must stay perpetually unworthy forever… Yeah, that’s the answer; that’s all gonna help… /s

So here's an idea:

Why not add 4* mats as completion rewards for events?! One per event couldn’t hurt. That, and increasing the drop rates for em - in other sources like rare titans and tournies - as the 1% chance is not at all helpful…

Event Portals

Increase the freaking odds to 1.5% already, for Christ’s sake. You wanna keep adding in more heroes? You wanna keep creating more events? Well, you’ve gotta be a little more reasonable; the odds are abysmal. You did [somewhat] right by the seasonal portal - actually one of the more impressive things I’ve seen you do - so now, please do right here. They essentially share a lot of the same properties - although seasonals actually have less heroes diluting the odds - so why the variance?! I don’t get it…

As is, the event portals are - by far - the worst portals for non-S1 5*; 2 out of 1000?! Get outta here…

(& Most of the offers blow too - only compounding the suck; what’s up with that?! Two identical offers, back-to-back, offering little in the way of value? Hmm, another idea to revisit, I suppose…)

Another Option…

(Or an addendum to the previous)

Either add featured heroes [to these low-odd event portals], or increase the frequency at which they appear (by maybe combining some events together?? hmm), so that in the end, there’s more to aim for/obtain. With two more events, and :poop: costumes coming, there’s just not enough room to fit everything in [in a timely manner]. So if we can’t have better odds, more opportunities would be the second best thing.

Replacing/Adding to S1

Come up with something new to throw into these portals as essential “fillers” already. We’re all sick of season one. Costumes? Trainer Heroes? Past seasons/events? Sure, it’s a lazier approach, but one I’d happily settle for. Just, something.

Realistically, we can’t keep pulling the same heroes - in every portal - on and on forever. So honestly? It may be more sensible to just spice up season one. You guys clearly love making heroes, so why not focus some of your attention there? Then, you can be done [again] (at least, for another three years…), with people rounding out their rosters [with said heroes], while trying to obtain something else.

Actually, I was hoping that eventually, you’d maybe integrate S1 costumes [in that way] so that they were more readily available. I see now that was foolish of me… How dare we offer balances [to original heroes] for a more modest price (see how I didn’t say free?! HA if only), so that f2p and c2p - the ones that costumes were seemingly made for, and intended to have benefitted from - could acquire them a tish bit easier. But, I guess that’s just another outrageous, and idealistic, notion [of mine]… sigh

Balance heroes regardless of costumes

Balance is essential.

You [all] do realize that the last time you actually implemented a balance update to lesser heroes - for free - was almost an entire year ago.?.. Since then, we’ve only seen balance as a reaction to nerf threads - which (imo) has only been more detrimental, as it included more significant nerfs than buffs [in it]. & The buffs, that we did see, have been to heroes that don’t even need it (like almost all of the newly released S3 heroes…). Just, wtf?

If we are to accept that freely given, regular balance changes [to our heroes] (namely, buffs for those considered old/obsolete) are to become an extinct practice henceforth - and players [now] will receive balance [in the future] for only their already difficult-to-obtain, OP heroes… but what’s worse: locked behind another pay-wall - then, you know what - what’s the point?! All of these heroes [in the game], and only a small percentage of em will ever be relevant and useful?! May as well get on with it, and commence the end [of the game] now, cuz how dull.

Some sarcasm..

So actually, here’s an idea: why don’t we just erase all heroes as soon as they’ve hit their first birthday?! That is, unless they’re potentially OP, then they should (of course) stay in order to [eventually] get a costume (the most sensible thing for an already strong hero, doi). & Once some other hero’s costume surpasses theirs, well then… they too will be deleted too. See? That’ll settle that; this balance thing is easy :wink:

New Costumes

If you’re going to release costumes for non-S1 heroes - and there’s nothing we can do to stop it - well then, do it chronologically. How is that not already common sense to you people?! It wouldn’t just make the most sense, but it also would allow you to release them in stages (aka a drip-system) that would feel [the most] organic (as the weakest [of the costume bunch] would finally be on equal footing with the strongest in today’s meta - at least til the latter sees their costumes).

If the release [itself] seems more natural (and sensible), then ultimately, it wouldn’t anger near as many people - as it would seem like a [more] logical step for the game to take. However, this current path [chosen] will clearly upset [things], as it’s illogical on all fronts - coming off as nothing more than a blatant cash grab - making a mockery of true balance.

Focusing on all of the strong heroes right away - by making em even more OP than they are today - without sufficiently fleshing out older heroes, and mechanics, with proper measures in order to combat such power-creep - is just flat out stupid (and a bit counter-productive)… & I’d assume to then release the costumes for the old, and mediocre, heroes (aka the ones who’d actually benefit from said change…) at a time when they’re no longer relevant (even with said costumes) - also incredibly dumb.

Old heroes

At that point, even making the old obsolete OP [to keep up] won’t do any good, as they’ve always been further behind the curve for a reason (aka stats and SS). Waiting, by throwing all lesser heroes on the back-burner, as you power up your strongest heroes [first] instead, will only exacerbate that fact. At that point, they may have been too long forgotten/unused, that idk if there’d even be a point to releasing said costumes for em [et al]… :roll_eyes:- So then, doesn’t that actually put a damper on the whole thing, lessening the amount of potential sales/$$ you could earn [in the long-run]?! Yeah… I’d think so (why I’m suspecting even you all think your game is gonna die).

Ultimately, at the end of the day: it’s not these heroes’ time for costumes. Quit rushing it, trying to make a quick buck, and do it right.

Also, if you’re going to do this costume thing…

You cannot really expect us to pay for the same hero - at the same price - twice. Season one was the only exception, as the balance required - in order for them to keep up with the latest releases - was an incredibly significant amount, and their SS were long outdated - in desperate need of a refresher - too. However, that was it; the only other acceptable options [for costumes] would be heroes in similar predicaments [as S1] (aka old event/HOTM). Basically, the S1 costumes were made in order to make the whole lot of em, in one fell-swoop, versions capable enough that they could keep up with the very event and HOTM 5* that we speak of costuming [now].

So really, how absurd is it that we’re considering this all now, on the very day S1’s release of costumes concluded? Given they’ve just finished their release - all while these new pieces have been considered and set into motion [during] - really speaks to how important you [guys] seem to find, and take, balance [in this game] (or how totally ignorant you are to it all). It’s all so nonsensical; I always had an inkling that the very idea of costumes would turn out to be no good… & This time, I really hate being right :no_mouth:

So please put a measure in - so that those of us who already own the original hero - have a way of obtaining their costume through grinding. It’d make things more engaging, and a whole lot less frustrating, as NO ONE wants to pay double for the same damn hero… A new hero? Sure. But the same hero in another skin? No. So unless you wanna make all of these new costumes into actual different heroes - not costumes at all - you’ve gotta bend a little here [with what’s required to obtain em]. This is probably the most controversial, absurd, and disliked proposal you’ve ever presented [us with] - so tread lightly.

Another option?

At the very least, increase the odds [for said costumes] considerably if it’s a hero that’s already been obtained [by the user]. That, and maybe throw these costumes in both their original portals and in the costume portal - allowing more opportunities to obtain said costume and the hero (for those who don’t own em). Don’t love it, as it still involves $$, but it’s a little more livable [than the current format]. As now, those [in the past] fortunate enough to finally pull these incredibly sought after heroes are gonna have their parade rained on by this :poop: without any silver lining attached to it… What a total butt f#/$

It’s just sucking the life, and the fun, out of what’s supposed to be the most exciting thing that can happen [in this game]. Not cool guys, really not cool.

Last, but not least

SLOW DOWN. You guys must think that by constantly releasing content, you’re gonna inevitably please us, but we need time to breathe. The game needs time to breathe. We haven’t even concluded S3 yet and S4 is already on the horizon along with two new events?! And this is all just the first half of the year?! + Expanding max level on heroes?! It’s just becoming increasingly overwhelming [on the hero end], while feeling like very little energy is being expended on the QoL end. It’s maddening :grimacing:

Do you all even understand the word “balance”?

Looking at this sneak peak, I should feel excited, and instead I feel even more disheartened having read it. Literally everything made me sigh, roll my eyes, and become even more dismayed at the game’s state and future. (& I see I’m not the only one…)

The QoL mention was the only saving grace, yet it is so vague - that it’s almost inconsequential. Especially compared to the rest of this :poop:

Listen to your players, SG

If you want us to swallow a pill this big, you better be right around the corner with a nice cold can of soda and a cookie. You can’t just keep expecting to take [from all of us] without actually doing your job to help maintain and improve the core mechanics you’ve already laid out. It’s baffling [to me] that we even have to ask for such things to this degree, this frequently.

When a majority of your player base has become all “negative nelly” over what’s supposed to be promising new features… well, then that tells you that something isn’t right [here]. You’re losing us over the frequent absence of simple, and positive, changes [for this game]. Please don’t wait until the break [between players and devs] is irreparable; get to the QoL fixing now

(Even if it’s just expanding on, and specifying, your plans for QoL updates)

Cuz the whole player-base could really use one giant, juicy-looking bone right about now…


1000% agree - ever hopeful some ever hopeful, of your suggestions are implemented.


My wishlist for changes:
1 - HA10 - either increase the chance from 5% + 5% to say 10% + 10% or reduce training duration from 7 days to 5 days and preferably 3 days
2 - AL10 - add one more option so that you can trade in 6-8 unfarmable 3* items for one 4* item every week
3 - S1 5* - Remove season 1 5* from all event summon gates (e.g. s2, s3, s4, ToL, Ninja, challenge event blah blah blah). 5* summon rate is already low at 2.5%, season 1 5* heroes just should not be there.
4 - Rush war - VS to S, S to avg, avg to F, F to VF.
5 - D.Blade & Tome - add rare titan that drops d.blade and tome. Add these into PoL reward at level 48
6 - Rare request - increase the frequency of rare quest. Let’s fix it at 6 day cycle instead of a 6-13 day cycle
7 - Hero roster - add 5 per level up
8 - Goblin balloon - please move it to somewhere else so that it will not block me from hunting the ducks


I love this and wish I could give more likes!!!

(especially 3* and 4* in Hero Academy, like would it really kill the game economy if everyone got Nordri and Kvasir and Bauchan…? I think I will regret asking this question lol)

and the costume thing, oh the costume thing!


Excellent post. I wish the powers that be could read this and consider your points. Is that even reasonable?!


@RandaPanduh …… ALL of this would get my vote
Realistically I feel that most of it won’t happen in my lifetime in this game.
Heck I am still waiting for reasonable QOL stuff that was promised by SG

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1000% agree :+1:.

Wishful thinking but hope the powers that be read this.


I agree. I think @RandaPanduh’s post deserves a super like. :+1::+1:


@Staff_SGG take notes plz.


4 - Rush war - VS to S, S to avg, avg to F, F to VF.

I think it won’t be done. The reason for this is that some slow/very slow 5* heroes would be even less used than now. Now you can use them at least in Rush Attack wars and tournaments.

I agree with all other points.

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Agree that SG probably won’t change the current format of rush war/tournament.

Just feel that some slow and very slow heroes at VF mana speed are so tough to handle for many players with limited roster… SG needs to find a balance between making them more usable vs making them OP.

Or make a 5* Mist to use her mana - with higher stats :slight_smile:

Is the 2022 sneak peak coming soon?


Yes, According to Petrti’s message in Happy Holidays wishes topic it will arrive in January.


And here it is…2022 Sneak Peek! and the 2022 Sneak Peek - Discussion

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