2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

I simply tried to transmit the message of many like me and + old people in the game that I have been exchanging various opinions with And I’m just commenting here to try to help … because I feel sad that great warriors abandon the game …I simply had great warriors and great game strategists as reference.

And my words are to make the game fair …

seems non s1 heroes that are 1 year or older will be getting costumes. that’s no surprise, it was never off the table according to 2019 AMA about “skins”.

seems they previewed most popular as marketing and it backfired but does seem every hero in each of the advertised portals will get costumes which includes the already good heroes and the lackluster heroes(which is heavily requested in this and the costume thread)

we’re getting new events, well wonderland was released quite long ago so that makes sense.

new season, ok no surprise there.

war additions and ways to extend heroes beyond max, that’s intriguing

really seems the overly negative feedback is a bit of an over reaction in my opinion.

mainly because we haven’t seen how this will all shake out and people already have the pitchforks out and torches lit.

I don’t see this as a reason to quit the game.

I also don’t believe s1 costumes were meant to “close” a gap. but maintain a gap, the strength of some of the s1 4* healers should have been a clue that stronger heroes were coming. s1 costumes will be as relevant to s4 and beyond, as non costume s1 were to s2 & s3

seems SG is starting a cycle where annually heroes will see some kind of a buff whether it’s extending stats or seeing costumes to keep their place as new heroes come out, ok makes sense.

and yes i know the costumes/buffs are behind a paywall, but i also haven’t forgot what game we’ve been playing for years now…this is no surprise.

anyways i don’t see any of this as over the top new to anything we’ve seen before and the amount of shock factor and “I’m quitting!” is IN MY OPINION a bit of an over reaction.

see how it plays out, decide from there.

f2p aren’t meant to have same advantage as p2w or p2w wouldn’t p2w

no p2w can continue to w without the p, that’s been obvious for some time now. if you plan on competing in this game that is always progressing, and you want to pay to progress, you’ll continue to do so to keep up. that’s just part of being competitive. should have accepted that the first time you dumped anything more than a 10x pull into a portal or the first time you dumped cash to take a set of troops to lvl 30.

pull back on the knee jerk reactions and just think about what you’re reading for a bit. just because some heroes are at the top now, doesn’t mean they would be there at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 and for all we know they may need the costumes to keep their relevancy and SG is thinking more ahead than we’re capable of since they know what the future holds and all we have is guesswork…

have plenty of complaints about SG and the game itself, so not saying everyone just bow down to the almighties. i just see some poor decisions, reactions, etc that people may be lookin back a year from now and goin “wtf was i thinkin”, it actually happens pretty regularly when new stuff is introduced…

it’s just a video game…


I can dig it.

It may come across as venting.
But it feels like casting a vote!

Doing it too much tho…
and I am also guilty…
Will have the opposite effect.

I’m pretty sure the entire forum is,
A Minority as compared to global players in the game.
So… no need to… hack the election

The first posts in this thread were entertaining for me. Ball-busters! :joy:
And I couldn’t agree with them more!
I think it’s a bit unfair for SG. I really do.
That they are only facilitating what players want. The only thing that’s really changed is the optics. It’s easier to see the trend. That’s all.

If they slow it back down. That won’t prevent S1 deterioration!
Costume deterioration.
S2… and so on.

As you said, things are relative. I enjoy the alliance that I’m with and should everyone start dropping out, maybe I’ll think about quitting the game. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the ride. I’m sure there are more FTP friendly games, but even if I don’t do any 10 pulls (I think the last time I did one was the first time S3 was released), I still pick up enough heroes, or costumes to level up to keep me busy and able to win raids.

Maybe you can consider it the sunk cost fallacy, but the fact is, if I stop playing this game, it’ll be because I got bored of this type of game and alliance players quit. I remember playing another card collecting game, and just got bored of playing, probably because there was no real social component to it.

I don’t know about that, Rigard still heals, Sonya still dispels. Yeah, I don’t expect to win every raid with a roster mainly full of S1 heroes, but I win enough. Maybe with S4 in the first month I’ll start seeing teams full of S4 heroes instead of the current mix of S3/Ninja/Event heroes/HoTM defenses, but at lower diamond level, I suspect not as much.


If you look at the upcoming 2021 LoV:

They were…6* heroes

Now look at:

All-New Hero Upgrades:
Grow your Heroes in power & level them up beyond the current max!


Now… meditate on all the car metaphors on the forum since forever :joy:

The power creep has reached the limit for a 5* roster. They can’t just stop the power creep now… because:

  • Players will be done spending… meaning, there’s no reason to visit portals if there’s nothing of greater value there, Gimme the Porsche !
  • Saturation’s will form
  • And then… further nerf threads, and at the same time…complaining about the New Boring Heroes

But they’ve reached the limit… Can’t inflate any further without crossing that 5* precipice…so what now?


Isn’t that basically,
what they’re doing anyway?

I just think it should be called a 6* And have the summon odds reduced further.
And the maximum leveling increased.

I don’t see another option that is a different approach from continually fiddling with ALL 5* Heroes.

Unless… they undergo a major balancing update, for which will include many hard truths for definitions that skirt a player’s greed, as well…

Otherwise… buckle-up. 2021 is still learning to crawl! And behind the wheel

Idea collection to inspire SG for this year. I want to collect ideas of the community of what would make E&P even better

Yesterday SG released their sneak peek for 2021 which lead to a lot of controversy withing this forum. I’ve opened a poll to feel out the situation.

Many were dissatisfied with the content of the preview and whished for different things, me included, but contrary to the sneak peek discussion threat i want this topic to be only constructive. Tell me what you specifically want for this game. no generalisations :wink:

I go first: I like the changeup in playstyle every now and then. I like different tile mechanics the most. Tile mechanics already differ in S3, some S2, Ninjatower, frostevent, sandevent and springevent from the normal. All of them except the mechanic in sandevent and some in S2 are kinda lame imo, since they arguably limit the options a player can do every turn instead of enhancing them, resulting in a less “puzzly” gameplay for the best move. Thats why i wish for cooler tile mechanics in the upcoming game modes :slight_smile:
Headcannon for cool mechanics: “Unbound!”, you dont have to make a match with your turn. “DoubleTrouble” make 2 moves each turn+ every enemyattack counter is reduced by 2 each turn, “Chargeup” play on a 6x7 grid, your first 3 tiles each turn deal no damage and grant reduced mana, “powerblocker” only tiles of 4 different collor appear, you may only use 3-4 heroes. “riot” every x turn your troops atack you instead of your opponent, “hostage” keep the hostage alive for as long as possible by doing minimal damage to it (on opponents side)

I’m looking forward to your ideas

Please elaborate on quality of life change? You going to make 29.99 offers 29.50 out .99 transaction .98? That is so vague.


Sg’s behavior of controlling game balance with costume updates causes big problems.

It is an insult to the user who invested a lot of money to get the legendary card.

Bad management policies destroy the game ecosystem.

Heavy users invest money and try to be strong because there are competing users.

Heavy users will not want to invest in games where users leave.

I want to talk to SG.
Don’t ignore our opinions.

We want a careful update.

I will watch for future updates and consider whether to invest or not.


Sorry “invest”

What are you investing in? If you buy stocks and shares you are investing.

Summoning heroes in a mobile with $0 actual value is not investing.

It’s spending on an entertainment product.

So whether you spend or not should be based entirely on whether the product gives you enjoyment.

Though I might invest in a pack of beer later. See what return I can get from smashing 12 cans. Spoiler alert - my returns will be a hangover and 12 empty cans…


Whoa, that’s really clever. Maybe its own thread! I’m not sure how to integrate that into play, but those would add real interest for me, at least.

good bye old rotten whales , and welcome to the jungle new beefy whales!!!


One Quality of life improvement I’d like to see is being able to queue up HA10 retrainings.


I agree with your answer.

Investment & expenditure…

I think about it again…

I’m going to be brutally honest because it is needed.

SG does not care about F2P. You may think but do you think they care about someone who is playing the game for free? They created a mobile game with loot boxes to profit as much as they can. That’s what you see with mobile games they get in and make their money and then get out. If you want balance or a company to care about their player base a mobile game is not the answer. Right now SG is trying to grab all the money they can while this game is still profitable.


I love such a tasty sarcasm :heart_decoration:

20 tasty sarcasms

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1000 likes, and 1000 likes again!


I did. It’s still not an investment :joy:

Expenditure (as in spending money on things) isn’t an investment in the truest sense of the word.

You can look on it as a time investment (time spent vs return) but financially it’s a straight loss. You aren’t buying anything of value.

I’m being a pedant but if you are looking at content and trying to work out whether it’s worth investment then the answer is always no. You don’t invest in a fancy dinner, you purchase it. However the enjoyment from the meal may well have been an investment of my time doing it. The return of course isn’t measurable as it’s personal to you.

Financially this is a wishing well. If I throw £100 down it the money is gone. The question is whether I enjoyed the experience.

And if you enjoy doing it then keep throwing it down the well, it’s your money after all and don’t let me or anyone else tell you otherwise.

However if you go “well that’s a waste of £100…I didn’t enjoy the experience at all!” Then stop doing it.

Seems fairly simple to me

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game is and will continue to be that way.

just won’t be f2p timmy can consistently beat out p2w $500/month susie…and it hasn’t been that way for quite awhile. and when i say f2p, that means f2p since day 1 of playing. not “well I’ve been f2p for 3 days and i still blah blah”. and when i say consistently i mean day in, day out, in raids and wars and tourneys. not 1 offs “well i beat so n so at x tp with hero xyz, it took 3 tries and a helluva board but i do feel f2p can quite reasonably keep up with anyone no matter what they spend on the game blah blah”

which I’m perfectly fine with the game shaking out a peer system and further dividing up peers into groups based on spend habits, we as players already attempt to do that ourselves if you look at alliance reqs, the back n forths between p2w bashing f2p and f2p bashing p2w, etc.

if you’re not looking to spend what it costs to snag new heroes, then you’re not looking to keep up with the joneses, so why should we expect to beat the joneses with tc20 heroes or heroes that have been out at least 1 year.

game is still fun, still competitive. instead of looking at what someone above or below us has, look at what we or someone next to us has instead.

hangin with an alliance still facing telluria tanks in war. if i wanted more competition, I’d hop to a top 100 that’s facing red tanks in war. if i wanted easier competition I’d hop to an alliance facing yellow, purple(regularly, not just vfast), or blue tanks in wars

we decide where we fall in the grand scheme of things, not SG.

SG puts the tools out for purchase(or at least a purchased “chance to obtain”), it’s up to us if we want to buy those new shiny tools to compete at higher levels or not

spend, dont spend, spend a little, spend a lot, whatever the case may be just have fun with it


At the end of the day, many of the things been added are very unpopular, but all SG have to do is add some real QoL additions and people would be much more excepting of the bad stuff. But when it’s all take and no real give then people get fed up. Just think about what your players want and give them something and they will be much more forgiving of your bad decisions.

The one thing i will never get is why they don’t massively increase the availability of 4* mats. If i knew i could max multiple new 5*s, then i would be much more inclined to do pulls. But when you can’t even max the heroes you pull it is pointless to keep pulling more.

They seem to be incapable of understanding that giving more would actually increase their profits.


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