2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

My guess is there is probably going to be a Pants Portal.

If you pull the item called @Petri’s Pants (0.1% chance) you get to increase your Gravemaker’s level by 5 :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Using duplicate heroes, u will boost the stats of ur original hero


@Staff_SGG Thank you for all the hard work and time you guys spent to create new events and hero’s which keeps the game more interesting. All new events and hero’s looks amazing.

My only concern is F2P and C2P players should get an option to train S2 hero’s atleast now. It’s been so long tc20 is only delivering S1 hero’s and all long time players have them in their roaster already. Even S1 costumes are behind paywall.

HA does give option to retrain but 5% chance and one retrain for 7 days takes lots of time. If people can train S2 hero in tc20 just like S1 hero’s and get some new hero’s to be competitive in game then there will be less complaints about release of new hero’s in game and most of the players base will be happy.


£100 a month, listen to yourself, my food bill is less than that. And youre saying its not hard to obtain good heroes, at 100 a month id want to fkn own atlantis and valhalla. It is not luck at 100 a month.


Hope that is not upgraded by merging same hero, which is absolutely a bad idea, I don’t care if Bane or Dawa can be upgraded…

I’ve played Chess, I’ve played COD/Halo etc, I’ve played GT, I’ve played Soul Calibur, Tetris, a ton of RPGs. E&P has a huge amount of strategy which is comparable to many of those - a lot of it is hidden, but is definitely there. I am finding new ways to play with new tactics every day - going from mono to rainbow offers a whole new style of play. Even picking up a new hero offers a whole new dimension - I am discovering the synergies between Lady Loki and Myztero. Myztero is particularly strong against Tel as he can usually slow the enemy mana down before the flanks have charged. Myztero is great against Bera tanks as he can throw back the poision and minion block to all, allowing you to dump tiles into her as much as you want without fear of her special doing anything.

There are so many layers of play in the actual board - yes the starting board is RNG, yes there is RNG in replacement tiles - but you learn to understand how to play the odds. You learn how many tiles will trigger an opposing hero (you may want to do that, or you may want to avoid it). You learn how to trigger cascades, and you learn how to minimise your footprint.

The specials are another dimension, particularly with newer heroes. Ninjas, tile-dependent heroes, hero counters, taunters, mana controllers, cloners, status returners… there is a lot of thinking to be done in each and every match, vs how it probably was af the start with a bunch of pretty basic hitters and healers

Whenever I lose I look back and think why did I lose - and as long as I am bringing a team that has a decent chance of winning against the team I went up against, then in almost every matchup I can recognise a timing or targetting mistake or a wrong board move that directly influenced the outcome. The other day in war there was a board that I conceded was unwinnable due to lack of tiles - but I get one of those maybe once every 20 boards, if that. As long as I prepare right, play the board right, make the right choices with which specials to charge up first and which to fire and the order to fire and who to target - 95% are winnable. Regardless of the starting board. And that tells me that skill > luck, by quite a margin

Quite honestly I just don’t get why anyone would play this game if they genuinely believed that luck plays a greater part than skill. That would suck the challenge and sense of progression and accomplishment right out of it for me


Not when by design your heroes are left powerless to new ones

some great players of the game will disappear … or will be playing with pity of their money spent in the game … what will be left are Warriors without spending money …

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I like most top warriors … we don’t care about the game anymore … we only play because we have a lot of euros invested in this game … because we play really hard … the great warriors don’t care anymore

It doesn’t matter if it is first or last … nobody cares about + the game

But the nostalgia is when the game … was a strategy … it was correct … there was no Nerf … there was no costume … there was no SG greed etc etc … miss our rivalries … healthy

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The telly costume will be AWESOME, until it gets nerfed at least.

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Everything was lost and only SG’s greed remained … Nerf + Nerf + Nerf + costume + costume … amazing how the game last year went from very good … to very weak ridiculous to greed

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@voidstrike wouldn’t get any :stuck_out_tongue:


OK if it will be not only stats but and special skills too (for S1 heroes only)

First nerfed hero (if I remeber right) was Magni in early begin of this game

I would call my self a F2p player as I rarely spend more than $5 a month although a couple of times I may have gone closer to $10 give or take unlike players who drop hundreds. I have 18 legendary heroes 15 of which are fully ascended and I can muster up a strength of 4593 (still climbing). While I don’t expect to be in the top ten (like I was at “Lords and swords” by Kefir) I am strong enough that I can enjoy this game.

As far as finding time, I treat this like any other hobby. I take it very serious but, fortunately, I can put it down when I need to. Like most people do I can make the time for my hobby. Not all of my alliance members are able to do this. I shake my head when people cry about how much money they spend on the game like it is an addiction for them. In real life I spent a lot of money and time on my other hobby too but, I don’t have the time or the money to devote to it anymore (a small sample of my hobby is demonstrated on youtube channnel.luigiclone).

It’s called c2p

It’s p2w


I dont think we are a minority
As far as i have seen the great majority is against these buffs on OP heroes

And btw I am not againt NEW content, just the fact that they are making my roster irrelevant and making people summon rare heroes again, and this powercreep is unsustainable.

Your 100 pounds a month is gold here in South america.
I am from Brazil where money is MUCH weaker so you will ALWAYS have more leverage there, it is 8:1
so you can summon 80 while i summon 10 for the same price.
still this is not what i complain though i have talked about it before

Costumes for OP heros such as Drake, Finley and GM instead of the useless Natalya and a million other heroes shows they want powercreep to happen.

  • the new costumes have +100 points in all categories, simple as that they are making all other heroes irrelevant. Imagine in a year how scary it will be: att 1200 def 1200 hp 1800

@Samantha7 do you really think only the minority is against the costumes?

I have been a supporter of the game since day one, but when the new content is blatantly disrespectful then i will trash it!
Amazing how you cannot see the powercreep danger.
9/10 posts here are against these actions.

We will resist, we will not leave like you said you wish
we will disturb and we will annoy their def ears
we are part of this game like you


As I see it, the the moderators and beta testers (not me) are doing an excellent job in giving feedback to both the gamers and the developers.
While the developers are lagging behind in terms of balancing the game while at the same time bringing new content to refresh the game as well.

The new developments haven’t been liked by most, and have been acknowledged by the developers. The only thing left for us is to keep cribbing or suggesting positive changes to be made in the game, till they hear and notice it.

I’m a an extreme C2P gamer with approx. $10 every 2 months and have still developed a decent roster just by farming and free pulls. Also, am regularly able to wipe the board with the heavier teams by careful calibrations.

Going forward, if these changes are implemented, I can only go F2P in the hopes that most will join it, so as to hurt the developers where it matters most, their pockets.

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