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Please SG… DO NOT RELEASE THESE COSTUMES. Why nerf frigg and odin for balance and then release costumes for some already powerful heroes? This will kill the game and I could see a lot of players walking away. On that note also listen to the beta testers in reference to the power of season 4 heroes and villians.


People continue saying “this is a money grab”. Obviously it is. Try to write an support a game for free in your spare time. You’ll give up even before you released that game. It is useless to blame devs that they do commercial content first… and second. They earn their living and so does their management.

If you don’t want to spend on something new, just don’t do this and let spend those who is willing to do so.

The only thing that would be nice (but most likely not implemented) is an ability to solve the issue of duplicated costumes. However, looking at how they “resolved” the issue of duplicated heroes (half usable Hero Academy 10) there is no chance duplicated costumes would be addressed any better.


Mixed emotions here about this SGG post. My excitement for some of the new content is overshadowed by the increased uncertainty I have about leveling 5* heroes now. Really think SGG needs to create reset tokens for ascension materials like we have for emblems (or, heaven forbid, increase the ways we can earn 4* AM). Also provide some minimum level of increased roster space for free. I know these aren’t new ideas - just agreeing with those who have already mentioned them. I’m still vehemently anti-costume for non-S1 heroes and hope that time will show that I’m overreacting on that one.


They should buff everybody but i think its too early for Killhare and alot of 2020 released heroes. As for M. Lepus i can understand a buff or costume.

Let’s be clear, people on this forum have an outsized opinion on their influence on SGG. When I look at the site statistics, all-time 80k users, with only 2k in the last 30 days. So lets assume 2k are active posters. Based on the last mythic titan stats, weren’t there roughly 3M+ players who participated? Basically we’re looking at 0.07% of the player base is active on the forum. Do you honestly think that SGG or Zygna really care when over 99% of the player base don’t participate on the forum, and still spend money?


Hello all,

thank you for your information regarding future updates!

With that being said, I must adress those changes in hopes of game progressing in a manner, community will find it most enjoyable and thus further the longevitiy and money made from it :

  • New events are positive additions as long as they dont follow same principle of recycled mechanics in new clothing. In that case its obsolete (or lower priority) addition this far into game, since it doesnt provide much new excitement… just looking at new heroes, matching tiles at them

  • Season 4 is in same basket as new events… basically its recycled material in new clothing… Too soon if you arent adressing bigger problems, game is currently facing

- Costumes for event heroes? Again for what reason? I understand you wish to earn extra money from big spenders… Certainly they shouldnt hold costume bonus, while there are so many heroes far behind, from balancing standpoint… again low priority addition

- Hero upgrades? Sounds great! Oh, but you are trying to make heroes increase even further in strenght? BIG NO…Game is progressing only vertically not horizontally, what whole community is trying to warn SG. We wish more fullfilling additions, more varied and more interactive options, not just pile more into something and then that thing gets rigid again… until you add feature to allow more to pile onto… Please rething hero upgrades. I would propose idea : CRAFT legendary items , which shifts legendary heroes stats, while boosting 3* and 4*. It offers more fine tunning and varied approaches. Heroes equipment

All new war feature : Sounds great! Anything to add versatility and to expand current state is very welcoming! Shame its only later this year …

Mora QOL changes : Sounds great! And hopefully they are not minor. As I stated before, I propose your team to expand your revenue options not solely around heroes, but other additions (quests, features, events, town decorations, towns visits of other players, new items, igredients, new types of rewards,… etc…). With that purpose in mind, I also made two polls, which would help you decide where community feels, game needs to develop to promote longevity of this game we love!
Before that, one of the events, where you could generate extra revenue : New feature : RUINS/ DUNGEON EXCAVATION
and the second one : NEW BUILDING/ feature : TEMPLE OF DIVINITY

Link to two polls : A letter to an old friend ( Khagan to Ratatoskr) - COMMUNITY SENDING MESSAGE TO SG (MUST READ!) // I encourage all players to add vote there and help SG see, how we wish for game to develop!!!

Hopefully to many new experiences together and good luck!



They only listen when big spenders stop spending to the game. This game now turning from all players to big spender game .

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I’ve finally reached a breaking point. All this new stuff is too much. I’m going to be abandoning my second account, and severely cutting back spending on my main account. I’m starting to see a path to the end of the game, for me at least. The “tyranny of too many choices” or something like that.


I think the biggest thing I want to see are quality of life improvements. The forums are overflowing with requests and suggestions and many of them aren’t particularly difficult to implement. I sincerely hope an overwhelming amount of QoL is in the cards for this year because it adds quite a lot to a game. I’d love love love to see frequent polls or something to decide the next QoL updates – it’s a good way to engage the community and steadily / frequently roll out low hanging QoL changes while we work towards bigger changes.

As an aside, I enjoy this game, and I want to contribute enjoying it. The other highlighted changes (costumes, events, season four, summon rates, ascension material gate, irrelevant old heros and buildings, etc.) I can only hope to be good as well, but we’ll see. Please keep talking with us and try to strike a balance between updates promoting gacha spenders and an enjoyable game for those of us with lower incomes.


Yes, you are. I believe you are.

More Quality of Life changes to make playing even more enjoyable.

I am already considering leaving the game due to this problem. Stack challenges, events, quests on top of each other doesn’t equal QoL. This game has become a full-time f&$king job.


Wish I could love this more than once. Some excellent QoL suggestions here.

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I like this game and how it starts , new season yess that exciting , but S04 heroes might make S01 & S02 + costumes low power … Its very sad to start losing friends bcuz of those unbalanced event seasonal costumes … have a look again to community demands , PLZ don’t release costumes for OP heroes like ( drake - Lady lake - Finely … and others )


Hmmm i was excited, until I finished reading. Now I’m actually concerned.

They didn’t mention not even ONE QoL improvement. I believe there’s none at this point. At least nothing we need.

All I see is more places to get money on & more power creep coming. Events, events, events, new heroes, new heroes, stronger heroes, new overpowered specials, high stats, low odds… more of the same. We said NO COSTUMES and now there’s even more of them.

Don’t count on me. You may change the title to 2021 future places to spend on.

We don’t trust neither wait for good things to come from you anymore and releasing more heroes doesn’t help.


I wish they would give us more ways to get more ascension mats. Another option for duplicate 5* heroes would be awesome. I wouldn’t mind trading my duplicate 5* heroes for 4* ascension mats.

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Thanks for this. I hope the game fails miserably.

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costumes for cards other than S1 are the worst idea and only show Greed. explain that for S1 costumes we waited 2-3 years to bridge the power gap between new and old cards. Now you want to give even more power with such a strong card, because of greed your head has completely turned.


If this means that we will be able to level our current heroes beyond 4-80 then I’m officially done with this game. It’s hard enough to get a hero to 4-80 if we have to take them to 5-90 or something then it’s simply not worth it to me to even try to stay competitive.


All this useless events for what? All you do its adding more ways for people to put money in the game…if im playing on season 2 the energy for 1 year i dont make 100 coins to pull once…whats the point for all this events if there is no reward in there.
Is nothing there to play for…maps events wars titans tournaments all this playing few months and you still can’t make enough materials to ascend 1 hero…it take years. This game is alive just because a group if big spenders feed it.
I had enough with it.
Hope you normal players will realise is nothing left in this game…no joy…if you log in just because of your ally friends or just because you need to use some flags somewere( war or titans) just too look you are online time to time is not worth it…better use your time doin’t something you like this game ia dead already for a while.

Please re work the alchemy lab autofill button. Maybe im too lazy but its so exhausting when you cant simply use the autofill because you want an specific item. You should find a way to memorize and replicate the last input you have used.

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