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We just released a new sneak peek of the upcoming features in 2021! Share your thoughts and discuss the sneak peek here!

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I know I’m flogging a dead horse here but the decision to not roll out costumes chronologically with heroes original release is still abysmal.


Fixed, thanks!

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What you try to do is nice. But i think you guys rush to much and do not test the cards before release.

That upset a lot of people myself included.

Everything in this game is at minimum.


Focus a little on community before you lose it all.


So… Not one but two new events ? This circus one we haven’t even heard of ?
Sweet Lord, with so many we will reach the stage when particular event will appear only once a year…

Not to mention those new event costumes… Lotl, drake? Are you being serious right now? Fix broken heroes instead of buffing the strong ones.

Not gonna even ask about maxing heroes beyond current level… More emblems???

Anyway forget about old heroes, prepare your wallets! No point in summoning anymore until those release…


Please do not release costumes through an RNG-based, paywalled summoning portal the way you did with classic Season 1 heroes. It will wreck the game, and many of us will walk away.

If you want to release new skins and abilities, make them available for all players who already have the heroes you’re updating. Make us fight for it, make us grind for it, but if you make us pay for another balance update, you’re going to destroy your game.


It looks pretty, but I see a lot of cash grabbing here. There’s not a ton to improve the game; it’s mostly just vehicles to sell more heroes and costumes. The new challenge events are completely unnecessary as they are basically copies of what we already have just with different bosses. Even the rewards are the same. We’ve already commented a ton on the costumes for event heroes. I am also dismayed by this: “All-New Hero Upgrades : Grow your Heroes in power & level them up beyond the current max!” We already have emblems. At some point you need to let us be done levelling heroes. If heroes need balancing, do it with balance updates. Don’t make us grind or pay for it.


@Petri : Thanks for speedily rectifying the sneak Peek 2021 Link… seems exciting… will test us player’s creativity with so much variety into the play…

Apart from the new hero additions, I m keen / excited about heroes levelling beyond, new play styles & new challenge events… where I hope Team SG will introduce something new (style, mats) from 2020 CEs.

Cheers, Good day.


You’re absolutely right, Mantis. They should be releasing these “costumes” chronologically. Help out the folks with Ares and Perseus and Guardian Owl, not the folks with Drake Fong and Finley and Frigg. It makes no sense to even think about a costume for Gravemaker at this point.


Players: create hundreds of posts on the forum saying “We don’t want non-S1 costumes”
SG: The player community is more important than ever!
Also SG: Costumes for event heroes are coming up in 2021!


Here take a look at everything new to render everything you have obsolete unless you relentlessly summon or buy the new deals. This all honestly really saddens me, new heros is not what we need. Barely had any chance to ascend the ones we’ve got for the lack of ascension mats, and now there’s more, even more powerful ones. Drives me crackers, I don’t want to quit this game bit I feel like it leaves you no choice, I can’t keep spending insane amounts of money to keep up!


New events, new season, new skills, (way) stronger new heroes… that’s just to be expected.
And I don’t have a problem with it as such (even though it becomes too much. I miss the carefree planning, excitement for a new hero and the occasional rest from time to time without events).

What bothers me are of course the costumes on already nearly OP heroes.

But what really frightens me is maxing heroes beyond current level… like embling ain’t enough. It makes me wonder what I am playing for.


lots of things aren’t clear yet, so i can’t make judgement on it but one thing caught my eye

and i assume “selected” means most popular. this means the bad heros will still be ignored and not buffed?

i hope the costumes will be available for hero specific mission or quests so that players without the hero will have a reason to try for the hero and players who got the hero can access the costume.


Honestly, I simply don’t care anymore about events and pulls, I just hope one of the quality of life changes to be a round counter in each stage :sweat_smile:


They didn’t listen about the constumes , what they are going to do with S1 now ? No important to players and their opinions . Waste


Raid formations aren’t going live so?


I’m excited for the new season and events now that Valhalla is about to end (supposedly) and, especially, for the chance of fighting against the members of the own alliance, even if it’s just for pleasure. I want to defeat my leader. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

However, after having read that there will be new costumes for selected heroes and the possibility of levelling some of them beyond the current limits, it’s like a bottomless pit. Instead of updating heroes (as you did with the Hatter and Khagan for example), we have to “get them” again so as to have a “competitive” version. It doesn’t make any sense getting the newest and best hero if it will be probably nerfed and then the old ones will “get a buff via costume”.

Regarding the buff requests for some concrete heroes who really need an updating seem to haven’t been heard. :disappointed:

To my mind comes this idiom: “if you’re too greedy, you can end up with nothing”.


That maxing heroes beyond current level sounds like there’ll be equipment things… Or more emblems?
At least there’s a chance for new portal. More money, yeah come!


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