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Almost all ninjas are amazing, except Jade and Shale.

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Tavern of legends heroes, can they compare with Ninjas?

You can pull Hel, Seshat, Gravemaker, Alasie, Kingston, Kunchen etc.

So I would say they could in some way.

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Yeah. Of all the legendary ninjas, I managed to snag her. IMHO, her skill is broken and out of whack. Why would you cut the enemy’s mana when one of her skills is to dodge their specials at a chance. It’s a loss of several turns and with the possibility that her dodging effects could have already expired when the enemy manas are already full. She is subpar to costumed Kadilen and even Margaret. Only her art is what she excels at.


Jade needs a buff! :rofl: (Yes, I have one also … she’s been at 3-70 for some time now).


Thank you for the reply and information. I was able to catchup on the in game social site. You guys are awesome!


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