2021 Hero Nerf : Guess Who ?!

In last few months, many NEW heroes have been introduced in this game across 3-4-5 stars:

  • S-4, Villains, Circus, Slayers, Magic, Knights, Costumes… (add if I missed)

More NEW stronger than above are on the way :

  • Additional Ninjas / S4, Gagoyles / WinterF / Costumes + we know additional Knights will arrive soon in few months…

With every NEW intro, heroes are stronger than previous ones = making them significantly stronger than heroes introduced in beginning of S4 itself…

Strong means, apart from Stats / Power, the multiple-specials which can go upto 8 nos…

  • Hero special (from 2 to 4 nos)
  • Passive specials (2 in case of HoTMs)
  • Family bonus
  • Talents

Even though we may NOT like it, still raises curiosity - question, which (2021) heroes will be soon on the chopping block in the garb of “Hero Re-Balance” ?!

Please add, what I have missed on the topic.

Thanks & Good day !

I’ve been playing for 10 months, so I think during this time I got only the slight nerf to Frigg and Odin and the elemental link nerf for the five HoTM.

Aside from Telluria and Vela, that everyone is still talking about, what other nerfs happened in the past two years?

My impression is that the nerfs happen mostly to the HotM, after they are not available anymore, in order to make them less usable.

From this perspective, Hanitra might be a contender if she is too successful.


Odin isn’t really too OP, Frigg is with the defence down, hits harder and that evade works more often than not


I suspect Ludwig from Clash of Knights. There are other heroes that are very slow and not as powerful as he his. His speed is slow and with a 23 mana troop functionally moves up to Average. 6 Turn Taunt, 84% defense boost against special and then the family bonues of 35 - 50% making something undispellable 2/3 heroes.

There is an upcoming nerf if I ever saw one.


They learnt from the GTV gate, instead of nerfing heroes, they just introduce newer and stronger heroes.


Lepiota now is no longer able to ghost Miki and Elradir because of their innate resistance to Silence (and other stuff that prevents them from using their native special skills). if SG were interested in being logically consistent, they would also include Clerics with their ability to Manashield as possibilities for Lepiota’s Abyss Ghost to fail against.

Ludwig for sure. But what I hate the most is not how obviously overpowered they made him, but the fact its part if their plan to get people to buy gems and roll for him, just to nerf him cause he is broke AF. That’s just a sh!tty and really low marketing strategy to use on loyal customers.


I predict Morel will get the nerf hammer. Ludwig will remain the same until he becomes available again, then after his portal is closed he’ll get the hammer too.
…these are my predictions

I see that the trend is a lot of new heroes almost in monthly basis. I think a bigger nerf would break the spending.
Also, event heroes require more spending in short period of time compare to HOTM. This means less people have these event heroes.

SG has done some efforts for old heroes; family bonus for HOTM, HA with 5% chance

In total, we should expect smaller balance up/down all the time but no major changes.

Fun with some speculation :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy gaming

I can 100% suspect that Ludwig is primarily the reason for the sudden “oh wait, we meant target+nearby to be target+2!” to prevent the eventual call for Ludwig to be nerfed… except I’d still prefer him being nerfed over reducing the radius of “target+nearby” on double/reverse double formations. (But it also means cCyprian and cBoril are given vague usable in raid defense now, but they’re still pathetic excuses for “buffed” costumes)


Ludwig is very strong, but why is he the focus while Quenell exists?


With Quenell around it’s impossible to not compare her with heroes such as Captain Kestrel.
Seriously, if he were to be released nowdays he would charge with 3 tiles to keep pace…

There will be no more nerfs. If a hero is too OP, simply release a new hero that makes previous OP hero useless or tame in comparison or change a game mechanic that has been established since the first day the game was released in order to make it less OP.

He is already nerfed once pre-release. Used to be 220% damage + uncleansable def down.

All y’all are wrong

My guess is it’s gonna be Chakkoszrot, Alexandrine, Russell, Balbar, Hanitran, or really… some other HOTM

Cuz don’t y’all get it?! Only the [somewhat] accessible heroes see nerfs. If S1 weren’t so far behind the power-creep, I’m sure they’d be on the chopping block too :joy:

…but as long as a hero is hidden behind a 0.2% paywall, they’re safe :kissing_heart:

It’s called balance everyone :joy::rofl:

Although, if things were to operate on a more "balanced" level..

then I’d put all of my money on upcoming Ruby.


The speed with which they are introducing new heroes and how each new event brings ever more powerful heroes I think the days of the nerf are gone. They can’t possibly nerf a hero only to release a stronger one in two weeks time. When they nerfed Telurria and Vela the new heroes weren’t as frequent, the power progression was much more incremental. Even Frigg and Odin was a more nuanced time. Now it’s power surging each new portal and no need for nerfs.


Yes, every HOTM that I’ve managed to get since last December feel “cursed”. :rofl:

That’s Reuben, Malicna, Frosth, and Chakko.

I don’t see how Chakko can get nerfed though. :face_with_monocle:


They will change his speed from slow to very slow. Apparently he is OP at slow :rofl:



Noooooo. I simply cannot handle 60% of my HOTM getting nerfed. The Malicna and Frosth nerf meant 40% of my HOTM were nerfed. :rofl:

I wonder when the last nerf HOTM thread was. That is, excluding someone who recently asked for Tell to be nerfed once again. :dizzy_face:


Exactly :rofl: loved your reply and I think these are the hotm’s will get nerfed :rofl:

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