2021 February Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Mythic Titans) Tentative

No need to. SGG themselves actually posted one this time (in news). But I find it funny because they said they made sure no intensive challenges follow each other and then you look on calendar and it’s absolutely stuffed :rofl: . Also, season IV starts next month.


Behold, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of this game. The gap between the top alliances and everyone else is going to grow a lot larger.

@Archaeo80 March calendar - Brazil

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Eh? It was always large. Do you have every Atlantis 5* hero? I know I don’t. And that was Season 2.

If anything the broad amount of portals you can pull from means you can keep up with them more if you get a bit of luck. My C2P friend has had some crazy good pulls from Valhalla and recent events. They aren’t the “meta” heroes but they are good enough that he is keeping up. He stays in diamond no issues and we war at a fairly decent place.

A new season isn’t the end of the game. The top 0.1% who already are a league ahead will still be a league ahead but for the rest of us it’s a chance to get a new and different hero. Below the top 100 life will be pretty similar and if anything more varied as people use what they get a lot more. We still face green tanks but the variety of heroes in the teams is way bigger than you might think (we are currently about 600th)

So it’s not all doom and gloom. The glass can be half full rather than half empty.

We will have the March post up this evening so that all of the translated calendars are available. Thanks for your patience.


@Archaeo80 blocked the other image (March calendar - Brazil)

March calendars are here: 2021 March Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Mythic Titans) Tentative

You may wish to put this on that thread as well.

@VeryQuietly There was no topic when I posted

Where’s the Mythic Titan? Shouldn’t it have started today?

Your Mythic Titan appears to be running late. It now has a scheduled arrival date of Saturday. Please make sure to give the driver at least 6 ft of space to deliver your titan. Thank you. :crazy_face:


Mythic titan delays,
Dont know y exactly.
May be to collect some battle items to push top in rankings…
Yeah we know, ninja tower asks more battle items.
Lets back fill some and push the rankings to top. :joy::joy::joy:.

unless i missed it, never heard of it being delayed

New reschedule applied straight away. So the callendar timings changed i think.
Mythic titan will appear with VF i think, but not sure though.
And me heard somewhere, that some people made complaints about scheduling it right after NT.

6 ft? That’s a mini-titanette.


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