2021 February Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Mythic Titans) Tentative

There was a poster that had a nice calendar but he didn’t post last month or this month so i guess he got tired

I was looking forward to Wonderland for months :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I am really disappointed that they just cancel it at the last minute for a ‘sneak peak’, gosh. I have been saving gems and coins for months. I would have thought Guardians was the least popular event?

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Same thing here. Still hope it‘s only postponed till March. PlayForFun said yesterday there‘ll be a statement within the next week how they‘ll carry on with the events… let‘s see


I was really looking forward Wonderland as well. I have been saving up gems as well and worked out perfectly with a good HotM as well. I’m really ticked off that they decided to add yet ANOTHER event and cancel the one I wanted. Ghetto.


Awww, what, really? No Wonderland event? :pensive:

Please, added content should be exactly that. Added. Not replacing other events. Thank you :hugs:

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Here is the announcement about the League of Villains event, but unfortunately there is no information about what will happen with Wonderland:

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Bummer… but thanks for the info

Sounds like March…

Was wondering when the next ninja troop summons would be?

It alternates months with Tavern of Legends.

January was ToL so Ninjas is this month.


Have I missed something here according to the calendar it was meant to be on yesterday?

I think it was the start of the week? I certainly picked up a shield and tonic somewhere.

No Shriekwood yet. Waiting for it since before the Challenge event started.

Yes!!! What happened to Shiekwood???

Most likely will appear once LoV ends. My observation is there is never Rare Quest during challenge event.

On the other hand next two weeks will be pretty busy. LoV ends and then it’s costumes right away, then NT, then there is a day skip between NT and Mystic titans and then Valhalla 4ever. I wonder where they’ll put new stuff such as S4 but now I can definitely see why NT and ToL is now altering bi-monthly.


Thanks for the calendar guys!

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So what happened to shrikewood??? They add another summon portal with medicore hero’s and nix a quest players need to get those ascension materials? I get it you don’t make money on quest so I guess your players don’t matter when a dollar is involved right unless your taking it from them, then its a different story.


Patience. IIRC Rare Quests never appear during Challenge Events for some reason. Odds are it’ll be the first quest appearing once LoV is done (after Costume Quest appearing obviously).

And I am saying this as someone who’s waiting for last Friggin’ tonic like a godsend so I can ascend Frigg.


I expect people would be pretty hacked off at having to divert flags, so it’s a good idea that they don’t clash :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess your probably right but I look forward to getting unfarmable ascension mats since their so rare. I stay up till 2am waiting for quests and summons portals and it’d be nice to be forewarned of postponements.

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