2020 MAY Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Atlantis & Valhalla) Tentative

See @Novo response here:

@Jamir has posted a June 2020 Calendar Here: JUNE 2020 CALENDAR 1 (Path of valor III, Atlantis, Guardians of Teltoc, The masquerade, Tavern of legendes, Sand Empire, Valhalla, rare quests, trials) -tentative-

I have been updating the OP with additional language translations.

The Digital Google Calendar is still being maintained: NEW DIGITAL Empires and Puzzles Calendar of Events now accessible thru the web (Google Calendar & .iCal Formats)


A small update was made to the French calendar (added Baldur as featured Valhalla hero).

Is there any event calendar for June please?


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Following the event order, which event will be up for December? Pirates? Help.

There are five events, and this month was Avalon, so it should be back again in December.

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