2020 JULY Calendar (Sand Empire, Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Tavern of Legends, Masquerade, Atlantis, & Valhalla) Tentative

I believe this is where the saying actually came from

From this native American tradition of hurrying the tomahawk (essentially a hatchet) in your former enemies village to signify the ending of your conflict with them.


Did something change with the costume chamber? All calendars say it ends tomorrow but it’s gone already.

I believe it ended at 3am EST

Per Announcment:

Start and end schedule:

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Mistakes were made…these are not official calendars, and we have no inside knowledge from the developers as to exact dates to quests etc.

If you notice something wrong in a calendar (before it has already occurred) then please bring it up so it can be corrected. Pointing it out after the fact isn’t really helpful.

I have updated my calendar for what it is worth at this point. Sorry I didn’t catch the mistake sooner - I noticed it 4hrs before the event was going to end. Stupid faulty human brain :crazy_face:

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Thank you!!! This is incredibly helpful😊

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Wow, I certainly didn’t mean it as a criticism of the calendar makers and apologies if it came across that way. I was actually just wondering if SG had cut it short. I’m grateful to all that produce content; calendar or otherwise. Giving your own time for the benefit of others is to be applauded.


There was no news about the August calendar ???

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No offense taken, sorry if it came across that way.

I don’t believe SGG made any changes to the duration, rather we just made a mistake on our calendars :lying_face: :smile:

I will try to get the post up tomorrow with the calendars that are ready…then we can add any other calendars to the post when they are generated.

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Just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for the calendars. I started playing in May and they really help me prioritize leveling of players to prepare for future events/challenges. You have helped me progress so much faster by planning ahead to get ascension materials. :blush:


Excellent … I am waiting for your useful and excellent messages … Thank you Vise for all your efforts​:heart::heart::heart:

Morlovia is active right now

Gracias Jamir muy útil

Firstly thank you for your info, was just wondering if there was a more current version as the dates for me are not matching up? Any help would be appreciated, stay safe :sunglasses:

This is the 2020 one. The 2021 version is here

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Sand empire cards are pretty worthless. I dont waste my time on that event.