2020 JANUARY Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests & Atlantis Rises) Tentative

It has to replace one of the normal quests, so first opportunity will be in a bit under 9 hours when find gems 2 expires.


ahh ok that makes sense.

Farmhole Pass is up :slight_smile:


Autofarmed it…


Thanks for sharing @Olmor that was fun to watch. Congrats on completing the Rare Quest.


So the Costume is back will Atlantis shrink back to 3 days?


Atlantis was only extended for December as per the Staff post as costumes had been pulled.


could you have a wider calendar, with all the dates also approximate of all the events? Thank you

We have received word from SGG that Atlantis will indeed be extended in January. Go ahead and plan accordingly.


@Miek, it has been confirmed…AR will be four days in January.

No revisions to the Calendar of Events are required at this time.

However, starting in February the duration of AR will return to three days.


Awww, do we have nothing now until the 20th?
4 days of being bored. I like the constant being busy with real stuff, not just farming 8-7 100 times a day lol


Soooo true! 8-7 here we come…

Thank Novo!! You’re the best!!


Thanks, for the Information


Is there any chance of making the image in the first post larger? When I used to click it, I could zoom it/enlarge it but the past few times, it’s not been possible and the writing is a little small to read. Still readable but would be nice if there was a larger version as previous versions.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @notyou87, not sure what you mean. I was able to click on the image and open it, then click again to zoom in. My only recommendation would be to download the image and then try to zoom in.


Unfortunately, it’s the exact same image for me when I download it: 612x792px
If I zoom in from my PC, then the text loses a lot of quality and is unreadable.
When I click on your image in the first post, it shows that resolution as above also: 612x792px.

If I look at your previous month’s calendar, December, the size when I click on here is 1076x1410px, and when I click it, it enlarges to that resolution.

Is everyone else able to click and enlarge this January one and it’s only not working for me?

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I can click and enlarge it, but I also see the same 612x792px resolution reported that you see.

Are you on a smaller screen resolution? I am viewing on my PC which is 1920x1080px so the full image in the first page “can’t” be enlarged as it already fits on the screen. Obviously the December one for example, enlarges for me as it exceeds my PC height resoltion (1410px vs my 1080px)

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Yes, I’m on my phone at the moment.

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