2020 fables of grimforest epic level 15; red hood, boss wolf, and puss and boots

thought EPIC was 4 stars heroes but level 15 was red hood, boss wolf, and puss and boots which are the final level for legendary. Thought EPIC level 15 was Hansel and Gretel. Already completed Rare and Legendary. Anyone else seeing this issue? Tried for 90 minutes one time and at least 30 another time. Got notification about a change to grimforest so tried again but EPIC still had 5 star heroes on level 15. Tried once and gave up. 4 star heroes against those 5 stars just does not work

Hi @Xfiles2020!
The bosses change only for every stage . But each stage will have the same bosses for all 3 tiers of the event: rare, epic , legendary. So stage 15 will have Red Hood , Puss in Boots and Boss Wolf as bosses for all 3 tiers.


Thanks. I went back to rare and level 15. Out played them again. So I can out play Puss and Boots, Red Hood, and Boss Wolf for rare and legendary but continuously fail on epic. Thanks again. Going to try with Li Xiu, Kiril, Scarlett, Sabina, and Hansel


Don’t use Scarlett. She’ll be useless against the red reflect. Do you have another Blue? Preferably Grimm? For Defense Down?

And if you’re far enough along to have the Captain of Diamonds ascended, I would use him as well in a 3-Blue stack with Kiril and Grimm. Hold onto Sabina and Li Xiu. His minion destroyer will come in handy… Possibly ditch Hansel because his color could get mauled by Puss and Hood. Fire over Nature.

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Proteus will come in handy too. What battle items are you bringing along? Bomb + dragon attack combo does work wonder too, time stop, mana pots.

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This was my Epic team with items. I guess Hansel can work, if he’s got some protection.

Thanks to everyone, Used Li Xiu, Kiril, Grimm. Sabina, ans Sonya. Only cost 75 to win.

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