2020 DECEMBER Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Ninja Tower, Masquerade, Atlantis, Valhalla, & Santa’s Challenge) Tentative

Farholme Pass is up today. You’d better remove it from the December Calendar.

Or, actually, put it on December 1st, since it will be available for some hours in the day.


good call, I personally removed Farholme from December calendar.

I sent you a message there, let me know anything
id: ratabboypda

And Romanian calendar? :thinking:
Over 3 years, with so much players in România, your still don’t have the language in game.
Is that hard to have in your game the old language on earth?
Zinga, this looks like shame for your staff.

Calendars are only created by fellow players. If no Romanian player volunteers their time and skills, then no calendar is created. Thus, if you or another Romanian player wishes to do so you’re welcome to it.


I agree with you, we need to finish it.

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@ColdHands i love your calendar, simple and to the point, thanks for always making a new one

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It’s about the language in the game too, not just in the calendar :spiral_calendar:.
The staff say at the beginning, after few months, start to introduce much languages, including Romanian…
Looks like they forget…
Not much, over 2 years…
So… What can I say?
Respect! :+1:t2:
From me, not from game for every nationality who play this game…
Can you play a game who have only Chinese language, for exemple? :thinking:
Not to mention that it is also illegal to “sell” a product in a country and not have a translation in country language.
But, who care about this? :thinking:

Muchas gracias eres un encanto


I just noticed as well… the #spay&neuteryourminions tag… very nice addition, i completely agree especially with the winter family’s bonus now :joy:


Today we expected for the rare event where we would win the rings and the hidden blades, but the rare event the started today is the event that we expected to 12/24.

Whats happened?

You’re misreading the calendar. Mt Umber was last week. Shrikewood was to be between today and Saturday, with a nominal date of Thursday.

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It is because Rings has appear on 17th.
Prediction on calender:

  • Ring -> 8th -> reality -> 7th
  • Tonic -> 18th -> reality -> 15th
  • Scope -> 28th -> reality -> we do not know.

Here is my logs so far:

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thanks for your answer, but i am reading the calendar in a Portuguese, that Markesplan offer to us, as you can see at calendars officials.

I suppose that mistake was at the translation that Markesplan do.

Thanks for your explanation, I will check this out, with other members from my Alliance.
Really i don’t remember.

Hi ya’ll i never realy know when is event idk how other pple chek it or from where but the only think I know is that atlantis is every last thursday of the month i think
I want to know when is next vallhala?

The next Valhalla will start the 24th.

Calendars are created by other users and posted in a group thread here on the forum.

December calendar thread:

January calendars will be posted around the 25th.


It seems that Valhalla in January will last until 1 February, or maybe there will be small reschedule?

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That is correct I believe.

So the Valhalla summon portal will have the possibility for two different HOTMs depending on when you pull :grin:


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