2020 Cyber Monday Offers — Discussion

Looks to be the same offers as last year, except Valhalla Coins instead of Atlantis Coins.


Click for 2019 Offer Version

2019 image courtesy of @Ranvir

Also currently running:

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This chart from Argentina. Kind of overpriced for our economy


Good try but not good enough. Needs to be better than the offers on Challenge Event Day 1, Atlantis Rises Day 1 and Valhalla Day 1 & 3. Otherwise I will be better off just sticking with those regular offers mentioned.


Agree…overpriced. Challenge event day 1 is better every month. This is a once a year deal. Give us an ACTUAL GOOD DEAL!! I’m passing on everything.


Idk seem all pretty good to me. Nothing fantastic but nothing where after you buy you feel icky

The 4th offer seems to be the best one if you only consider “cost per summon” and use all gems for summons (without regard for which portal). The 5th offer is slightly higher cost per summon, followed by the 1st offer.

I personally wouldn’t buy the 2nd offer b/c I have plenty of reset tokens and they arent’ worth anything to me. And same for the 3rd offer since there are better places to get loot tickets and WE flasks.


I’d say the VIP offer was awesome. The rest, though, no. You could look just about anywhere to get a better buy, I think.


Yea I was waiting for the vip thats great, but the other cyber Monday deals arn’t appealing especially since it’s a once a year sale.

Too many offers. Can´t see my Base. :sweat_smile:

They do not seem that overwhelming to me. But maybe I just expected otherwise; considering i´t s Cyber Monday and a once a year- kind of thing. I thought, anyway :slight_smile:

Given the exchange rate of US $ to South African rand all SG offers are 50% more expensive here than in the US. This annoys me enormously but I don’t know if it’s the fault of SG or iStore. It really is very unfair that in so many countries we are disadvantaged financially and it really should be remedied. I buy far less knowing I am paying 50% more than my American teammates.


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