2020 Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion

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Given this offer is extremely similar to the version from last year, perhaps we’ll see similar Cyber Monday offers like the 2019 Cyber Monday offers too.

Also currently running:

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In this year after “price balance” this offer even more ridiculous than before


Cyber week offer was awesome, one of the best offers for me, so yea, went for it without any hesitation.
In the other hand, Black Friday is one huge meh. Regular Atlantis / Valhalla offers are more tempting than any of this offers at “Black Friday”.


Not too inspiring, expected better. Well, i will keep my money for steaks for me and doggy :blush: :fox_face:


same here for India, i do not know what Apple did and why SG increased prices just like that, USD to INR conversion is around 1 USD = 74 INR as on today and I have to pay 8900 INR for last offer, which converts to almost 120 USD in actual…not cool seriously, i have to cough out more money than other players…


Because it was simplest way - “It’s not us - It’s all Apple. We don’t want increase prices, but we must” :slight_smile:


The same situation on Poland. Prices are: 23.99 PLN, 94.99 PLN and 479.99 PLN, and USDPLN FX rate is 3.75, so third offer costs 128$ xD I would never say that Poland is a rich country, but looks like Zynga thinks differently. Much appreciated.


I also think that my country is not richer than the USA, France and etc. But maybe I’m wrong or I don’t know something :slight_smile:


Poland IS rich country (in relation to most world) but those prices are still meh and offer by itself - why would i need trainers

Ig sg double up the gems it would called MEGA SALE., otherwise this offer not much different than ordinary offer…


We are compare it with USA because prices in first post in US Dollar and they lower on 25% for third offer. Poland reacher than USA on 25%?))

Cyber Week deal is the same as Presents From Rudolph. While I rarely spend any money, I do happen to have just over $3 credit in my Google Play account, so will grab this. I can make use of the second builder.


There is no VAT in USA and VAT is 23% in Poland so it kinda fits.I wouldnt blame SG for it

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VAT is not a price - it’s a tax. So you can say “thanks” to your government in this case :slight_smile:

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Its part of the price(unless you play EP as company lol) so not sure what you are about - i just said that it looks like prices are equal considering taxes and currency price.

BTW price = everything you paid for something

Well ignoring all the currency chat… the offers are crap, absolutely no incentive to buy them, so that’s a good thing.


For SGG it’s not a price - they set the price, and the tax (VAT) is added by the country law. SGG does not receive any income from taxes. Unless of course the SGG is owned by your government :slight_smile:

yes and it shows they earn same ammount from most countries what i tried to prove

Terrible deal , not generous at all for black Friday. Worse than normal deals. Avoid . Don’t spend. Don’t tell them this is ok.


I agree. Cyber Monday offer was very good, I bought it, but today’s offers? Non of them are worth my money. I think they should allow us to choose items we want to buy and then calculate the price of a bundle. Some people want to spend their money on ascension materials or emblems, but I don’t. I prefer offers like those during Atlantis or Valhalla.

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