2019 Christmas New Heroes? New Seasonal Event Heroes in the Future?

Now, there’s another hero! A little sacrilegious perhaps, but it’s been done in the Comics…

I hope next year will add new heroes to seasonal events.

They would be nice additions to the Christmas event: Jack Frost, the Grinch and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come (Charles Dickens for reference).

Already for Halloween: a witch, a werewolf, a mummy, the Frankenstein monster or Dr. Frankenstein (creator of monstrous minions), Mr. Hyde, perhaps Dorian Gray. (Well Penny Dreadful style - a witch like Eva Green would fall like a glove in the game).

For the Summer Event: A Jinn, who appeared in the challenge as a titan and hero, had 5 different specials, one for each element the target represented, hitting him as if it were the opposite element.

For the Easter event: the goddess Eostre / Ostara, the goddess Gaia / Geia and the Pied Piper of Hamelin (a healer, necromancer and minion thief who does not destroy them but steals from the opposing team and distributes them to their team; If he is the only living member of his team, he will be able to keep all stolen minions, even if it exceeds three, currently the maximum number allowed).


Very cool! I loved the idea of ​​Grinch and Jack Frost over Christmas.
The idea of ​​a Dc. Frankenstein evoking minions Frankensteins is also good, especially if they are bulky like Telluria’s.
At the spring event the idea of ​​a minion thief is perfect! I really liked it. But he doesn’t have to be a healer and a necromancer either, or he’ll make Alberich obsolete. Removing necromancy, he looks great.
The best idea you wrote was a Jinn in the game. I’ve been dreaming about this since I saw the App Store ad, which has a jinn similar to Magi’s: The Labyrinth of Magic.

5 specials for targets of each color would also be very cool, an improved Runpels, as we could choose the special according to the color of the target. He might well hit the target and nearby allies or all, but the special would be set by the target.
Opens a topic with the suggestion. :wink:


I also thought of this image when I spoke of Jinn. As for the 5 specials, you translated my intention well.

The piper was the idea of ​​an alliance colleague, we already have a buffs thief (Hatter) and some minion destroyers, a minion thief is missing. I added healing and necromancy. Necromancers are rare in our game, so I included that ability with it. We could take the cure and switch to damage and necromancy, that would take him out of the Alberich niche.


I really enjoyed your ideas and suggestions of new heroes for the Easter and Hallowen events. Three ideas of heroes caught my attention:

  • The Pied Piper: I really enjoyed the idea of ​​the hero stealing minions and distributing it among allies. The idea is excellent, besides improving the heroes squad of the Easter event.

  • The Witch: I am still surprised that there is no witch in the game. He is a versatile character and can be given any power to her. Very well remembered!

  • Mr. Hyde / D.Jekyll: This character would also be very interesting, and when I read your post I had a fun idea for him. The hero could be a necromancer and while in Dr. Jekyll’s form he could heal all allies and take away the ills of status, and when he revived in Mr. Hyde’s form the power would be to attack all opponents and reduce defense. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Good job, Red, I really liked the ideas!


Thank you, @Bina.

I also really liked your idea for Mr. Hyde. In this case he would be resurrected, like the Atomos, and come back in a different form and power. I would really like a hero like that.

The piper thought of as a minion thief and necromancer who resurrects the dead allies with his special and deals some damage. That would get him out of Alberich’s niche, as he would trade healing for damage and necromancy would take him out of the specific anti-minion niche. After all, not every opponent has minions, but in every battle a necromancer would have value.


I already want Mr Hyde, the Pied Piper and Jinn, of course.

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Baby Jesus could be that ressurecting necromancer throwing with nails summoning some def adding cross minions…



He would be the most overpowered hero in the game. It raises the dead, heals the sick, protects allies by increasing their defenses, forgives sins by clearing negative status, and would give salvation (the latter would be more difficult to “translate” into a special).


They could add Mohammed in summer to counter him. :wink:

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Sacrilege! :scream:

20 sinners. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Mohammed cannot. Seriously. Creating the image of the prophet offends the Islamic religion. Maybe Buddha or Zoroaster?

Then Mohammad has to be totally transparent. :wink:

Isn’t a bug, it’s Mohammed. :rofl:

Seriously coming back to topic:

An epic Snowman and a rare xMas Tree would be nice.

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We have Santa, but how about Robot Santa?


What, doesn’t our Bog Witch count?

… or how about her new costume, Candy Witch?

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True, we have a gremlin witch. :confounded:

But we could have a 5 * witch like Illyana Rasputin, the X-Man Magik. Darkchild for friends.

image image

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Was my post censored for showing official art from a comic book heroine? What’s inappropriate? Nathália and Zeline without shorts are far more insinuating than a demonic witch.


What happened @Red_Sun? Did they block your post? I see nothing offensive in the images. Magik, an X-Woman. And the false moralists freak out on the witch’s drawing !!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Ready! A witch more suited to the “values” of the community. The Medieval Inquisition will be proud!


Exactly that, @Nana. We return to the Dark Ages. “Burn the witch!” Thank you so much for your support.

Getting back to the topic: We need a better witch. Lol.

I thought it was cool that a lot of good ideas come up when people come together to talk. I really liked Mr. Hyde from @Bina.

Speaking of which: Welcome @Bina. Hadn’t seen that was your first post. Here is a great place to brainstorm and talk about the game. There are always some mishaps, but even that is part. Any problem or doubt, talk to the moderators or foristas, there are very nice people around here.