2019 buildings dont fit the style?

I feel like just like the Christmas heroes, the two new buildings dont fit the theme for this game. Is SG trying to attract younger players?


I spend quite some time with my small kids and this graphic style makes my cutie mark itch…

I like the fantasy style much better. If SG wants grown-up money, they should move the graphical style back to a grownup direction, not to cutie pie.


Totally agree!!! There is already a game out there just like this one that appeals to the younger demographic.


I have quit few games that turns into this direction.
I don’t have kids and OFC I don’t like the cuite themes … makes me feel so annoyed.


well, looking at heroes, it is quite clear that SG does not prefer unified graphical look, add: that is a style-guide for the game. more like cheap contractors for the win.

(compared for example to US based similar games, which have from start very detailed and consistent style.)


I second this thought/concern

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While I totally agree on the fact that cuteness is bad for this game and they need to realize 10 year old kids won’t sustain the game, I don’t think the new buildings stray too much from the current style. I think it is only an impression given by the size of the artworks they leaked. I am almost certain that if you pulled the current buildings and make images of this size out of them would give quite similar impression. I mean, just zoom in and check the colours etc. More so, I think if they were ‘darker’ in theme, they would stand out too much when built in the base.


I used to play Elder Scrolls: Legends. It’s a collectible card game. They switched dev studios from one that really cared about remaining faithful to the Elder Scrolls universe to one that I’m pretty sure never even heard of it. The name of the new studio? “Sparkypants.”

When Sparkypants came in, they redid everything they could. They left most of the card artwork, though they did change the card style… changed up the boards, color schemes… anything they could get their hands on.
They made it as cartoony as possible, turned the opening menu into a purple, starry, sparkling fiesta that 100% doesn’t match Elder Scrolls or the design direction that the game had been going in for the past three years or so.

Wanna guess how Elder Scrolls: Legends is doing now? Steam Charts say that their current player base is less than 1/3rd what it was 18 months ago.

When you change the feel of a game, you change the game.

Take heed, Small Giants. Aesthetics matter.


They had already destroyed the game with the new rediculous Christmas heroes. Everytime there are new heroes it goes more and more out of control. Whats next? Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse?


It’s been a while since I’ve given hints, I do not like the game that they’re based on children’s stories.

Having said that…

… we already have Hansel and Gretel so. Why not put the house of jellybeans? :joy::joy:

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LOL @ “destroyed” the game. I agree the Christmas heroes are a bit hokey, but destroyed the game? LOL. Exaggerate much?


I’m hoping for Tom and Jerry myself.


Wouldn’t that be way too aggressive for this style? Maybe we could chill with Princess Celestia and Shimmer&Shine between two sessions of killing santa and cute foxes.

Hmm when i Start my Game and zoom in in the mines, i see the same wobbly rounded style and vibrant cartoonish colors .

Esp the Hero Academy from the 2 New buildings looks fine to me.


Wow. Looks like some people have nothing better to do than moan about being given exactly what they free up asked for for months now. Ie alchemy lab. SG are damned if they do and damned of they don’t. They’ve clearly listened to players, made efforts to keep everyone happy but somehow that’s not enough and the general moaners still manage to find something to cry about. The fact it’s the style of the building is quite honestly pathetic. You ask for adult themes and styles but you whine like little kids I hope irony isn’t lost on you.


While I agree with the direction, I can’t see myself changing spending habits based on cosmetic changes that don’t affect gameplay.

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Judging from the style of the new buildings, my guess is that they will be located in Atlantis. Maybe after finishing S2 map we unlock Atlantis completely (we can now see it emerging from the water) and as a reward we get something like a second base, located in Atlantis.


I don’t care what they look like, especially if that alchemy lab will let me turn things I never use into things I desperately need.


I’m hoping for a protoss building so I can hear “You must construct additional pylons!” again.


I don’t like the look of these new building either, but they have yet to be tested or implemented, so there’s plenty of time for them to change. So until we see them in-game, I wouldn’t fret over it too much. There’s still an opportunity for them to be reworked (so that they don’t look like a 6 year old’s barbie playhouse), and I’ll be sure to voice my concerns if this gets implemented as-is. I’m not playing with Barbies anymore, so I really don’t want to be reminded of what those toys for children looked like on a daily basis.

Unless these new buildings are planned for a new Atlantis base, then I could see that look possibly working, but I still don’t know about that bright pink and blue coloring. Maybe… we’ll see, I guess :no_mouth:


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