2019 Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion

What does count, then? Every player has a favorite thing about the game. For some it’s wars, for some it’s titans, for some, collecting heroes or leading an alliance and for some it’s raiding. For me it happens to be raids… of course, I see your point… raiding don’t bring you fat juicy rewards. Some ham, some iron, some recruits… some kills for the chest… neglectable when compared with rewards from other game aspects… still I can’t help it. I enjoy raiding most of all else. And when it comes to raiding emblems do count. Every last one of them.


Yes i meant for rewards and for alliance scores/ranks, raids are the least valuable vs titans&wars

Sure every emblem counts but the thing is, it takes a lot more concentrated emblem usage to build up defensively than offensively

If you’re more concerned about being able to beat these high emblemed defenses, i would suggest doing some analysis on your current emblem count and looking at ways you can spread emblems over multiple teams and heroes per colors you use most to keep your attack game within striking distance of their defense game

Everyone knows killing a tank is the most favorable way to win a raid or war attack

If you’re stacking colors and the color you bring has increased attack across multiple heroes of that color vs a tank with increased defense, i would think theoretically you’ll have a good chance to beat them even if you didnt buy all the emblem deals

Just something i would look into and think about. Think the strategy of how someone spends emblems will impact them more on offense than how many emblems they have, at least if you’re tryin to beat the best teams


Someone else’s thoughts on it ^^


the offers are very good, but I would have preferred by far a 50% discount on the classic ones.

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Best part of raiding is you get to handpick your opponent. So you don’t actually need to spread thin your emblems. I go for specific tanks and avoid some troublesome heroes. Take Kunchen for example. Every third or so team in the big league tanks Kunchen… So I built a team that allows me to take on Kunchen tanks with a pretty high success rate. Of course, I went around the spirit link +46% defense against yellow problem and the usual yellow flanks and I pumped these guys full of emblems to ensure they stand a chance to outlive the defense down. Now I have plenty of Kunchen high targets to choose from. I can’t re-roll 5 times without hitting a Kunchen tank… Also, focusing emblems on some heroes allowed me a flawless A defense this tournament, so far, out of 7 attacks and several against all odds top 1% placements in 5* tournaments (I only have 7 maxed 5*, all vanilla)… Of course, the downside shows when it comes to 3 and 4* tourneys and sometimes in wars.

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Whichever works but if that’s the route you’re going then i guess I’m still not seeing your concern about high emblemed defenses if you can just hand pick around them?(my focus is wars so i don’t have the luxury of hand picking any opponent since my options are much much more limited)

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Just gonna try give some more arguments behind the statements you made :wink:

You are right about this. Top 10 can be made without emblems as 1 Epic top 10 ranked player has proven, but who knows for how long. I’m 1 node away from having my full +20 red event team and I’m sure others will follow. I’d say in 3-6 months you’ll need emblems to place top 10.

Right again, but most players compare themselves to whom they encounter in raids and yes, if you’re a little higher up you’re facing +15 to +18 heroes. And even then they only see 5 of the heroes and they all happen to have high talents. But no one can tell what the rest of the roster includes.

As you said, people who spend will always spend on 9 out of 10 and 1 deal isn’t gonna make the difference if you’re already spending very limited. And people seem to forget that a lot of “whales” are actually just long term players.
I’ve been in this game for 2.5 years now and yes, I am considered a whale, but even without breaking bank I should have a noticeable lead on other players due to the time invested.


Just for reference, the prices in the UK (in GBP or £ if you prefer) are the same numbers - but tax is included, so price you see is the price you pay (in my case probably ZERO this offer)


In Poland the offer is also more expensive than in USD.
Offers after convertion to dollars are:
1: $6,11
2: $24,18
3: $122,16


Look how brutal it is in Canadian


:man_shrugging: The faster whales would emblem 30 5* heroes and the earlier I’ll not meet them in war.
It would suck to meet them into tournaments tough.

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First one Ok,I bought two on my account but won’t on my sons. Gives me a few extra gems for Xmas event…

Middle one is not interesting…probably because I don’t have enough heroes levelled for emblems and 10 seems not enough to make a difference. Now if it allowed you to choose 50 or 100 etc of your choice…

Third one for £100 quid is total rip off. So much I can farm. Only 1 of the interesting needed 4 star ascension mats. Yes the gems would be good for Xmas event…but SG really seem the worst company for special offers actually being special.

It’s why I won’t invest much into this game versus others…I’ll spend but I want my cash to get me something I’d like…ie I wanted Jabberwocky…for the artwork more than anything…but this game has too much randomness…my 2x 10 pulls got me the bush bear and jack diamonds. Rest duplicate 3 stars and a 4. I did get Marjana…and Neith…either or even both of which I’d have traded for Jabberwocky.

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Euro zone where is the deal ? :roll_eyes:

It’s so cheap in US price


Kiril is the perfect, TC counter to Kunch. Dragon banner overwrites his defense down.

What currency is that?


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Even the kiwis get better deals than the aussies



We get shafted in australia as it costs more in transport to ship here i think lol.


Emblems are the way forward probably has been since they was brought out! People gonna want them makes sense to sell them.
I may get one of £20 deal as is a good offer. That’s my monthly budget is £25. gems outclass Atlantis which I normally spend on but i still want a Wilbur can always grind S2 hard for coins.
Plus would like gems more guardians.

Plus a compass is handy to me.


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