2019 Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion

Thoughts on this?

The Emblems in particular caught my attention, since 30 available in each Class at once is a new high.

The Reset Emblem, Challenge Coins, and Trainer Heroes are interesting additions to these offers as well.

prices in the screenshot are USD, before tax


The first two are worth it in my opinion however the third one isn’t that worth it because it only gives tome and d blade. If it gave a specific colour 4* acsention mat for instance (such as scope, darts, etc) it would be more worth it. Although it may still be good for you if you want to stock pile gems.


Its difficult, because the chrismas calender is coming too.

need to be strong and try to resist :wink:


The trainer packs took my Mitsuko from 3.50 to 4.50 this morning which is huge.

Emblems quite expensive, it is tempting but I think I will pass. Maybe get 1.

The last pack is silly and only shows how useless or easily attainable items are overpriced in SG’s minds. That has to be the worst offer I saw with this price tag. Adding items you don’t normally get is neat, but… 1.5 event summon for 99 USD? Someone lost their mind.

Honestly, I thought the offer for black friday would be better. This one has nothing really worth about it.

On a side note, man, it does hurt to see the prices in usd. In my local currency I’d have to pay for the most expensive one equivalent of 123 USD…


the US prize is plus tax

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The embelms deal looks tempting. It is the first emblem deal which has actually good value. Even without the emblems the rate for the gems higher than during a usual deal with ascension mats. 100 emblems is a lot. Whether these emblems deals are good for the game is another question…


I think this depends on personal preference. Someone else might be drowning in Scopes or Darts, but is desperate for Tomes and D.blades and thinks this is a good deal.

Objectively speaking, I do think this is one of the worst 100 buck deals I’ve seen from SG.


The emblem pack is almost a must buy if you want to keep up with the whales. The other deals not so much


Sorry SG but the poor implementation of the Alchemy Lab has cost you sales from me on this one.

Now have for a long time confined myself primarily to gem deals that come with AMs I need (it’s better to get something guaranteed that I need when buying my gems) which means I have regularly been picking up those big £100 deals with 2 x 4* AM when they roll round in flash deals and event calendars but not this time.

Why well I have such an imbalance between Damascus Blades and Tomes that Tomes to me are worth as much as Common Herbs and with the Christmas Calendar around the corner I’m not shelling out for the big one for only 1 4* AM that I want and the gems. The EHT and Challenge Tokens don’t factor in either as I’d value them at the 3 Renfelds they’re likely to get.

Now it would have been a different equation with a different Alchemy Lab as even though I don’t need Tomes if I could have used it to manufacture another D. Blade out of it then you’d likely have got yourself some additional sales from this corner but I’m not shelling out for the privledge to then squander the accompanying gems trying to re-roll the Tome in the current form of Alchemy Lab.

I know this doesn’t affect most people and that the emblem deal is what most people will be interested in here but given that SG screwed over the Alchemy Lab as they thought it would make them more money that I’d just point out that at least in my case it’s actually cost them sales not increased them.

I now return you back to the scheduled programming on emblem deals…


$5, $20, & $100, each uniquely presents some values. For me the $5 & $20 addressed some needs…and as said already the $100 is very tempting for stockpiling gems against Christmas pulls…with all those additions emblems, EHT…blade etc make the offers better value than those in the shop.

As a C2P, none of them are of my interest.
Usually this kind of offers are very items wise, but not at all gems wise.

To see that you just have to compare every single one of them with second builder.

The first offer is totally worse:

900 > 650 gems
30 low level heroes < 10 3* trainers
2nd builder > nothing
30 emblems > nothing
30 tickets > nothing

The second and the third are too much behind for me in gems:

2nd BF offer ~ 4x 2nd builder

4x 900 gems = 3600 gems > 2400 (1200 gems difference)

3rd BF offer ~ 20x 2nd builder

20x 900 gems = 18000 gems > 12000 (6000 gems difference, that’s 20 summons)

For me items are not so important.
I can’t complaint about my stock and they eventually find their way to me if i miss them.

So nope, not gonna buy it.


Seeing emblems for sales in such massive amounts it’s what I hate most… 30 emblems for every class… maybe we’ll see the first 4.80 + 20 a bit sooner than expected…


Just discovered we have to pay more in euros for the same amount of goodies than in dollars. Why is this?? all the offers cost more if you pay in euros. For example the last one costs 109,99€ which is 121$. I was thinking on buying some of them but after this I feel robbed.

That’s because if taxes

Well, have to say this is the first game Ive played where this happens.

I feel stupid for not guessing the Black knight would stick his head on my screen for Black Friday, totally should’ve guessed that

Ok so who’s gonna appear for the Tokyo Olympics then? Or will it just be a shot of Mystic Rings


Another emblem sale :frowning:
Get ready to fight 4700+ teams very soon.
And the little guy will catch up in a year maybe…


For the first time ever I saw a deal and it made me think about quitting the game.

These emblems deals are must buys if you wanna keep up. But $80 for emblems after the game failed to give me any special heroes the last few Atlantis and challenge events? F you SG

Not happy to see more and more of these emblem offers. The greed just starts to sicken you.


Yes if you want the keep up with the whales you need to buy these deals…and every emblems deal the game offers untill emblems become common enough that everyone has at least one 5 hero with 20 emblems from all 10 types. If you include war and titans you need even much more like 3 per typ.

I’m not going to do that. There is no way to keep up with the whales without becoming one in these types of games. Trying to do so will not work and cause a lot of frustration and costs money. There will always be big spenders who are way stronger.

But guess what? Fine. In raids everyone can be beaten. Ranking high enough for 4star ascension materials in the rare and epic brackets during challenge events also works without spending tons.


Emblem deals i don’t feel are common enough to fall into “keep up with whale” territory as emblem deals are typically low cost compared to other SG deals. 4* mats and high level troop sets are still the big chase for spending to keep up with “whales” in my opinion.

That bein said, i don’t see it changing much in each spending bracket outside of raids but raids don’t count for much anyways.

As far as wars, if i had to guess i would say alliances that spend typically face other alliances that spend so not goin to change much in that regard

For titans, emblems aren’t needed unless you’re trying to punch above your weight which could be easily fixed by droppin down to an alliance that is more suited for your time/experience

Challenge events, the emblems aren’t out of the price range of those that compete for top 10 as they typically regularly spend anyways and anyone not competing for top 10 don’t need the emblems to rank(i actually think top 10 can still be had without emblems but unless i do it myself, i cant say for sure)

Anyways all just my 2 cents. I get it cash4emblems isnt ideal and does suck it went this route but we all saw it coming from the first mention of the word “emblems”, just way it goes but i don’t think it’s a “world is ending” type of matter. All just my opinion and i could be way off base since we dont face c2p or f2p alliances

Basically the emblem chase is just like anything else. Players that dont buy emblems wont have as many as other people, that could be said for everything else in the game. They have lower troops, less maxed 5s, lower quality maxed 5s, etc etc so having less emblems than someone that spends shouldn’t change much


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