2018 Christmas Heroes

So, a few of my alliance members have heard rumors of Christmas themed heroes being released this holiday season and I wanted to know if those heroes were real and being tested in beta, or if they are fan-made.

I’ve combed through the archives of this forum looking for any shred of proof, but so far, I’ve come up empty. Getting proof one way or another would be really helpful and greatly appreciated.


It is forbidden to post Beta content. So no proof possible. But informations are always leaked. Look for YouTube videos or empires and Puzzles themed homepages.

No one will be posting beta content here, unless they don’t mind getting kicked out of participating in the beta process.

But I’ve seen stuff about mitsuko and other new Atlantis heroes already, so that’s why I was asking. And I thought they weren’t allowed to go into specific details about heroes, but they could say whether or not we were getting new ones for upcoming events.



It is forbidden to post pics or videos from Beta while that content is still being tested.

I will however confirm that there are heroes in Beta that smack of Yuletide cheer! :wink:


Is it true there’s a 5* Hero named “The Grinch” that allows you to steal gems from other players? :joy:


Get line
Go to alliance recruitment or general chat
Ask to join pvp vid rooms or titan hit vid rooms, the info is everywhere in those rooms

Hero advice rooms also have the info. Much easier to find stuff through line than YouTube or forum. If you don’t have line, get it. Best tool i can advise anyone in the game to get that wants to stay up to date on game info, advice, and just anything game related. Also fun to just chat in your free time

Info hits there faster than YouTube


The Beta players who leak this info are risking their Beta accounts.


Well @Rook, you just confirmed everything that I wanted to know, so I’ll drop it. I just hope what I’m hearing about Miss North isn’t true! Alby should be the ONLY necromancer in the game!

Santa Claus: special is Presents Barrage
Rudolph: Red Nose of Death :joy:


Yes probably there will be new heroes on Christmas. The heroes that are being tested now on beta are Christmas themed and mostly heroes with high defense to give us more options on the tank position.
No one can post pics or vids but it’s totally allowed to talk about it


Must be tougher with beta players.

Hero photos are going around days ago.

I posted one HOTM picture before It were released and I promise to myself never do that again.

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Also slow mana and minion producers

@Rigs, aww, that’s disappointing to hear.

@AirHawk, tell me you’re joking about those attack names!


I think the reindeer might be fast. Idk. I’ve only seen screenshots from the rooms i mentioned above. Would have to take another look to confirm. Not 100% sure if i want to see orcs, vikings, vampires, and santa clause all in my roster lol they might be useful but definitely visually unappealing and wish they were closer to the fantasy rpg theme E&P has had going

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Will there be a Mariah Carey Christmas character? Special attack: Piercing High Note


She would have my vote as long as she gets a costume similar to natalyas


Alby should be the ONLY necromancer in the game!

For what reason exactly?

Like if we’ve decided that a certain special skill isn’t so overpowered that it shouldn’t be allowed why should only one hero have that special skill?

Not rhetorical.