2000 Summon tokens

Boars 2000 tokens. Enjoy this image. 🤦🏼


Seems to be ridiculous bragging.
No probs for the next 7 valors. :sunglasses:


Just nope.

I can’t hang with the little red numbers.


Tagging the owner of this Screenshot:

Always been above & beyond the realms of hoarders… essentially he is their model & god lol…

My counter is at a measly 265 tokens in storage currently.

No. Just no. I couldn’t do it.

20 nos.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: what can i say i like to hoard.


So this is what it took to bring you outta hibernation lol

It’ll take you hours just trying to collect them lol

before pov, was there any benefit to saving the free tokens? why not just them every day? or why not use them at all?

Mainly because he didn’t & doesn’t need them…

Boar is at the point where the summons don’t matter at all… He has thousands of trainings backed-up in Training Camps just waiting for a new/ good hero to get & power-level…

Boar also has dozens of all the ascension mats too…

Personally I have the Epic Hero Tokens saved/ stockpiled for Seasonal Events when they can be used.

Epic Hero Tokens I have been saving out of habit… I don’t need to use them as I don’t have free food to eat the summoned troops… I already have a rainbow set of Mana & Crit troops + duplicates of each…

Daily Summons I have been stockpiling mainly cause I dont need-need them… I’ve been saving them for when PoV happens and I’m not spending/ am short on the final mile-stone or whatever.

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There is a benefit if you want to power level a hero as soon as you pull them. You can store grey summoninig tokens for free whereas your roster is limited to the number of slots you buy / earn through leveling. When you power level a hero, you convert the tokens to hero feeders (and troops) then you feed them off to the hero. I’ve got 1600 or so myself and it does take around an hour to collect about 1000 or so. It’s not all that slower than collecting feeders out of a TC queue and you don’t have to take a break when you hit the roster cap like you do when collecting from a TC.


Like Boars gonna level anything. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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These are all summon tokens, right? Cause the free summons (like from VIP Pass) disappear if you don’t use them if I remember correctly.

ViP and daily free summons can’t be stored.

That is some hardcore hoarding! It would be an honor if an opportunity should arise where an possibility should take place, for a deeper peek at the rest of the good stuff from this doomsday storage. Shout-out to the nutty hoarder squirrel, you are the king of nuts! And who wouldn’t want to be just that. :slight_smile:

Silver token, benefit for preparing bunch of feeders for leveling heroes and troops.
I said Silver Token, not free tokens to make it not confused with daily free summons which is not a silver tokens, and can not be stored.

Silver Token = this is what we get from chest, mistic vision, tournament result, etc.
Free Daily Summon = daily basis, and not a token, thats why can not be stored.
Free Token = can be free silver token or free epic token

Back to OP,… what a great bunch of feeders for Heroes and Troops! great stocks!

Just curious, how long did it take you to stockpile 2000 silver tokens?

Tbh i really carnt remember now over a year or more im guessing from memory, @BearBjorn here’s my other stash though ive used a few in recent months


Alright thats neat! You sure are prepared and ready for season 3 no doubt about it. I even start to suspect that SG might have created PoV and the summon quest, only to be able to get at your silver coin stash. But I would bet that you could out run them in that PoV race anyway. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to you!

I don’t even know what a set of maps is. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


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