200 hundred dollars and not a 5* in sight

They gachamoney

20 BawZyngas


thats not $200 worth of pulls even if you pulled them singly BUT still sucks ether way. I have been there done that I KNOW how bad it pisses a person off. I will NEVER agree with their pulling rates. Now I am VC2P only, and LOVING it.

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Lol I only posted what I did to day and how u tell me what I’ve have spent. But that’s not the promblem I just want to know who else is pulling 3* and 4* the best I got so far is lance alot

10-pull a few days ago.
3@ TC20 4*, the rest 3* garbage

Pretty much exactly in line with predicted odds. So can’t expect much else…

This game is not designed for you to be a winner.
İt’s designed for you to be a loser.
Plain & simple.


Who else is pulling 3* and 4*? Okay.

I’ve been playing for about a year now. Early on, I purchased a “starter pack” thingy and did a 10 pull on Atlantis. I pulled Kelile, Agwe, and the rest 3*.

I also purchased a one year VIP pack (30 gems a day).

It took me 6 months before I finally got a 5*, and that 5* was Obakan.

Then I pulled Richard from a TC20. My next 5* didn’t come until about 5 months after that, HOTM Miki as a bonus pull (along with a trash 3* feeder).

I’ve done probably a couple hundred or so “epic” pulls total and only gotten two 5* and less than twenty 4* (if only counting actual gem and token pulls, not including the handful of heroes I was lucky enough to pull from training camps). 90% of my pulls have been 3* heroes. I wish that was an exaggeration.

You wanted to know who else is getting bad pulls. I am, almost every single time.


Oh, poor you.
There is plenty of luck involved in this game.
Spending money just buys you more chances. It does not guarantees you any 5*.

Don’t you mean there is plenty of BAD LUCK involved in this game. And spending money just gives you more chances to lose.

1% - 1.3% ring any bells?


Not sure whether that was directed at me or the OP, but I personally fully understand that it’s mostly RNG. I was just posting my own personal experiences with bad luck so that the OP would know that they aren’t alone. There are lots of F2P players who have better rosters than me. I’m okay with that, I know it’s a lootbox game and I suck at games of chance. :man_shrugging:

I spend some money in the game and the game bless me with HOTM mostly. Actually I haven’t got not eaven 1 5* classic what the game has but usually i get mostly all the HOTM seems Aegir and only 3 i have miss only because was not in my interest like grazoull now I think is useless but everyone has his opinion about every hero. So I can’t complain to much because I havr spend about 1000€ in 1 year. I’m happy

RNGesus needs your tithe.

I get HOTM on accident (seems like).

You can spend a lot more than $200 and not land a 5*. Trust me. Lol. Especially if you’re going for a specific one. You never know, though. Too many single pulls netting an event hero or HOTM to be rigged. It’s just the odds, which suck. No one walks into a casino expecting to walk away a winner…except for addicts. If you want to really mess with RNGesus, stop caring. Calculate your spend, see what happens, and build with what you got. Losing money is a given in this game once you spend it :grin:

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Few concepts:

If I get tha results after 200 € I’d have buy another phone.

This game is a Casino-like. Rates are ridiculous.

I have played Mmorpg where you could spend hundreds and end with your character weaker. At least here you can stack trash but won’t lose team power.

Everybody should keep in mind that the more pulls you do does not change the 1% rate. Unless it works like a huge slot machine if so you probably are granting chances to other players

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If you squint your eyes enough 3s look like 5s.
In all seriousness… sorry about your luck. Hopefully your 5*s are hiding out in your tc20 and will show up soon for you.


WILL NEVER DO A 10 PULL. . :grin:
Only singles for me.

This game is like playing the lottery. You hope to win, but you usually lose.

Welcome in Empires and puzzles

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Its quit more simple, the game is designed to spend time and gather knowledge to win.
The game provides everything you need when time has come, just keep patient, save your money and build a strong base, everything else will follow.

Awesome! It’s definitely the right way to go

Jealous of your bauchan

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