200 emblems or 15 costume keys?

That was an excellent suggestion.
All of us that tried to spend a few bucks or don’t spend at all, failed to do it thanks to this same reasoning.

This is essentially fishing, and just the starting point of many other micro transaction if you start to think that way.


As a beginner I wouldn’t buy anything except VIP. For a few buck more you have a month profit of this offer. Concentrate on you 3* first with a few 4*. Don’t “invest” in emblems. Once you’re higher up all these things will come en masse.


They are far more valuable as they retain value throughout your time spent on the game. They can be swapped with other heroes of the clas, used for both offense and defense, and help keep your heroes alive during events or push out higher damage.

Keys are only as good as what they can provide to you. If you already have a solid roster then emblems will help you in the long-run, if you lack a decent roster it may be better to gamble.

Emblems are a sure bet on what they provide keys are not.

The only thing i will pay for goblin balloon loot is a legendary ascension item,all other materials are easier to find elsewhere

@NicoX : reading your player status…It’s a no brainer that you should go for the 15 keys. Don’t get bogged down by your luck thing…coz every pull is based on luck no matter how much anyone spends…

Emblems will come from may sources… pulling & levelling heroes is the important aspect to this game play… and a levelled up hero based is where you can use your emblems…
collect more heroes to level up… good luck on your draws…

Pls note: For experience players with a good roster I would say emblems without a thought…


One month VIP will be better value than anything else if you are a new player not planning to spend too much money.
90 emblems
90 loot tickets
2 builders
900 gems.

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Yes, I see how it can become a slippery slope. Unfortunately, it’s too late, I already took the keys. I’ll stick to not spending in the future however. Thank you for your perspective, that was very helpful.


Terrific advice. Every salesman knows that the trick is getting the customer to open his wallet for the first purchase. After that, each additional purchase comes much easier.


I guess it depends on the heroes you have. If there are not enough heroes, the keys should be chosen. If there are enough heroes, emblems must be selected to upgrade.

Until the next time you get a great offer for €3…

I spend a fairly silly amount (By this standard…not by whale standards) but that’s because I know what this game is and I choose too. I am however selective in what I buy.

But if the plan is to spend nothing they have broken you already. And things that break once will break twice.

So my advice is to set a limit already. Because now you have spent money the carrots will start to dangle.

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I already brought my last offer, which was Rudolph’s VIP.

Was really tempt for POV deal that just closed, but successfully resist the power of purchase button.

Once you push to buy, there will be more and more to come. Be prepared and stick on your budget schedule.

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I got a good tip @OG-Pusha shared for budgeting. Buy a physical gift card each month, and stick to physical gift cards. It is a great disincentive to have to go to the store, and purchase a new gift card. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Fwiw, I try to wait for a discount on Google Play gift cards, and plan ahead for my purchases. Bought the Rudolph VIP last month, and waiting for Share the gems (should be around Valentine’s Day).

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Also, paramount to the method: DISCONNECT BANK CARDS from whatever purchasing platform you use.
having to manually punch in the information again has made me feel guilty enough to not make the transaction at all.
Some people have good willpower. I do not, so I put obstacles in the way. Amazing what they’ll do for stopping spending or keeping to a budget.

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