200 emblems or 15 costume keys?

Hi everybody, I just joined the forum because I need some advice. I got a nice offer from a goblin crate: 200 emblems, 15 costume keys or 3 world energy flasks for €2.29 (about $2.5). Should I choose the emblems or the keys? Emblems sound like the better value, but I’m a new player and only have 3 4* heroes, so I could use the keys. Then again, with my luck, they’d probably yield 3×3* costumes :joy:

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Between the two, the emblems are better than 3 gunnars you’d get with the keys.


If the emblems are for a hero that is super useful for your defense, I’d do that. But three costume pulls will be awesome for the new ones being released this event.


I’d go with the keys, unless you’re planning to be a relatively big spender long term.

IMO, spending in this game is best focused on summons, primarily (at least until you’ve got a substantial number of paywall 5*s, which takes a couple of years). So, if you’re putting money into the game, then the keys become less valuable, and the emblems would be a better investment.

For the record: 3 WE flasks being the other option in that crate is ridiculous.


I don’t care too much about my defense right now. My team is mostly rubbish, so I just put the few heroes I have there. Actually, I don’t even have a hero to use these emblems on at the moment, but 200 for €2.29 sounds like great value. I’m tempted to take the keys, but I’m afraid I’ll just end up with a 4,567th Bane, so emblems seem like a safer option :joy:

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There’s the rub. Expecting garbage costumes makes anything of value a big victory. The fact that emblems are so much easier to obtain makes me lean heavily to the pulls for you.


I will take the keys, remembering this month there will be a new Costume added.


I’d take the keys in your case. It’s 3 pulls, new costumes coming out, so there is more options even if it’s a 3* costume you don’t have it’s something new. You kinda got to be in it to win it.


I’d go with costume keys, for sure!

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Nope, to be honest, I wasn’t planning to spend any money on this game, but €2.29 is basically nothing and the reward is nice. I was leaning towards emblems, but you guys are swaying me.

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I’d go for the keys. The emblems are a sure reward, but having 15 keys for that price is a gift.


Emblems are certain reward - +3 nodes on a legendary hero talent grid.

Costume keys is a gamble. If you are aiming for legendary costumes, 3 keys grant you about 5% chance of getting it; that is, 19 out of 20 times you will be disappointed.

Are you in for a gamble or want a guarantee? That’s really what it comes down to. If you pull Marjana costume on your first attempt you will laugh about even considering not taking these. If you pull Renfeld, Belith and Azar you will regret forever wasting your money and opportunity to get emblems at a huge discount. Up to you and your luck. Noone can predict what these 3 pulls are going to get you and therefore whether or not they are worth it.


Haha, no. I assume I won’t get a legendary when I summon. I’m happy if I get an epic hero (I only have 3 of those as of now). As pointed out by others above, given where I am in the game, it probably makes more sense to try to get heroes rather than emblems (I’ll probably change my mind after getting 3 Banes though :joy: ).


If you take the keys, be sure to set your expectations REALLY high.


What emblems are they and do you already have a hero leveled max to take advantage of it? If you have no immediate use for the emblems, I’d go keys for sure. 3* heroes with costumes can even be useful in tournaments and rare events
Worst case scenario, the costumes can be eaten by other costumes.

As most people have stated your likely best bet here is the costume keys.

Depending exactly on what events you actually undertake and how well you perform, 200 emblems (whilst awesome) can generally be more easily/more quickly attained in the game (e.g. complete all tiers of challenge event - 450 emblems - complete ninja tower in top 20000 - 700ish emblems - get top 5% in weekly tourney - 50 emblems etc). You are likely not at a level that is close to those examples I mentioned, but between lower placings in tournies, mystic vision, class quests etc I think you will still get 200 emblems much more quickly than you would 15 keys (which at a top performing level would come at the rate of about 15/month including those you earn in the costume event - assuming you can complete it which you may not be able to do). The costume chamber also generally provides the best bang for your buck with no standard 3s, 4s or 5s - almost every 3 and 4 you get will be between quite usable to great and so you don’t have to get a legendary to get the benefit from those pulls.


Go with 200 emblems 100% no doubt about that.

3 pulls is nothing you will mostly likely get 3 3* while 200 emblems is huge and tangible. It’s almost half a fully emblemed 4* et 3 or 4 nodes on a 5*.


I think you answered your own question. Another vote for costume keys.

well 15 keys means 3 pulls, worth 1050 of gems (350 per pull). That for €2.99 is really really good offer, especially for a non-spender like you.

that speaking, if you already have a maxed or nearly maxed 5* (or a strong 4*) compatible with that 200 emblems, you may consider the emblems as a better reward because it will make your current hero much stronger.

My suggestion: just don’t buy the Goblin Balloon at all.

This will be one of literally hundreds of “basically nothing and the reward is nice” offers you’ll have presented to you in the game.

If you don’t decline this one, your plan to not spend any money on this game is going to become rationalizing a lot more spending in the long run.


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