⚔ [20 Jun, 2021] - 113th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, No Dark/ Purple

Wilbur does have a good synergy with gulli; the spirit link makes every hit count times 5; so gulli’s boost and damage quickly reaches the max. But Wilbur is very passive, you also need firepower… And he’s his own best counter

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I would probably use Little John without costume.

And I’m not sure if a gulli tank really works, if he fires again in 3 turns he won’t do damage, if he dies as a tank not completely impossible he doesn’t do any damage. On the other hand if he fires every 3 turns all your other heroes get really pumped up with Hp.


Hi guys! I think I will go with this team:

What do you think about Kiril+cb instead of c.Kiril? This way the attacker has to bring a dispeller to get rid of Kiril’s party-buff and getting hit by Gullin…

I know my team is weak against counterattackers but fortunately Boril has low tile damage and Sumle is in right wing to move out of the way of a blue stack…

How would you attack my team (With or without counterattacks)?

Last question: what are the available cleansers and dispeller in this current format?

Cleanser: c.Sonya
Dispeller: Sonya, Melendor, Caedmon

Should I move Kiril+cb to the left wing to get him out of the way of the green stack?

Edit: I think I will move LJ to flank to invite reds… thoughts?

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Hope this defense works…
Should be tough


This team looks good to me:

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For now, he will do damage.

Thanks didn’t know that :+1:, so that makes him, at least at the moment a really great tank. That was the only disadvantage he had, that when you can charge him as tank again he won’t do damage.

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What do you think about this defense?

The position from grimm c isn’t really useful, neither one will really Profit from it, maybe switch him with mist :thinking:. And I would use gormek with costume, I know there won’t probably be any minions, but with costume he hits all instead of 3.

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Thanks, what about remove remove gormek, put Gulli in 1 and Griffin in 5?

Unfortunately ninjas on Rush tournaments get slower


It’s rush so gormek and griffin have the same speed, but gormek does a lot more damage. Wouldn’t change that.
Do you have any other slow or average heroes you could use?

Gulli, Joot and LJ but all without emblems

My defence

I’m pretty sure, that another gulli and maybe jott, even without emblems are more useful. LJ maybe not without emblems or costume bonus he is extremely fragile, although I like him on offense with this mode against passive tanks.

I will try this tournament like this. I hope for a good result


@Katarina you should switch Gretel and Mist, mists ss def down is more useful on the left side and Gretel should be on the right side, that her target is still alive after your turn. On the left with some bad luck her target gets killed by someone else and you lose her manacut/damage.

And @Yamamdowna I wouldn’t place all the healers on one side and the damage dealers on the other, after gulli fires and your heroes have +max health your complete right side won’t do anything, the opponent can just dump tiles into it and kill you with their special. And you should probably lvl some costumes if you find the time, especially if you have so many emblems on them like kiril it seems you use him a lot. With a leveled costume he gets even better wearing it or not…

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Really thanks Ferg, maybe a second Gulli at this point, so at least I would avoid double blue

Thank you, I did not know that, Sapphire is my first Ninja and only pulled her last NT. will make alterations to my team.


Last time, does not have Gullinbursti.

Now I have 3x Gullinbursti, one emblemed, 2x maxed.
1st draft…