20/20 hindsight regarding soul exchange

So I’m out of heroes to trade. I did trade for Skadi in the original soul exchange… and with her being available in the Fated Summons portal… it makes me think that I could have had a better use of resources (heroes for trade). So I’m going to do the math on my trades… but I encourage you to do the same… who with the benefit of hindsight should you have taken, or skipped, or…

I have used 75 heroes in exchange on 1, 2, 4, and 5.

For me… my first soul exchange was Skadi. My blue titan team is strong (tarlak, franz, fogg, costume brienne, and costume yunan). I score 100K practically on accident. I think Chameleon would have been a nice luxury… but this first soul exchange would have been a skip with consideration that Skadi is available in Fated. A nine month wait… but worth it.

In the second soul exchange I selected Lord Loki. Loki has been the MVP of many of my raid/war wins… he might be available in the fated… but not as of right now. Lepioda was tempting… especially when Matilda was refreshing ailments at 50%… but now… @ 25%… much less intriguing… I think Loki is safe… though May may tell a different story.

In the third soul exchange, I skipped it due to a lack of trade capital… I think that remains the same. Yes Zuri is great… yes Quenell is great… but I think saving the trade capital for a game changing hero is more important.

In the fourth, I selected Ludwig. After Xnolphod got decimated, I fell out of love with many of my slow heroes… Ludwig helped rekindle that affection. Being able to choose only one… I would still select ludwig without reservation.

And finally, number 5. Arco… all arco… no reservations.

I thought this would be more interesting… making multiple choices in a different direction… but nope.

So… My apologies for the lack of changes… but it is a good exercise to see if you would have done things differently knowing what we know now.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Sargasso Kunchen Khiona Malicna Arfarnias
Rana Norns Ranvir Hanitra Guinevere
Guardian Chameleon Elradir Lady Locke Gregorian Grace
Reuben Costume Khagan Natalya Russell Tahir
Rumplestilkskin Perseus Raffaele Vela Alexandrine
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Ursena Grimble Senan Ludwig Dark Lord
Thor Devana Aouda Caitlin Akkorog
Cotume Horghall Lady of the Lake Zeline Cristobal The Hatter
Jean Francois Anzogh Capt. Kestrel Saoirse Queen of Hearts
Alaise Ariel Theobald Cobalt Alice
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Killhare Lepioda Onyx Alfrike Quartz
Inari Sif Director Zuri Faline Kara
Garjammal Mother North Quenell Frigg Arco
Gravemaker Black Knight Asterius Emilio Lewana
Skadi Lord Loki Morel Costume Finley Milena

Hatter will be the most MISSED opportunity of Soul-Ex #5 :grinning:

I have multiple videos explaining that…but have to patiently wait out for the 20/20 hindsight ….activation :wink:

Cheers !


Any HOTMs that are 20 souls is simply not worth it. Kara is at most a 15 souls hero. Don’t even get me started on gravemaker


Can you help clarify Hatter’s special skill: what does he steal and what he cannot steal:
Skills: Y/N?
Non dispellable buff (whatever kind): Y/N ?
Passive buffs (dispellable) : Y/N?
Minions: Y/N?
Resurrection (one time): Y/N?
Resurrection (over time): Y/N?
Immunity from ailment: Y/N?
Xiaotu’s passive: Y/N?
Xiaotu’s special: Y/N?
Cupido’s passive: Y/N?
Cupido’s special: Y/N?

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Answer is VERY simple…. Written on his hero card….

He steals all dispellable buffs that are active…. from all enemies.

  • Taunt, all types of heal-over-time, riposte, def / attack up….
  • Any status effect buff that will activate over time like = resurrection, damage after turns, health after turns (WolfganG), shared damage, various immunities, etc, etc, etc ++++

Since new ones keep coming up… urge you to understand the concept and then it’s easy….

He doesn’t steal minions / stacks / passives…= Not part of his hero card special description.

  • There are other heroes that steal minions….

Trust that helps…cheers.


#1 Ursena. At the time, I was in dire need of Dark heroes. She seemed very interesting with the yellow reflect, and was told that it would help with titans. It did, but her atk paled in comparison with the dark heroes that I got AFTER SE was done. Today, she rides the bench with Sartana.

#2 Lord Loki. No regrets. Such a fun hero to have. Although Mother North would have been an ideal choice.

#3 Quenell. No regrets. Needed a green hitter, and she does that. Also pairs well, family wise, with Wolfgang.

#4 Emilio. This one, I have second thoughts now. I got him because of the immunity and healing. He is sitting at 3/70 and its a decision between him and Teteshiri. Maybe I should have traded for Ludwig.

#5 Arco. No regrets. At 2/1, he is proving his worth. Only regret is that Toto is sent to the bench. Toto did a great job as my tank. Arco will do better.


Great topic @2puttshaqur

I occasionally feel as twinge of regret over my choices, and seeing the lists reaffirms that I made the right decisions.

First one I had all the 20 tier and needed the space, so I took Alasie. She doesn’t get used that often and I may strip her if a better option appears.

Second one I took Lepoida who I really enjoyed but then stripped for Hypnos. I’m thinking about stripping Mitz so I can use her again. I would have taken Lord Loki if I hadn’t pulled him the previous Valhalla.

Third one I took Asterius instead of Quenell because I was sorely lacking red hitters. Then proceeded to pull 4 in a row. No regrets over him, he hits hard and I use him often.

Fourth I took Ludwig. No regrets.

Fifth I took Arco. Love him already. There will always be a bit of me that wanted Milena and The Hatter (especially the Hatter) but I’m very happy with my choice.


Got them in the order (L–>R).

  • 4 turned out to be good choices & will discover Lewena, latest to join.


#1: Skip.
The best hero here was Skadi which I had already, Now that she popped up in Fated this one looks a bit rough for those that chose her, as long as Minion war buff remains she will always be relevant. The 2nd best was Guardian Chameleon as a must for Mythic Titan.

#2: Lord Loki
I already had a reviver and BK. Lepiota is a great hero, but Lord Loki has a timeless quality. MN a must for VF, Grimble’s value is still rising, mana and minion removal will always be good. I would say maybe missing on picking up Grimble may be a regret.

#3: Onyx
Zuri was the best hero here, but too many yellow healers in my roster meant it was a pass (I have picked up even more yelllow healers since). Morel was arguably 2nd best. Onyx just had something I was always looking for.

#4: Ludwig
My most wanted hero at release, but his value has decreased by the time he appeared, but still incredible value at 15. Alfrike is more terrifying to face, so understandable that she was at 20 and for some players she was an even bigger game changer. Costume Finley’s value may yet increase with more buff heroes appearing.

#5: Milena
The best blue for almost a year after her release and she has only been really surpassed now. For me Toxicandra is a great hero, so first charge Milena must be up there, never mind the huge hit on second charge. Also probably the number 1 hero to pair with G Hippo.

Hatter is a good hero, but his hit and stats are definitely a step behind, buff defenses may appear more now, but for a long time in Xnol meta, few hero’s carried buffs which hurt his value and Finley’s. M&M meta had some buffs and Hatter being a direct colour counter helped, but we’ll have to see where things go from here.

Arco may be the best hero here, but a lack of synergy with my roster hurts him. Let’s see how meta fiends become, with the wealth of high hitting yellows (Jove, Anne, Ogima) fiend heroes are still a step behind. Perhaps upcoming heroes may shake this up, but the speed of those 3 is just too much right now.


My pick from SE

1- G Chameleon
2 - Lord Loki
3 - Morel
4 - Ludwig
5 - Milena

IN the first I was tempted by Killhare or Skadi but I didn’t have enough souls and I didn’t want to throw any leveled hero. Luckily because Skadi showed up in the FS. I’ve got Chameleon because I think he’s a funny hero

Lord Loki no regrets. He’s amazing

Morel is good but since I’ve got other good blue heroes (Tinsel and Tethys - and now Milena) he’s waiting for the mats

Ludwig is amazing. No more comments

Milena is at 3/70 and she’s been very interesting. I’m still figuring out how to improve her synergy with my roster . I’m just thinking that I might miss Arco in the tower events

Good that the next SE is supposed to come after the new FS list so we will have a new bunch os heroes in order to planning

Therefore no regrets till now.


#1 Took Chameleon for possible fun and niche play. I did not have any other good choice and I could have skipped it, especially since I did not manage to max him yet and also pulled him twice afterwards from both Festival and Covenant.

#2 Took Mother North. Maxed her right away. Pulled her over Christmas and maxed her costume as well. I don’t really use her outside rush so probably I could have managed well without her. On the other hand I really wanted her so…

#3 Director Zuri. No regrets, limit broken her and use her all the time, including for farming with Pengi.

#4 Skipped. I was thinking about C Finley, but already had many Ice heroes so he would have waited. And since then I pulled even more better Ice - C. Alasie, Hippo, so he would have waited even more. Cristobal would have been a possibiity, but I am constantly out of Sorcerer emblems. Faline also could have been a good choice, but now I am also without Wizard emblems with Milena and El Naddah waiting to be maxed.

So overall, I don’t think I really regret skipping it.

#5 Milena. I really need a 5* Ice healer and cleanser and I see her as a much better option than Ariel that I took from FS. And for Nature I already have Toxicandra, Lady of the Lake, Costume Mother North, Heimdall and I need more good hitters. So I don’t think I will regret it either. Plus I might pull again from Gargoyles, but I doubt I will pull from Magic soon.

Anyway, maybe I could have taken better decisions, but there is no decision I really regret considering my context at that particular point when SE took place.


I have not played long enough after returning to have any regrets yet, but once a sufficient amount of time has passed I shall let you know…

My choices

None- roster is too underwhelming

Black Knight- the best investment I ever had. He’s used as my staple taunter for a very long time

Lady Locke- just a fan favourite and a cheap choice to free up 10 spaces

C finley- not used for raids honestly, will be used as a primary staple for titans once my twin pengis are ready and maxed

Arco- for my personal dream team. Higher priority than Milena. It also helped that I got milena at covenant already. Traded for Arco the moment SE dropped

  1. Skipped and would skip again.
  2. Took Black Knight. Already had Lord Loki. Pulled BK costume later, so there’s some regret there. I also don’t use him all that much. If I did it over again I would take Grimble. He’s not the best hero but he would complement my roster well.
  3. Skipped. I don’t have Zuri or Quenell, but I do have plenty of yellow healers and green hit threes.
  4. Ludwig. Best. Decision. Ever. He’s been awesome for quality of life (towers, autoplay, hard levels, etc.)
  5. Skipping. I already have Milena and Arco. I debated taking Lewena, but there are other heroes in Knights, Ninjas, and Gargoyles that would help my roster more so I am saving souls just in case.

In hindsight, the only one I would have changed would be the first one. Went with Skadi but should have picked Jean Francois. Got Skadi in portal the week after and then she showed up in FS a months after.


1st… Was looking at JF but for reasons of roster space chose … Thor still at 1/1 have since pulled him several times plus the costume recently. Fortunately I have also aquired JF.
2nd… This one took some thought…quite a few heros I didn’t have and thought would be a good fit for me but in the end again went with roster space as a deciding factor and chose Lord Loki …again pulled him shortly after.
3rd…This one was most exciting for me! Took Director Zuri … without a second thought…the only one of circus heroes I was missing …she sees alot of playtime. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
4th… this one was easy for me … I have a great love of pirates so I went with Finley and was absolutely thrilled when his costume was part of the deal…well worth it!!
5th…Well this SE was my most difficult decision yet…I didn’t really have any one particular hero jumping out at me this time…none of this group would fill a dire roster need for me. I had all the 20 tier desirables and intended to skip but again for space I chose Dark Lord and no regrets. Offensively I think he will really compliment my teams.
So in hindsight my only change would have been to the very first SE selection but maybe not since even that worked out positively …I guess everything really does happen for a reason :wink:


1 - I took Ursena. I haven’t maxed her yet even now, so maybe some regret here.

2 - Mother North. Absolutely no regrets

3 - Director Zuri. She hasn’t ben as amazing as I was hoping, but perhaps it’s the expectations that were too much and not her fault

4 - Ludwig. No regrets

5 - Arco. Finishing Toxicandra off first before starting to level him, so no comments yet. Though if I’d known he would be available, I would probably have started on a hit-3 green hero instead of Toxi


#1 - Killhare. Needed a AoE purple and have Garnet to prevent the defense down. Unfortunately, I pulled several better dark heroes shortly after and she is still sitting at 3/70. She will get ascended, but it will be a while. No real regrets, just bad timing.
#2 - Lord Loki. Use him with Quintin all the time. Excellent choice for me.
#3 - Skipped as I didn’t have enough souls to trade. Would’ve taken Director Zuri.
#4 - Ludwig was a no brainer for me. Just finished leveling and am still trying to find the best use for him. No regrets at all.
#5 - Arco - My weakest color is green and I love over-healers. I have Goseck, but I’m not sure I’ll pair them together very often as Arco’s over heal defeats Goseck’s big damage. I will use Arco with Liu Bei, Bera, Freya, Frosth, and Sun Quan.


#1 - Skadi. Needed someone to deal with minions. Maxed and LB. No regrets even though I pulled her with her costume a few months later

#2 - Black Knight - always wanted him. Big fan of taunt heroes. (already had MN and LoLo).

#3 - Asterius - my red team lacked the muscle. The bull fills this spot.

#4 - Faline - Needed more holy firepower with all those dark tanks.

#5 - Lewena - have Milena and Arco and can use more reds hitters.


1st) skipped. Just joined the forum few days before and found out SE is a thing after I fed 7 5* to free some roster space. No regrets about SE though, nothing worthwhile anyway

2nd) LoLo. Had MN. Would have picked Black Knight but LoLo is a timeless hero

3rd) skipped. Haven’t had enough souls and nothing was really interesting

4th) Ludwig. Was torn between him and Alfrike but at 15 souls, he was a steal and I expect to see Alfrike in Fated summon one day

5th) Milena. Have Hatter and most of the other 10 and 15 souls offers and I consider most of them food for SE. Have Kara too.
Wanted Arco but Milena is faster and more versatile