2 year anniversary

So I made it to my two year mark with E & P, and sadly it’s hard to enjoy it as the world is in a very awkward state at the moment.

However any escape from what’s going on is welcome as people are trying to stay healthy and sane. To all of my fellow players in every country, my deepest condolences and hope that we all can learn to pull together as one instead of this every man for themselves hoarding mentality that is simply breaking my heart. Everyone everywhere please be safe.

So 2 years, A lot has changed in this game from when I started. Remembered almost falling out my chair when i got albe, scaring my cat in my lap(OUCH) When a Yelp of joy escaped as I recieved joon from an epic hero token…definitely the days.

Todays meta, well honestly, I actually for the first time in 2 years went to see what else the playstore had avaiable. I was a very vocal supporter of E & P for a long time as sticking to a budget allowed some form of sanity during horrible droughts of heroes.

However after some recent life setbacks for all of us has seen us stuck at home, I really had time to play more regularly than before and also decided after 2 years of loyalty, to try another game that seemed Intriguing to me.

The first thing i really noticed was how little time I am able to actually play empires.

Back when you first starting you had a lot of things to check regularly, but with 5 and 7 day build times u become more frustrated that u can’t use your builder to change a building back for crafting.

The fact that the last hero I ascended in green was Kingston and being ctp I dont buy mats so when I was lucky enough to land telluria, this many months later, I’m still unable to ascend her as waiting on tonics…I looked at the number of dupes I had and how still not a word on the hero academy.

I go back through the Francois post and watch as the communities true self came out from under the rug remember anchor leaving and then returning.

Then my new game really opened my eyes to the greed. Setting a budget is one thing that a player can control, but empires has completely taken all the measure to make sure that the player gap will never decrease. Their goal is simply push out FTP and focus on what profit margin they are seeing deals bought the most at.

I recommended this game to a lot of friends and all but 1 still plays but as many have said before me now. They simply are here because they investted.

In three years they have no pity timer, no way of using duplicates to help roster growth, no form of story quest or repeatable quest allowing one to farm needed items at all. Every single thing you need in this game is based on rng and seeing the kind of heroes new players have to face versus what I had to face when I started is frustrating.

Releasing heroes with very few counters is bad for business on all fronts. Several extremely tough to deal with heroes have been released lately and it has put a definite heavy hand on players.

I have a decent roster with 2 years of hard work yet the last stage of wonderland event today took me almost 8 minutes to complete without using crafting items…8 ■■■■■ minutes with high troop high emblems 5 stars…

The community which used to be very supportive has taken a either you agree with us or its Fk you attitude that has really saddened me. The higher you move up the rankings the more you realize how fun the game is not.

3 years later troops still not able to be trained, other games allow you to ascend heroes from one tier to another with fusion and other examples and I would love to have a 5 star wilbur. Hansel, or proteus…heck an alliance mate just got seshat to 80…just now…check the month seshat was released.

Not only do you have to pay to try and get heroes even when u get them you have literally no time frame of when you gonna be able to use them.

I nabbed lepus and malosi in a ten pull, I should have been overjoyed, but I just stared at the screen, as they join the graveyard of heroes waiting on items to be ascended.

I’m now currently FTP with no desire to spend on anything here. The way they treat our FTP players is wrong, the withholding of items at the extent it is is wrong, having to wait months after getting a hero to use it is wrong…for three years you have been blessed, at one point this game was a top grosser and was voted into the running for game of the year, Now…its just not the same.

The only positive for a while was the community and recent decisions have made what seems to be an irreparable split between the masses that has made logging in feel like a task.

In my new game I can farm tokens just like here, but I can actually farm a garunteed five star token, use duplicate heroes i have to turn them into coins that will allow me to buy a random ticket, or save then for enough coins to actually purchase a hero I want with in game currency.

People in my alliance actually have an alliance building with actual objectives to complete daily that allows us to earn currency to purchase ascension items.

You can pvp live and have pvp duels with your friends list. Literally every gripe that has been brought to empires seems to be addressed and that feeling of knowing that at some point I can grind my way to everything is very refreshing.

As always cash can speed some things up, but it also has a pvp set up where the top end players and ftp remain separated until one is ready to move up, so no cupdroppers ruining your day.

A ten spen in empires is 2600 gems, players are lucky to receive 5 per day. As a FTP that is one heck of a grind and saving spree just for a chance at something and everyone here knows the odds mean that it takes normally 2 to 3 10 spins to get something beneficial…not always but om average. Which means with some simple math, in over a year most FTP have to done 2 or 3 period.

New game, 30 gems for an 11 spin. Average as a casual player, 5 to 6 gems per day, pvp brackets actually payout gems for your placement at the end of each week , so example of you were in gold here in empires u get a chest full of garbage but there you get 26 gems. So a FTP players with very casual habits can still earn close to 2 ten spins per week just by doing their dailys and remaining in gold.

Empires is to stingy and the type of players it has created are now bitter yet lots dont even know it. .I used to feel like I was investing In my entertainment ment but it’s not entertaining anymore, fighting +30 ursena, telluria, kunchens, none of it is fun, its aggravating…most players are being forced to stack just cause otherwise it’s over in seconds. 3/70 5 stars are pretty much useless now as even they are one shot by high emblemed snipers…my HEL has full life and +10 emblems yet was still one shot by a + 20 lianna.

I dont know what your plan was empires but you guys lost site and I feel lost respect for the people who got you where you are and the thing is it dont matter, they already got their money and then some. If this dies off well, they already got paid. probably wont even have to work for the rest of their lives all by taking advantage of good people for just three years.

Empires I challenge you to prove me wrong. Take a look around you at how FTP are being treated elsewhere and bring those idea here sooner than later

Stay safe out here everyone and my blessings to those who have suffered at the hands of this horrible illness.


Thanks for taking the time to convey your feelings about the game.

Before anything gets misconstrued I want to note that only people who are passionate about the long-term well-being of the game would take the time to articulate their feelings in this manner.

I hope this is received with graciousness and not the ridicule that happens on this forum when opinions diverge.


I just wanted to be honest. I never mean any Ill will with any post I make and hope it’s not taken that way. Thank you this it means a lot as i have made some really good friends here and it’s tough but the truth.


So you are enjoying grand cross? Is an excelent game ! Im a little frustrated on how things are going in E&P too


You are 100% wrong

You are not wrong at all.

FTP is treated very well, after all I got Tarlak on tokens after swearing off of spending. You’re insane.

I say this sarcastically as I only spend on this game as a matter of compulsion and find that spending doesn’t net me better results, but that I would be even more unhappy if I didn’t spend anything, so I guess FTP is only treated as well as the dollars you spent before you quit spending

I just can’t believe you would take the time to post this if you didn’t care about the game anymore.

I only stick around because it’s habit and I can’t walk away from my several thousand dollar “investment” in good conscience yet. Beta is fun and kept me in the game a little longer, but then I saw the latest trash they published with abysmal odds and a ‘chance’ at the old hotm. I actually hated spending free/fake money on this. Like my time was best spent doing literally anything else because I wasn’t getting anything with what amounted to 300 dollars worth of gems/coins.

Honestly, people these days…


Very nice game. Really love the stress freeness of it and how I can actually not worry as you cant eventually get all.heroes without spending a dime. Literally cant beat that

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You’ve always been passionate and honest with your opinion :+1:

Everything has a season, if yours is changing I hope it brings you enjoyment for a long time to come :slightly_smiling_face:


cough cough



Apologies for chiming in here, Doc, as I know you aren’t particularly fond of me personally…

… but a lot of what you just expressed is exactly what I’ve been saying for months.

I’m not even sure how or where we ended up getting off on the wrong foot, because it seems like we share a lot of the same basic opinions regarding the game itself.

You can continue to hate me and pile on for all the “whiny novels” I post about my bad luck and how expensive it is to summon whatever heroes… my intention was never to argue with you, and if you want to sling more insults my way, go right ahead, I won’t fight back. Been flagged enough already.

Just wanted to say… player to player… that I understand and share the same frustrations.
Best of luck in your other games.


After 2 years a person should feel like they have made progress. I was ctp before switching to ftp in the last month. I have played everyday for two years…2 days ago I recieved my first 4 star blue mana troop. 2 ■■■■■ years and I literally just recieved my first 4 star blue mana troop…and. now i cant even level it cause there is no way to farm troops…people complaining about summoning odds, that’s a choice, people complaining there is no way to farm is totally different. No one should have to pay for a hero and then without paying not be able to use that hero for months on end. I pulled my first featured hero in my new game, i was able to use it that same day. It’s not maxed out of course, but I can at least use it which is huge.


You’re preaching to the choir. I’m 20 months in myself, still no 4* blue troops at all. So even if I pull one tomorrow, it’ll take me forever to level it up high enough to be useful.


Troops are a source of frustration. More than two years playing I have no green 4* mana troop. Four green 4* crits, two at level 1 and there to stay for a looong time. My highest level 4* troop is 13.


Also the only reason I complained about summoning odds is because

  • when I first started buying gems for summons, I didn’t know they were so astronomically low; so many others in my alliance were pulling 5* heroes that I just assumed I would get one too
  • once I finally read how low the odds actually were (several months after having spent a bunch of money for summons), I was mad at myself for having thrown away so much money for such low odds
  • I was also mad at all the other people who either had extremely good luck on their summons, or just straight up outright lied about how much money they actually spent, because they were pulling every single HotM and claiming that they hardly ever bought any gems, leading me to believe that the game just really really hated me personally :rage:

Not so much lied as … omitted certain pertinent facts.

They probably didn’t spend a whole lot on the particular set of gems required for that one 10-pull. They just conveniently left out how many, many 10-pulls they had left in the dust.


Almost 3 years in. Agree with a lot of this. Stopped spending money about a year ago on hero tokens. Unfortunately by not keeping up I can tell my team of yesterday’s great heros will soon be extinct. Dont know how much longer I will stick either as the fun meter is pretty much pegged. Especially with the abomination that is telluria. Pretty much has now made raids unenjoyable as I’m tired of seeing the same tank and flanks in every raid team presented to me.

Incidentally now that I dont pay, ascension materials aren’t a problem as I have enough to fully level 2 or or 3, 5 stars in every color. Just never get the heros to do it due to the ridiculous odds and only using the won tokens. In just this recent challenge event and Easter event I had 5 tokens and 3 or 4 draws based on saved stars. Got Cheshire cat which is pretty meh, but the rest were all 3 star season 1 heros…3 star season 1 heros shouldnt even be given out anymore. At best they should be given out in the free daily drawings more frequently and be done with it…


It’s a good thing I have kids, because I would absolutely have gone into the rabbit hole with this game and would have spent a lot more than I have. I would truthfully put my estimate at about 6000 over 2.5 years. Hell, my son is 12 and he has put in around 150 of his own money into the game over the past year and 2 months.

Make no mistake-- I have a really nice roster.

But it doesn’t include Jabberwock, Kunchen, Hel, Miki, Telluria, Ursena, Kageburado, Mitsuko, Alice, Athena, PussNBoots, Gazelle, Heimdall, Fenrir, Mother North, Finley, Kingston, Delilah, Freya, Cap Kestrel, etc etc… the list seems to go on and on… all these super fun heroes…

It wasn’t because I didn’t spend money, or that I didn’t spend enough money… or that I haven’t been playing long enough (oct 2017), or that I’m not active enough… just not fortunate to pull those specific heroes. Again, my roster is plenty nice, but it’s normal to want more and want the ‘big shiny’

and then… I realize the shortage of mats for the heroes I DO have… I got Malosi! YESSSS! 2 darts. oh. Tarlak!!! FINALLY a titan hero not named Wu. 2 tonics. Oh. guess he wait’s too. Along with Vela… (5 scopes) who is going to take scopes before Isarnia-C

but wait… there’s emblems… can’t actually use these things on my defense, are you insane? They need to have emblems! Oh. Well. I still don’t have a single 5* at +20. (Grave is 90 away).
SHINY NEW HERO??? YEsssss… guess I will hope I have a reset emblem… and spend oodles of food and iron to move them all over and pretty much render the old hero useless.

not that I’m frustrated or anything Great game.


Well… at least one of them flat out lied and told me that everyone gets the HotM after they do X number of summons.

The rest of them… every day someone was posting about the 5* hero they pulled. For a while, I was under the misconception that you had just as much a chance of pulling a 5* as you did of pulling a 3*… so after a while of pulling one 3* after another after another after another… I began to believe that I was cursed.

I remember one member of my alliance asking (it was a newer member, much lower level than me) which 4* and 5* heroes they should get rid of, because they were running out of roster space. At the time, I only had two 4*s and zero 5s. I asked, “how the heck did you get all those heroes?” She said, “oh, I bought a few gems.” A few gems? I had bought thousands of gems and only had two 4s to show for it.

Alright, that’s it, it’s official. The game officially hates me.

Looking back now, I think the reality is that when they said they spent “a few dollars” and bought “a few gems”, what they actually meant was that they spent “a few hundred dollars” and bought “tens of thousands of gems”. I can’t think of any other way that a level 15-20ish player could have conceivably obtained 50+ epic and legendary heroes, especially considering that she wasn’t even anywhere close to SH level 20 yet.


Name that other game, please.

I dont think you are allowed to say the names of other games int he forums. Somewhere in the rules like number SEVEN it is listed that arent. I maybe be wrong but with this DEADLY illness running around facts can get a little jumbled. However is not a SIN to tell people that just like the GRAND canyon, we will eventually CROSS this new bridge in our lives also.

Thanks all for the earnest replies. Stay safe everyone and hope to see everyone on the brighter side when it comes back.


Hey, even the Mona Lisa is falling apart…!

Though, a year ago, maybe even half a year ago, dedicated forum warriors would have flocked to do battle in his thread - attempting to shut down criticizing voices.

The echoing silence of such warriors and mostly agreeing nods in regards to the opening post speaks volumes in regards to the state of the game.

Would be nice if Devs saw this and managed to turn the game around to feel fresh and attract new players again. But I doubt they will manage and will probably instead attempt to milk the cow dry before sending it off to the grinder :smiley:


Technically no, you aren’t supposed to mention other games by name.

But I’ve been playing video games since the early 1980s. Probably before most of the E&P devs were even born.

And nah, man, it ain’t normal for video game developers to be like that. That’s why I was so confused when I started playing this game. And then I come to this forum and people are telling me, “it’s a gacha”. What? What the heck is a gacha? “They gacha money! Trollololololol!”

Man? WTF? Nah homey, that’s ■■■■■■■■. It don’t got to be like that. It shouldn’t be like that.

It’s a good game! They don’t have to lie and [undermine their customers] to make money, they could make it honestly if they just changed a few things.


(haha, figured out which word was preventing me from posting this without approval… ironically? not the profanity! lulz)

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