2 VS 3, after the war started

This happened to my other account today. I don’t think this is a fair war match. Nobody joined while the matching is under processing. Could someone tell me if I should consider this as a big? Thank you

I don’t believe this is a bug. See here for post describing limitations in war matchmaking.

they used 13 flags already. The person with another 5 flags last active within an hour. They have 3 teams in the battle field: 3129, 2409, and 2851. Two teams from our side: 2737, and 2900. That’s significant difference to the lower teams. I believe that’s a bug, or the matching system didn’t work well

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It’s not a bug but you’re right, the matchmaking system didn’t work well. It is, I believe, supposed to compensate for the fewer players on the one side by erring on the high side for war score – thus giving you the stronger teams. That did not seem to happen here. It could be due to a shortage of suitable opponents with 2 or 3 members.

At least you weren’t matched 2 v 5 which is also possible.

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It does, but it does a poor job at it.

I was looking for a post that did some calculations and can’t find it on quick search, but there’s definitely a disadvantage.


Yeah it works much better in theory than in practice.


Well that’s some bull :poop: for sure.

I was going to whine about my own war because “wahhh opponents were all higher level than us and had stronger bench depth”… but your situation seems way worse.

Why the heck do these kinds of wacky mismatches keep happening? Thought they were fixing matchmaking? Or trying to?

I dont think that this is a bull :poop: even feir at lest give my clan 5 :trophy:the same :trophy:thet the ather clan tok from wining the clan war.

You don’t think it’s unfair for one team to have 18 war flags while the other team only has 12?

Even when the team with 18 flags has a higher level defense team on their board?


I’m sorry, but in my opinion, that is the very definition of unfair.

It would maybe be fair if the team with 3 players were all lower levels fighting against 2 mid levels, or 3 mid levels against 2 high levels, something like that… but even then, it’s questionable.

It’s the unfortunate result of designing war matchmaking for 30 vs 30 alliances and allowing for 30 vs 29 or 28 (or even 27) if required to get closer match-ups. It does not work well for small alliances where such a difference is magnified.

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