2 updates?

Hi I updated to version 18 yesterday (android) played yesterday most of the day and evening. I played no issues this morning as well. Now it wants to update again? Is this right or is the issue on my side?

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Think it is the same for everyone.

Two updates in less than 24hrs? Why?

I think it has to do with an android problem in the classes grid

read the update note, it details why

My point is: mobile data in some (most) countries costs money. I understand the game must be to SG’s standards but doesn’t anybody in beta use an android phone? I appreciate and look forward to all this update brings with it but to have to run an almost 80 megabyte update twice in 24hrs is hurting some of your users. Some of us dont live in countries with free/easy internet access. Some of them pay money to have that luxury.

They owe us an apology at the very least.


I don’t know about anybody else but I can’t update game, so can’t get back. Anybody else got same problem, keeps showing error 910


Ha I had to update again today, after yesterdays

Really? They owe you nothing… Dont want data usage charge in a 40MB download? Don’t download it and wait for your new billing cycle.
Because they beta test does not mean you will catch every single bug in the world… There is too many cellphones/os to have a tester for each…

We all have choices :wink:

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In fairness, this has been a really botched job of an update. They halted the first rollout half way through because of problems. Then they issued 2 patches in 36 hours. They clearly didn’t do enough testing, and it’s a real annoyance for the user base. And as Milamber points out, it’s potentially costing people on data too because they didn’t QC enough.

So an apology definitely seems in order. It costs SG nothing, and it’s the right thing to do.

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Thank you for the voice of reason Garawyn. As for the choice of what and not to do with my data and putchases you are completely right. I did have a choice. I chose to invest that choice in this product and not any others. This is a hallmark of being a client. One that really likes what its paying for. Pity, if those choices are changed by the closed door policy of people who actually made the same choice u did say maybe you shouldn’t have tried in the first place. That cant be good for anybody in the long run. Lets hope it isn’t.

LOL. Thanks for the laugh… I am out of this thread. Is going nowhere but to cater to those who just think they are entitled to everything.

Yes, yes. Asking for an apology. How entitled can people get? What was I thinking?

You’ve totally changed my mind.

Thanks SG! Can I please have another few downloads and an extra week’s delay of war? Parallelsys says I was entitled for expecting stuff to actually work right the first time, so I’m sorry I ever doubted you!

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You had yesterday a version 18.0.1 build 883
Today is version 18.0.1 build 884
That happened to me and @Ichigo has explained it well to me on other thread:

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You are entitled to your own opinion.

That’s it.

I paid for what I complained about.

That entitles me to more than an opinion.

One often gets bugfixes, patches and updates for several apps.
That’s no prob at all I think.

You are completely correct.
The majority of Beta testers begged SG to allow much more time to test this complex new update. Still, we only test game play, not programming.

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Now that is interesting…

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