2 tier "random" system?


Edit: thanks for the answers. I didn’t realize this happened that long ago. My question obviously doesn’t apply anymore

I just read that at some point in the past a select group of people were allowed to purchase a"package" not available to all players, only a select few. If I am wrong, please excuse my post.


I have read alot of the old posts. It sounded like there had been an offer that was too good back when devs were trying to get game going.

This has not happened in a very long time. There are places I see a bit of two-tiered access, but not anything which would stop my playing


This is not hidden. It’s before my team but I know about it. If you look in the news and updates forum (there’s not too many), you’ll find SG apologized for it saying they were wrong.

Why worry about something that didn’t affect you. Just enjoy the game and let this be.

I’d link the post for you but I don’t know how. :man_shrugging: